Hawaii Here I Come….Here begins the adventure

How does it feel when you have planned a holiday but were so busy that didn’t even have time to enjoy it. I am most of the times in this situation even today, when I have been heading to one of the most beautiful tropical place, Hawaii. I have always wanted to go this trip but never got a chance. It was only before New Year that I saw this offer and it about to expire in one day (of course I saw it at the tenth hour), so it made me decide quickly that before I head to India I must visit Hawaii. It all happened in 5 minutes as I thought of booking the flight and sent my boss an email for leave. I was so excited. But then by the time my leave got approved which I was not sure of, the offer had already expired. I cursed myself under the breath thinking why I didn’t take the risk and booked the ticket as it was a good offer. I regretted this for two days and started thinking of cancelling my leave as it was two good weeks that I had to spend with no plan. I was in train and uselessly searching for the flight rates again and guess what I got the same price (650 AUD) from Jet Airways as I saw in the offer whereas the normal fair is usually 1000+ AUD. I almost jumped with excitement. I booked my ticket in next few minutes and felt the happiest soul on Earth (yes I know it does not take much to make me happy).

Since that day when I booked my flight, I didn’t get chance to rejoice the whole thing. Now today I am finally flying and I hope I get all my travel bugs cuddling me soon. I am all packed with lots of advices from friend and this might be a life changing trip of my life. As I have resigned from my job and now have to serve extra two month in India and after that I am a free soul. I have never done anything this big in my life – I mean in terms of leaving a job without getting another one. But there is a first for everything. Now I have two choices either look for a job or go travelling with whatever savings I have as this opportunity will not come again when I am single, no mortgage and no liability so far. Then once I am done travelling for months then I can plan to settle down and buy a place to leave etc.

Now today is a big day – of course I am not getting married but after managing all my stuff in Sydney (as I am living here for two years so I do have a lot of stuff and believe me girls usually do have more than usual), I am finally going to Hawaii, the dream destination at this point of time. I will keep you all posted about my trip and once I am there I will be able to tell you exactly where to go and where not to 😉


Sweet-tooth….I can Understand

Who doesn’t like a candy or a lolly? At least most of us have some time in our life have savored an ice-cream or desert. I have taken a picture of my plate in Sydney Tower restaurant. I know this is too many but being a sweet tooth I could not resist but try all kinds of deserts available. Have you ever wondered how the custom of sugar started? There is almost 100 pounds of sugar consumption in United States every year. It was also called ‘White Gold’ once and the recipe was a well-preserved secret. It is a native product of Southeast Asia. Brazil produces the most today although Portuguese had brought it there in 16th century.

It was very interesting how Sugar played a major role in slavery as well. It was like a three-step cycle. Slaves would be sent to work for it, once the product is made it will be sold to Europe and then more products would be brought to Africa and slaves would be bought with them.

Britain is also argued to have lost their colonies to independence because the military was protecting the sugar islands. So the same sugars we eat almost every day in various food products have made its way to different culture and nation with a lot of stories. It was identified and used in the form of sugarcane very early in India. No wonder I have so many deserts to enjoy the evening today being an Indian 🙂


Love Locks – Legends & Superstitions

It was a beautiful day in Mt Keira Lookout, Sydney, when I saw these fancy padlocks and the names/messages written on them. It got me curious to find out how it started. I think you might have seen such love locks at places as well.


As per an old story it started before World War II when a schoolmistress names Nada fell in love with an officer named Relja. But then Relja went for war in Greece and fell in love with another local girl and broke his commitment with Nada. Nada could not recover from this and as a result she died very soon. Afraid from this incidents the local girls started this custom of writing the name of their lover and themselves on a lock and affixing them to the railings to protect their love.

There were many controversies and people expressed their concerns to remove these padlocks from the public properties. For example in Florence, Italy, they posed aesthetic problems and scratches on the bridge. But still we have many places where we can see hundreds of love locks.

There are many legends and superstitions attached to this custom as well. Example: there is a fountain in Montevedeo, Uruguay where it is said that if a lock with two people’s name is placed there then both will return to the fountain and their love will last till eternity.


There are some other stories as well. But it made me think how fragile the pure emotion of love has become. We fall in and out of love so quickly. Or in other words its not love just lust.

It was a better time when people used to spend their life with the only person they fall in love or wait for them forever. Now there are so many choices available, not just around but also through online channels that the relationships have become very fragile. I am not sure I like this as we have lost the meaning of true love. We don’t stick to each other much as partners. First we fall in love very quick and then we realize he/she is not the one. And at times this search is like never ending process.


I wish we can be more true to ourselves and not get into relationships too quick but look for true love. But the society is made of more individuals these days as we don’t live with our families anymore. And that leads to the loneliness when we try to find it with somebody. Many would be happy when they have choice to change their partners when ever they like. But I don’t think its a very good thing as life is too short to keep searching ‘The One’, rather than share the precious moments with the one we love.

I would love to hear your views on this.


Will I ever live again?`


I get up, have something to eat, leave for work, come back home and at times I do pray

Maze is the word I would give to this life that keeps my brain working

My heart is not heard most of the times and it keeps asking

Will I ever live again, in this complex emotional rain?

Its killing me like this and giving so much of pain, Will I ever live again?


I console myself by saying it’s going to be different every night I go to bed

I mishear my heart and think it’s happy again whereas it’s not what’s being said

Why we do this to ourselves why we make our soul cry

There are no tears left, even the eyes gone dry

Will my soul ever see the sun again in this foggy life?

My inner voice makes me shiver by asking if it will ever be heard again.


But then that’s life, is what I think every time I get tired

When there no hope and no one to make me inspired

Not even a single thing I get that I ever desired

Life is life and no matter what it does, I think it still needs to be admired

So I have almost ,stopped asking this question whether I will live again

But I am not sure how long I will sustain without asking – Will I ever live again!

Snoozing Period – Quiet before the Storm (What’s going to happen)


You must be thinking I started my blog with all the self realization stuff and more regarding spirituality and now here I am only with reviews for movies and old travel stories. What happened to the self awareness journey? To be honest I am thinking the same as I was so happy for constantly 16 days since New Year or should say even from Christmas Eve when I went to my friends place for a celebration. But the truth is I am going through a negative phase now. It was the peak time to feel so light and now I am gone to the other side where I am again stuck with real life problems. Although it does not feel as bad as it used to may be because I am still aware of what’s happening so not much impacted by it. But being happy is not being easy really. There are times when I look at the world and it all feels the same and that is because inside it’s a storm that’s taking its toll.

I was seeing everything clearly only few days ago and now again it’s the fogginess that has taken over. I can’t see or feel anything all I can do is to save myself from feeling sick or bad about this phase. I am fighting with the negativity around me. And again to remind myself it’s just me nothing else has changed. It’s funny the same things that were source of happiness have turned into cold frozen objects today. Why, why I am going through this? I have so many questions. My soul sometimes wants to cry out loud and ask the universal power to come and merge into me. May be I am not completely ready that’s why it’s only in bursts that I am able to get the knowledge. For few days it was like a smooth stream of energy that was flowing in me from that universal powerful source and now I feel I am getting drained.

I have been seeing something floating in my room in the night for last couple of days on infrequent basis. I wake up in the middle of the night and see this image of an object or seem more like condensed white energy in my room that is floating around and feels like trying to get my attention. I know I might sound a bit weird but I promised to share all I am experience in life at the moment and here I am. Astonishing fact is that this energy is not scary at all. It has happened 5-6 times so far. I wake up in the middle of the night see this energy and go back to sleep and it feels like as if it’s just there and not to hurt me but just to be with me. Its white and I remember seeing some floating things last month and that was all black and it scared the hell out of me. I prayed in my heart and I was almost sinking in my heart all scared. But this time this energy is all white and it feels so pure. I am not sure whether it’s the lack of sleep as I have had enough for last few days at least or my sleeping pattern or the new place I moved into. But I saw the black energy/object in my old place whereas I can see the white ones here in the new place. I am not sure what is it all about really but my gut feeling is giving me an indication that my life is going to change and something big is going to happen and I am just getting prepared for it.

I am a science student and like to have a proof of everything that is real but I think I have also opened myself to see the truth and to be able to see beyond the obvious in the world. So I want to be ready for everything – if there is something I need to learn to achieve the peace and freedom in life. I told some of people I know at work about it and they laughed it off, not sure why I talked about it though may be because I didn’t believe it myself. Then today morning I told my flatmate and she advised me to throw anything that I might feel can carry some negative energy. I threw a teddy bear and few more things from my old place. Teddy I threw because the person who gave it to me was very depressed in life and often used to talk to the bear. And it might sound stupid but I thought maybe this might be carrying all the negative energy from that person to me. And when I don’t talk to the teddy (not many people do really) so it might be trying to get my attention. I know it sounds so odd and I can’t believe I am thinking like this as if it’s a script from a scary movie. But I like and respect my flatmate so I did as she suggested. She calls me an action girl as I act upon any suggestion very quickly if I think that can make any difference to make my life better. And I think that’s what I have learned in life to change things as soon as possible to make your life better as sometimes it gives you more pain not to change. Anyways I am hoping not to see anything anymore if it was because of those things. But part of me says that it was not the things it was something more that is trying to tell me something. Bigger than anything I have ever experienced. And it is only when I am sleeping I can see it because then only I am able to connect to my sub-conscious mind that knows it all. When we are conscious we think from our brain and decide on the basis of our most recent experience whereas when we are in sleep our conscious mind doesn’t interrupt the process of thought formation. That is also the reason we dream as it’s the sub-conscious mind that take over and starts working. I think this is enough for now. Let’s see how I go now and whether it was just a little malfunctioning of my senses or something real. I will keep you posted.  

Fiji – Another name for ‘Freedom to Live’ (Part 3)

Next day another adventure was waiting for me. Being a naive to sea and swimming I was having a ball with all the water activities. Now it was time for some cave diving. It sounded so exciting that I could not stop myself from booking next day trip to another island to do the Cave Diving. Although many questions started bothering me after I booked for it – Will I have to stay underwater too long, do I need to be a good swimmer to be able to do that, will it be scary, will I be ok after doing it. But I was rest assured that I will be fine as there were two guides and all the fellow travellers knew how to swim so to be honest I had more trust on others than myself.
Next morning I was even more thrilled thinking – here I was in the middle of this big island with strangers doing stuff that is another name of peak adventure. Best thing ever, I told myself. We were all geared with the swim suit and a life jacket after boarding the boat that was going to take us to this another island. We arrived at our destination. The water was crystal blue and the view was breathtaking. It made me feel envious of the people who were living there, thinking that they are able to live in paradise every day.
Quara ni Bukete  Cave
Finally we climbed the steps towards the Qara ni Bukete (Pregnancy Cave), named so because it does not allow any woman who is trying to hide she is pregnant. It was a bit dark in the cave but we could see some light coming through the slits. I jumped into the water in the cave after a little bit of hesitation with my life jacket on of course. I thought maybe this is it? It was easy. But nope there was another cave through this bigger cave where we could only go through a narrow passage under water.
Two guys went in with the guide. We did not have any proper equipment for diving so we had to hold our breath for at least 30 seconds and the guide was supposed pull us underwater towards the other cave. Once on the other side the guide will go back and bring another person. Now it was the test as I could not go under water without my life jacket. Guide was back and wanted one of us to go with him. Everyone in the group started staring at each other as no one was sure how risky it is in the dark. I was scared but excited and didn’t realise when I got voice and said ‘I will come’ to guide. He stared at my life jacket and asked me to take it off. I told him that I am not a good swimmer and he smiled (maybe he was thinking I must be joking as I had come for a cave diving after all) and assured me that I will be fine. I took off my life jacket and the guide took my hand and asked me to take a deep breath. I followed his instruction and he pulled me under water and I felt all I can do is trust him. I could feel my body moving through this narrow tunnel, touching the walls of it. Soon when I was still in dazed state I was on the other side of the cave. He looked at me and smiled again and asked me where I am from. He must have sensed my fear. I told him that I am from India, living in Australia for few months and have just started to learn swimming. He looked amazed but asked me to leave his hand as he had to go to bring other people now. I was scared again as I was in this cave in dark and with no floating device to hold on to. I quickly swam across the cave with my breast stroke techniques and tried to hold the holes in the wall like a lizard.
Other girls also came to this side after seeing me. They must have thought that when a non-swimmer can do it then they can as well. After few moments when my eyes got adjusted then I realised most of the people in the group who chose to come were here and we had to swim to the other side where the guide was taking us. There was a small area where there was some light coming from a slit and it felt very nice to see few rays of light as they were like rays of hope. It was an amazing experience of my life. We came back and I was still dazed with the whole day adventure. Next day I had to leave the island and head back to home. I was overwhelmed by the welcoming behaviour of the people in Fiji. I left but the memories stayed with me forever.

The Impossible – Made Possible by Mankind (Story of what it is like to be Human)

Amazing cinematography and more amazing realization about what human is capable of. A very emotional but yet story of courage and compassion. It has got all the core qualities of a movie and yet it is so real and touching. I almost cried towards the end of the movie. It takes you through a journey and if you start living it then it will make you think how fortunate you are to live a good life and how courageous, compassionate and kind some people are to care for others even when they themselves need the most help to survive.

Maria Bennett (Naomi Watts) is at her best in this movie. From acting to makeup, everything seems to be perfect in the movie. She is a mother of three boys and staying at a resort with her husband, Henry (Ewan McGregorHenry), in Khao Lak,Thaliland for holidays when the tsunami hit the place and engulf everything on its way. It is a story of surviving through the odds of nature but still keeping in touch with humanity. It is a story of families where everyone is taking care of each other. It is a story of a boy, Tomas (Samuel Joslin) who is only 8 years old but takes the responsibility to look after his 6 years old brother, Simon (Oaklee Pendergast) when his father decided to go and search his mom and his elder brother.

I was thrilled and emotional while watching this movie. I was even more awake around 2 AM in the morning after finishing the movie. It was an odd time to watch a movie but once I started I could not stop. The best part was when the Naomi (mother) was injured and had found his eldest son Lucas (Tom Holland) but still was willing to help this little boy stuck under the bushes. Even when the chances of their own survival were very less, she did not lose the dignity to help other human being.  Lucas then in turn learned from her mother and obediently listened to her mother and helped this little boy and many other people in the hospital later. It is a story of selfless love, sacrifice, fear of losing someone close, courage to live through the worst, compassion for others in pain, strength to bear the physical pain and overcome all the odds to live for another day being human. I am in loss of words to describe what I felt after watching this movie. It is very moving and I would advice to watch it at least once. It has got some fierce and scary scene as happens in any natural disaster so it’s advisable that you be careful if small kids are with you while watching this movie.

It is a great example how mankind stand higher in the time of need. It is a reminder who we are and what we are supposed to live like. Not that we expect such disaster to happen to make us realise it but it is important that we do not surrender our core values when living this mundane life. And when time comes we should be ready to help the mankind. I salute the people in Red Cross and many such organizations who are helping the people survived through natural disaster and many other life threatening situations. It is our duty to help others as we are all part of one family and that is called mankind.

I don’t want to ruin the movie for you by disclosing more about the story. But I would recommend watching this flick as it takes us closer to ourselves and teaches us about mankind even more.

Fiji – Another name for ‘Freedom to Live’ (Part 2)

Beachcomber – It was the first island where I was supposed to stay and after listening enough about it I decided to stay there for 3 nights and then move to the northern islands. Leaving the land from Denarau, a very beautiful and well planned place to live was a nice experience. I had some pictures clicked in water before jumping into the express boat to island and had a fun trip with some of the fellow travelers in the boat. Travelling alone being a girl gets you enough flirting there I would say. But the guys are really nice and gentleman I realized as they would flirt with you but will not cross the line and that made it easier for me to travel alone. Now here I was in the famous party island called Beachcomber. The food is awesome and the backpackers here have bunk beds in open area with no walls which was a bit different from my imagination. But it was so warm that you don’t want it anyways. My first day was nice with some snorkeling and sun bathing. I met few other fellow travelers and chatted the evening away. It was after dinner I realized that the island was really small and you can walk around it in less than 20 minutes. When travelling alone I try not to drink too much or not at all. Or it was something I told myself. But who tells you that there is peer pressure at times. So I got drunk on the very first night in the resort. What happened after that – I was told the next day. I was swimming in the sand and was telling the people that I would swim and go back home. Wow that was new for me and I was getting to know more about drunk myself. That was the day and I promised myself that no matter what I am not going to drink anymore.
After two days of fun and a little bit of boredom (as I was not drinking and the whole island is about partying), I hopped on to the boat and started for my next destination – Nabula Island. There were amazing views on the way and first time I realized that there are bigger island than Beachcomber around Fiji. I got my hopes up after seeing so many beautiful islands. Nabula Island is almost at the top so you have to cross almost all the islands except Blue lagoon, where the movie Blue Lagoon was shot. It was refreshing as well as relaxing to come to this island. There is a tea shop nearby where you can get the most delicious cup cakes to eat with your evening tea. It’s open till 6 PM only so I missed it on first day but was able to get on second day. Although the electricity was not available after 8 PM but no one seemed to mind it and it seemed like travelling back in time when there was no electricity. Unlike Beachcomber there is no buffet system here. The people in the resort here serve you whatever they cook (you can choose vegetarian or non-vegetarian though). It’s like going to some one’s place where you will taste the food as per the host’s wish. It was not bad on first two days being vegetarian and only on third day everyone was looking at my plate when I was served with noodles and a boiled potato for lunch. I would not say that food was the best part here but the welcoming people here make up for that. I loved the village tour and met so many nice people that I didn’t want to leave this place for long time. Although the reality was that I was here for 3-4 days only.
I planned to do some reef Jumping now as there were some very cheap tours available here. I was the only one in the group doing it which I wasn’t aware of till everyone got dropped on the way for island sightseeing and I was the only one left with the boatman. He was a nice guy and helped me with the life jacket when he realized I am not good at swimming. It was the most adventurous things other I did till that day – snorkeling in the middle of two very big island where there was no one to see till many kilometers. I was a bit hesitant but then jumped into the water trusting my life jacket. I snorkeled for 30 minutes and you won’t believe but I couldn’t believe what my eyes were witnessing there. One of the most beautiful reefs is found near these islands and I was able to see them just few meters below my nose. There was a sense of happiness, fear (when the fishes were coming too close to my face) and excitement all in few seconds at times. Then I got a bit tired and called the boatman. He didn’t move and I could only see his boat a few meters away so I swam across to the boat. I was so tired that I could feel it in my arms, my legs and on my face as well. Finally I climbed to the boat and he told me there are three reefs that I am supposed to visit as part of the tour. So we went to the other reef. I had another amazing time jumping into another place. But by the end of second reef, I was almost dead but he insisted that the third one is the most beautiful and I must visit it. I mustered some courage and literally pushed my limits by jumping for the third round. Then the boatman told me that the island is not far and I should better swim towards it and he will go and check on others while I snorkel here. That was it; I couldn’t believe he just asked me to swim towards that far looking island. And before I could recover from the news he was gone. What’s now, I was here in the middle of nowhere surrounded by this marine life I was not sure I could trust. I had no choice but trust myself and submerge into the water to enjoy the beauty down there and forget about my tiredness completely. Having no other option I started to focus on exploring the reef and soon I was encountering a bunch of small fishes teasing me on my face as if they are asking me what I am dong in their territory and I had no choice but look at them innoMarine Lifecently as if I am pointing to the boatman who left me here without my own will. I somehow covered 70% of the distance towards the island. Now during rest 30% I was bloody tired and felt like crying. I covered the last 25% distance and I was overwhelmed by the swimming. The water was only knee deep now and I realized that I can rather walk now. But my will power had given up so I kept swimming till my face was rubbing against the sand and there was not enough water to swim. I somehow managed to stand up and walked towards the shore. I didn’t want to see that boatman just now due to my anger for what he did so I walked towards an isolated place on the beach and sat there for a while. I didn’t even realized when I lay down there and slept till a little girl woke me up by asking to buy a bangle. I then realized that it was the best sleep I had in ages. I felt that a surge of relief flooded me after that thinking that I am still alive and I have witnessed the most beautiful place on earth (as this was the first time I had done reef jumping). I had no anger left in me but sheer joy.

Fiji – Another name for ‘Freedom to Live’ (Part 1)

If I would be asked to choose how I would like to live then I think I would like to live like Fijian. People in Fiji are the most happy and content I have ever experienced. They are happy with what they have and live life to the fullest. No pressure and no regrets. I fell in love with the place and the people in the very first visit. It was my first trip to another country at my own.  It was not that I was not old enough but it was moreover the culture I came from (India) that people thought that I am mad when I told them that I am going on holidays by myself.  But it was the best trip of my life so far. It was adventure, fun, exhausting, risky, and emotional and a lot more in one package.

When I landed in Fiji I was welcomed by the very authentic music at the airport so I took it as a good sign. First mission was to find the cab sent by my backpacker in Nadi. Oh yes I forgot to tell that it was the first time I had decided to backpack while travelling, may be that was another reason people from work find it weird that why I was interested in living with strangers as in India it’s not that common at the moment. But living in Sydney for 8 months had made me a little bit Aussie I would say 🙂 So there I was on my first backpacking adventure in a foreign country. But my looks gives me some advantages when travelling to such countries as people think I am one of them as long as I don’t open my mouth of course.

I was picked by the cab on time and I arrived to my backpacker, already booked for 2 days as I had thought of travelling the land and book the accommodation as I go. I had to be a bit brave to hand them over my passport and expensive things to put into the safe when I was living there. But then I realised that it was common.  I had no clue how I shall start the conversation with the strangers while having my dinner in the backyard of my place. So I just smiled at couple of fellow backpackers and finally retired to my place for a good night sleep. The next day I wanted to take the public transport so I asked a guy working in the backpacker and found he was interested in telling all about himself while showing me the way to the bus stop. I found it very moving the way the people there trust you and tell you about themselves.

I loved the ride in the bus as there was some pop music being played in it. There was a natural air conditioner in the bus as there were no windows in it. It had got a bell attached to a long string that goes along from the front to the back on both sides of the bus to help people signal the driver to stop it. It was just amazing how things were working here. Then unfortunately our bus broke down and gave me an opportunity to talk to some locals who were very excited to talk to me making me feel special. We waited for 20 minutes and got another bus to get us to the market where I was planning to do some shopping for fruits and possibly few other articles as I was just travelling with my carryon bag and no more. And the limit is just 7 KG hence I usually carry just some essentials and few clothes when on holidays. I will explain some more adventure related to this habit in other post. I was touched by the courtesy of a lady who in the bus realised that it is the first time I am in Fiji and showed me around the place and stayed with me for 2 hours. I was thinking that she might be a guide and thought of offering her some money. But she told me that she was just helping. It was amazing how she took so much time from her day and helped me to get all the things I needed from the market and showed me around.

After two days I shifted to another backpacker as I was not very happy with the first one. This new place was more like home as there was a Kava ceremony arranged here and I end up drinking enough to go to sleep after some time. I met two girls here who were very friendly and first time I was talking to someone also travelling like myself. Next day my opinion was changed to travel the land by my experience of getting into bus and sitting there for few hours to get to Lautoka from Nadi in hot and sweaty weather and I end up booking a tour to the islands in Fiji. 

Going to Singapore, end up in Bangkok – Holidays turned into Adventure



It was a sunny and beautiful day. I had packed everything I need. I was sure that I am going to enjoy this well deserved break as I reached Sydney airport. I was so excited to go to Singapore for the first time for 5 days. I was flying with this airline also for the first time. All arrangements were done – accommodation booked, sightseeing pass was booked and I had all the required documents with me. This time nothing is going to be wrong – no delays in reaching airport (as I missed the plane few months ago when I was going to Brisbane due to relying upon the public transport), no paper missing and all is good. Now it’s time for holidays. Hurrah!!

But I didn’t know that there is a surprise waiting for me. I handed over my passport to the person behind the checking counter. She looks at the passport and looked at me quizzically. Now what could go wrong I thought? She told me madam you cannot fly. What she said, I repeated to myself. She sensed my confusion and answered without any delay that I haven’t got the appropriate visa to go to Singapore. But a friend of mine informed me that we can get visa on arrival.  I told her about the same but she then informed me that I hold an Indian passport hence I should first apply for visa and she can postpone my flight. I was not sure how is that going to work as I have got leaves for 3 days and 2 days over the weekend and no way was I going to get visa before that. I had to leave the counter any ways to decide what to do now.

There was a moment when I wanted to let the tears trickle down my cheeks thinking here goes my holidays and I should not be preparing for my own travel now onward  But then a voice came into my head and said – You are not giving up. You are going to fly today to Singapore. I instantly ran to check internet in the airport to see if there is a way I can get some help in this situation. I called the embassy but they said it will take at least 4-7 days process and that too in Canberra not like I could drive to some office in Sydney for immediate assistance. And I couldn’t postpone my holidays due to the deadlines I had to meet at work in next couple of weeks. But I was determined to get out of the country and have a well deserved break after working almost 4 weekends in a row.

I went back to the checking counter and asked if they have any alternative in my situation. They didn’t want to take risk of flying me to Singapore just in case I can’t get visa in Singapore so they gave me an option if I fly out of Singapore and go to some other country then I can get transit visa in Singapore maximum of 3 days. She asked me if I want to go to India from Singapore. It sounded like a joke as I wasn’t sure whether she was familiar with the geographical distance from Singapore to India and that too when I had only 5 days of leaves. It was like having a holiday in the air, touchdown India and come back to Sydney. Although I didn’t express my amusement to her, but I knew I am never going to forget her suggestion.

I checked the available options with them as they could fly me to Japan, Bangkok and few other places. Suddenly I decided to fly to Bangkok and asked them to book the same. I lost money on the return ticket from Singapore to Sydney and paid extra money for the flight from Singapore to Bangkok but the money didn’t matter now as I need to do this. Although in the first place I made this plan because of the available deal on flights. So it was getting funnier when I was paying even more than regular price of flights. But somehow I had to make a choice between the holidays somewhere nice or back to work behind my desk. So I chose the holidays. I checked in with the new itinerary and a new destination – Bangkok. I always wanted to go to Thailand but not in this manner. I had dreamed to go there for at least 2 weeks and enjoy and now I was going to be there for 2 days.

But no worries I am on the plane and its going to be awesome I told myself. Although the story doesn’t end here. There was more to come. I had booked a flight to Bangkok but not from Bangkok to Sydney yet which means I can go to Singapore but not Bangkok without having a return ticket. I thought that I can manage as I will book that online. And I am good at finding good deals anyways. So here I come, Singapore – city of beautiful buildings I felt. I loved the idea of going to Singapore as I have always admired the well planned cities not that I don’t like the old cities. I felt a sense of triumph after landing in Singapore as I had passed the first hurdle – flying to Singapore. And now I had to deal with another one – Flying to Bangkok. But that can wait as I have 3 days here and I don’t want to muddle that. I was given strict warning in the Airport saying that I should not be staying in Singapore for more than 3 days. I was alright I thought, no big deal. But I was not aware of what’s there in store for me still.

I checked-in in my place and explained that I have to leave in 3 days and not 5 so asked them to charge me only for 3 days. With a little bit of discussion and explaining my situation that got settled. Now it was time for dinner – It was late in the evening so I went out and had a quiet dinner and came back to check internet in my place with a strong feeling that I will book the tickets for Bangkok now. I searched various options and the price first blew my mind as I was paying fortune to go there for two days. Still I muster some courage to book it, now what’s that – A message saying that a security code is being sent to my mobile to confirm the ticket. Bugger, I haven’t activated international roaming on my phone. I never do when I travel so that I have some quiet holidays without any interruption from the people I know. I never had to book anything from other countries either so I never found out the options to do that otherwise I could call my bank and deactivate the phone security for some time. Now I felt that I was in soup. It was 2 AM already and I had to visit many places next day. I checked Facebook  no one from my inner friend circle was online who could help me with the ticket. I had no choice but sleep.

Next day I told myself to forget about the ticket and focus on visiting the places I have got the pass for. I started my day very enthusiastically and cover 3 places in a day with my excellent management. I know the other matter doesn’t show much of that but things happen and there is first for everything. So any ways I was back in my place all tired. I chose internet over food and got some fruits that I could binge upon while trying to book the tickets again. I saw one of my friends online today. I felt it’s my lucky day. My friend was working in Europe at that time. I felt a bit embarrassed but came to the point very quickly and asked him to book my ticket explaining my situation. He was so nice that without much fuss he started booking the same. I gave all my details but then he pinged me on Facebook chat back that the payment page is leading him to another page saying that the site can’t be trusted. Now it was new. He tried couple of time but the same message and I didn’t want to trouble him anymore. Now I had one more day and it was too late. I send an email to another friend of mine explaining the situation and went to bed thinking about the next day.

I woke up bit uneasy thinking about the ticket and checked my email first thing in the morning. A reply from my friend was waiting for me giving me few options with flight he could book for me. A sense of relief flooded me. I quickly replied to him and started for another day’s adventure more carefree today as I was going for the forest adventure that was going to tire me physically. I had an amazing day even the rain in the evening didn’t touch my excitement and I did the night safari in the zoo. I came back and saw that the ticket was waiting for me. I could fly on time to Bangkok now. I utilized the last day in Singapore to explore a toy museum which was nice as it brought back the memories from my childhood. Although it was another adventure to go to Bangkok without much preparation but I loved my holidays and saw more things than I could imagine in 5 days. It was tiring but full of adventure I would say. Thanks for reading this. I am looking forward to my next holidays now.





Forget the Differences – Make it a better place to live

Forget the Differences - Make it a better place to live

Working together to earn the living. This shows how human can work with others to achieve the common goal. When we can get along with animals at times then why it is a problem to get along with another human being. Involving with violence and developing the feeling of revenge and hate. Why is it so difficult to just love everyone and work together for a common goal – Make this world a better place!

Movies Watched – 734 movies in 1453 days

Here is a list of all the movies I have watched since ‎26 ‎January ‎2009. I might have missed few in case I watched them in cinema and forgot to list them here. Serial number, movie name and rating is the way I have maintained the list. Also there was one more list of movies watched before this. I will publish them later.

S.No. Movies Seen Rating
1 Good Luck Chuck 8
2 The Mighty Celt 7
3 Tip Toes 6
4 I’ll Be Home for Christmas 7
5 Rat 6
6 My Life Without Me 8
7 The Other Half 7
8 Gods And Monsters 6
9 Aliens Vs Monsters 8
10 Cold Mountain 9
11 Juno 8
12 X-Men Origins – Wolverine 8
13 Underworld Evolution 8
14 Twilight 10
15 Jumper 7
16 Transporter 7
17 Deja Vu 7
18 Transformer 2 8
19 Princess Diarey 8
20 Made of Honour 8
21 Terminator 4 8
22 Ice Age 3 8
23 The Recruit 8
24 Taken 7
25 Marle & Me 7
26 Luck by Chance 5
27 Eagle Eye 8
28 Step up to the Streets 9
29 Wedding Crasher 8
30 Catch Me If You Can 8
31 Deal 8
32 Ice Age 2 8
33 Forbidden Kingdom 9
34 Gone Baby Gone 7
35 Haddipa 7
36 Wanted 6
37 99 7
38 Bolt 8
39 P.S. I Love You 8
40 Hackers 3 Antitrust 9
41 Thick As Thieves 7
42 Love Actually 8
43 Hancock 9
44 Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar 8
45 Kamine 8
46 Love aj kal 8
47 Ugly Truth 7
48 Sum of All fears 8
49 Night at the Museum 2 9
50 G.I. Joe The Rise Of Cobra 9
51 Billu Barber 6
52 Tujhmain Rab Dikhta Hai 6
53 District 13 8
54 you dont mess with the zohan 7
55 The Hulk 8
56 Lucky You 8
57 Kambhakht Isque 7
58 Street Fighter-Legend of Chun Li 8
59 The Game Plan 8
60 Race To Witch Mountain 8
61 Push 7
62 12 Rounds 9
63 Death Race 8
64 Meet the fockers 7
65 Nine Months 7
66 Devil Wears Parada 7
67 Waitress 7
68 Mean Girls 7
69 Imagine me and you 6
70 Someone Like You 7
71 Blue 6
72 No Smoking 6
73 Closer 7
74 Pacifier 8
75 21 8
76 Man About Town 7
77 Little Manhatten 8
78 Must Love Dogs 8
79 The Devil’s Advocate 8
80 Just My Luck 8
81 Sword Fish 9
82 Little Miss Sunshine 8
83 Not Another Teen Movie 8
84 Lemony Snickets 9
86 27 Dresses 8
85 The Taking of Pelham 8
87 All The Best 7
88 Boys And Girls 7
89 The Proposal 8
90 The Bachelor 7
91 Knocked Up 8
92 Great Expectation 7
93 2012 The World Ends 9
94 The Day After Tomorrow 9
95 Transformers.Revenge.Of.The.Fallen 9
96 The Last Kiss 8
97 Indiana.Jones.And.
The.Kingdom.Of.The.Crystal.Skull 8
98 Casanova 8
99 Proof 7
100 FantasticFour-RiseOfTheSilverSurfer8
101 Bombay Boys 5
102 Reign over me 8
103 Short Kut 4
104 Righteous Kill 7
105 Killing Me Softly 6
106 Rendition 8
107 Hot Rod 8
108 Smoking Aces 5
109 LOTR-The Fellowship of the Ring 9
110 LOTR-The Two Towers 9
112 LOTR-Return of the King 9
114 Love Khichadi 7
115 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days 8
116 harold and kumar 6
117 Twilight New Moon 6
118 I love you beth cooper 8
119 The.Seeker-The.Dark.Is.Rising 8
120 Time Machine 8
121 7 Seconds 8
122 Surrogates 8
123 500 Days Of Summer 7
124 Carriers 7
125 Beautiful Mind 9
126 Jennifers Body 7
127 Butterfly Effect 2 7
128 Butterfly Effect 3 7
129 Into the blue 7
130 Varsity Blues 7
131 Out of 7
132 Scent of a Woman 9
133 Shop Girl 6
134 To baat pakki 6
135 Percy Jackson& The Lightning Thief 8
136 Sankat City 6
137 Dragonball Evolution 8
138 kartik Calling Kartik 7
139 Click 6
140 Ishkiya 6
141 Dirty Work 7
142 Private School 6
143 Veer 7
144 Against the ropes 8
145 LOaded 7
146 College 7
147 Day Breakers 8
147 You Got Served 7
148 Big 8
149 Hitch 8
150 Falling in Love 8
151 Legion 6
152 Clash of the Titans 7
152 Fight Club (Indian) 7
153 All the right moves 8
154 Ninza Assasin 7
155 Pandorum 8
156 Sherlock Holmes 7
157 Punisher War Zone 7
158 Jail 8
159 Shakespeare In Love 8
160 Days of Thunder 7
161 I Think I Love My Wife 7
162 Message In A Bottle 9
163 Man of Honour 9
164 Undisputed 2 9
165 Walk the Line 9
166 Inglourious Basterds 8
167 Time Traveller’s Wife 7
168 Hitman 7
169 Fired Up 8
170 Kill Kill Faster Faster 5
171 50 First Dates 8
172 American Pie -The Naked Mile 8
173 American Pie – Beta House 8
174 Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 8
175 Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times 8
176 He is just not that into you 8
177 Bride Wars 8
178 Air Buddies 8
179 HowToLoseFriendsAlienatePeople 8
180 Bedtime Stories 8
181 Barbie.and.the.Three Musketeers 8
182 Kites 7
183 Mad Max 8
184 How to train the Dragon 9
185 Zombieland 7
186 Passengers 7
187 The.Curious.Caseof.Benjamin.Button 8
188 Ben 10 Alien Swarm 2009 7
189 Yes Man 7
190 New in Town 8
191 Beauty and the Beast 7
192 Snowhite and Seven Dwarf 6
192 The Namesake 8
193 Duplicity 7
194 Seducing Mr. Perfect 9
195 Mama Mia 7
196 Astro Boy 7
197 Cast Away 9
198 Star Trek 8
199 Prince of Persia 9
200 Gladiator 9
201 Starsky & Hutch 7
202 Hunt for Golum 5
203 Brave Heart 9
204 Grease 6
205 7 Pounds 7
206 Rajneeti 6
207 Ravan 8
208 Coraline 6
209 Raising Arizona 7
210 The last kinf od Scotland 6
211 Tooth Fairy 7
212 Psycho 4
213 Damage 7
214 Princess and the Frog 7
215 Alice in Wonderland 7
216 Last Chance Harvey 7
217 Enemy at the Gates 8
218 Doomsday 7
219 Back Up Plan 8
220 Whole nine yard 7
221 Planet 51 7
222 Ink Heart 8
223 Shrek Forever After 8
224 Kingdom of Heaven 8
225 Blindness 9.5
226 Love Happens 7
227 Grosse Point Blank 7
228 The Lodger 6
229 Sex And the City 2 7
230 Say Anything Special 7
231 Keeping the Faith 7
232 Lakeview Terrace 7
233 John Tucker Must Die 7
234 Batman Begins 8
235 Sweet Home Alabama 6
236 Magic in the Lake 6
237 Chance pe Dance 5
238 Incredible Hulk 8
239 Valentine Day 8
240 Confession of Teenage Drama Queen 7
241 Dear John 9.5
242 American Vergin 8
243 Signs 9
244 Franky & Johny 8
245 Manorama – Six feet Under 7
246 Invention of Lying 8
247 Sex Drive 7
248 Crossing Over 8
249 Everybody is fine 7
250 The Crazies 6
251 Mr. & Mrs. Smith 8
252 American Pie 4 – Band Camp 7
253 American Pie 3 – The Wedding 7
254 Resident Evil 3 8
255 Resident Evil 8
256 Resident Evil 2 8
257 Tokyo Drift 9
258 LSD 6
259 The Spy Next Door 8
260 The Twilight Saga Eclipse 8
261 Die Another Day – James Bond 8
262 My Sister’s Keeper 9.5
263 A Good Year 8
264 she is Out of my League 8
265 The Lake House 8
266 Independence Day 9
267 The Blind Side 9
268 August Rush 9
269 Forgetting Sarah Marshall 8
270 Fast & Furious 4 8
271 When A Man Loves A Woman 8
272 Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 7
273 Dinner for Schmucks 7
274 Young People Fucking 5
275 Harry Porter 1-Philosopher’s Stone 8
276 Mr. Bean Spiderman 7
277 Harry Porter 2-Chamber Of Secrets 8
278 Harry Porter 3-Prisoner Of Azkaban 8
279 Harry Porter 4-Goblet Of Fire 8
280 Harry Porter 5-Order OfThe Phoenix 8
281 Ultravilot 7
282 Deep Rising 7
283 A Good Company 8
284 True Blood 3 7
285 Soul Plane 6
286 The Balckhole 8
287 Foolproof 7
288 Peaceful Warrior 7
289 monster Arc 7
290 Shall We Dance 8
291 Jerry Maguire 8
292 10 Things I Hate About You 7
293 Salt 7
294 Bicentennial Man 8
295 Leap Year 7
296 Toy Story 7
297 Toy Story 2 7
298 Kunfu Hustle 8
299 Flight Plan 8
300 ChroniclesOfNarnia-Prince.Caspian 8
301 Freaky Friday 7
302 Hackers 7
303 Blood Monkey 5
304 Jungle Book 7
305 The Police Story 8
306 Swimfan 6
307 Big Stan 8
308 Maid in Manhattan 8
309 Charlie’s Angeles: Full Throtle 8
310 Hard Ball 8
311 Resident Evil Afterlife 2010 8
312 Big Daddy 7
313 The Last House On the Left 7
314 Grown Ups 8
315 The Last Airbender 9
316 Eyes Wide Shut 6
317 Broken Embraces 6
318 Step Up 3D 8
319 Just Wright 8
320 Proof of Life 8
321 Golmal 3 7
322 Break Up Artist 8
323 Guzarish 8
324 Action Replay 7
325 Crook 8
326 The Scorpian King: Rise of a Woman 7
327 Wedding Daze 7
328 Counselling Adults 6
329 Snow 2: Brain Freeze 7
330 Memoiers of a Geisha 6
331 Four Christmas 8
332 In-Laws 7
333 The Social Network 7
334 Accidental Husband 8
335 Unstoppable 9
336 Accidental Husband 8
337 Indecent Proposal 8
338 Kinky Boots 8
339 Princess Diaries 2: Engagemenet 7
340 American Girl:Chrissa Stands Strong6
341 Bolywood Hero 5
342 The Trueman Show 8
343 Confession of a Shopoholic 8
344 Demolition Man 8
345 Break Ke Baad 6
346 Whip IT 7
347 Shooter 9
348 Pearl Harbour 8
349 Serious Moonlight 8
350 G. I. Jane 8
351 Anjana Anjani 6
352 The Gift 6
353 A Few Good Man 9
354 Little Fockers 8
355 127 Hours 9
356 Dil to Bacha hai ji 6
357 Patiyala House 5
358 The Switch 7
359 Greenberg 5
360 The Tourist 8
361 No Strings Attached 7
362 Hall Pass 6
363 Life as we know it 8
364 Killers 8
365 Due Date 8
366 Frozen 9
367 Mother and Child 7
368 The Knight’s Tale 7
369 Ondine 7
370 Alvin n the Chipmunks 8
371 Million Dollar Baby 9
372 Raise your Voice 8
373 Sanctum 10
374 Labour Pains 8
375 Over her dead body 7
376 How she move 9
377 Point Break 8
378 Blue Seduction 6
379 Green Hornet 7
380 The Yellow Handkerchief 8
381 The Last Song 9
382 Date Night 8
383 Furry Vengeance 8
384 The Prestige 9.5
385 Eurotrip 7
386 Vicky Cristina Barcelona 6
387 Shrek The Third 8
388 Eight Below 8
389 Life is Beautiful 7
390 Dragon Wars 7
391 pirates of the caribbean 4 7
392 Fast & Furious 5 6
393 40 Years Old Virgin 8
394 Elektra 7
395 Phone Booth 8
396 Hangover – 2 8
397 X-Men First Class 8
398 Evan Almighty 8
399 Transformer 3- Dark of the moon 9
400 Bridesmaids 7
401 Legend of the Fall 8
402 Untraceable 7
403 Flight Of The Phoenix 7
404 Happy Tears 5
405 The Runaways 6
406 City Island 7
407 Unbreakable 7
408 Fight Club 9
409 The Rock 8
410 The Island 8
411 Bad Teacher 6
412 HarryPotter & DeathlyHallows-2 8
413 Senna 7
414 The rise of the planet of Apes 7
415 Cyborg 2 4
416 Trapped 7
417 Win Win 7
418 You will meet a tall dark stranger 6
419 After the sunset 8
420 Fighting 7
421 Piranha 7
422 Beginners 9
423 Remember the Titans 10
424 13 Assassins 8
425 The Shawshank Redemption 8
426 Fatal Attraction 5
427 Jane Eyre 7
428 One Day 7
429 District 9 7
430 Tekken 6
431 Sleepless In Seattle 6
432 Submarine 7
433 Inside Man 6
434 Fast Track-No Limits 7
435 Page One:Inside the New York Times 6
436 The Guard 7
437 Inside Man 6
438 Broken Arrow 7
439 The Smurfs 7
440 Limitless 7
441 Shoot the Hero 7
442 Echelon Conspiracy 8
443 Sisterhood Traveling Pants 7
444 Yogi Bear 7
445 contagion 7
446 What’s Your Number 7
447 Three Musketeers 7
448 I Don’t Know How She Does It 7
449 Crazy, Stupid, Love 7
450 Friends with Benefits 7
451 Kung Fu Panda 2 10
452 Midnight in Paris 7
453 A Little Bit Of Heaven 9
454 Miss Congeniality 2 8
455 Enchanted 8
456 Splash 8
457 Chalet Girl 7
458 Drive Angry 7
459 Falling Up 7
460 Bookies 6
461 Greta 8
462 Your Highness 7
463 Super 8 8
464 Chloe 7
465 I am Number 4 8
466 Just Go With It 8
467 julie and julia 8
468 Water for Elephants 9
469 Its Complicated 8
470 Horrible Bosses 8
471 Love And Other Drugs 7
472 Motherhood 7
473 Mean Girls 2 7
474 Hop 7
475 Thor 7
476 The Box 5
477 From Paris with Love 7
478 Jumping the Broom 7
479 Something Borrowed 7
480 The Dilemma 7
481 Grease 6
482 The Sorcerers Apprentice 8
483 S.W.A.T Firefight 7
484 Penthouse 6
485 All About Steve 8
486 Kick Ass 8
487 Rabbit Hole 7
488 The Polar Express 7
489 Its c of a funny story 7
490 Peter and the Wolf 8
491 Cop Out 8
492 Deception 7
493 Hot Tub Time Machine 7
494 All Good Things 6
495 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 7
496 Kiss The Bride 8
497 Heartbreak Kid 8
498 Obsessed 7
499 The Replacements 9.5
500 Legend Of The Guardians – The Owls 9.5
501 Dance Flick 7
502 Law Abiding Citzen 9
503 Gifted Hands 8
504 The Company Men 7
505 Remember Me 8
506 Big Fish 7
507 Fireflies in the Garden 7
508 Soul Surfer 9.5
509 Burn After Reading 5
510 Takers 6
511 The Next Three Days 9
512 Newcastle 6
513 Season of the Witch 8
514 Weathre Girl 8
515 The Countess 7
516 Married Life 7
517 The Lincoln Lawyer 7
518 Mother’s Day 7
519 The New Daughter 7
520 Master And Commander 7
521 No Reservations 8
522 Wicket Park 8
523 Bridget_Jones_Diary_Edge_of_Reason 7
524 Secretary 6
525 Big Mama’s House 2 8
526 Into the wild 9
527 Blue Valentine 7
528 Men in Black II 7
529 The Other Boleyn Girl 8
530 The Losers 7
531 Brothers 8
532 Defiance 9.5
533 Never Surrender 6
534 The Princess Bride 7
535 Revolutionary Road 8
536 There’s Something About Marry 7
537 The Departed 8.5
538 United93 8
539 Stranger Than Fiction 7
540 Ocean’s 12 8
541 Ocean’s 13 8
542 Ocean’s 11 8
543 Layer Cake 6
544 Up in the air 7
545 Any Given Sunday 8
546 Addams Family Values 7
547 21 Jump Street 8
548 Perfect Opposite 7
549 Megamind 8
550 Seven Years in Tibet 8
551 Cool Runnings 8
552 An Education 7
553 Hereafter 6
554 Take me Home Tonight 6
555 The.Resident 6
556 Eat Pray Love 8
557 Fried Green Tomatoes 7
558 16 Wishes 6
559 Jersey Girl 5
560 In Time 7
561 Where The Wild Things Are 6
562 Letters To Juliet 8
563 The Secret Life of Bees 9
564 The Vows 8
565 Haywire 6
566 The Others 7
567 The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn-I 8
568 Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu 5
569 House Full 2 7
570 Tower Heist 8
571 Fifth Element 7
572 Match Point 7
573 The Change-Up 7
574 Jack & Jill 7
575 Spanglish 8
576 Wait For Forever 7
577 Executive Decision 8
588 Death Sentence 8
589 100 Girls 7
590 Real Steel 8
591 Soccer Mom 7
592 The Rebound 8
593 When in Rome 7
594 Atonement 7
595 The Avengers 7
596 Battleship 7
597 50/50 6
598 Boys Don’t Cry 7
599 Pyaar Ka Punchnama 8.5
600 Johhny English Reborn 7
601 Trespass 7
602 Hysteria 8
603 This means war 7.5
604 Delhi Belly 9
605 30 Minutes or Less 7
606 A Few Best Man 8
607 Me Again 8
608 What 2 Expect When ur Expecting 7
609 At Home By Myself… With You 6
610 Jeff, Who Lives At Home 5
611 The Sitter 8
612 Love comes softly 9
613 The Boy She Met Online 6
614 Lying To Be Perfect 8
615 Wedding Planner 7
616 Area 51 8
617 The Marine 2 8
618 Stepmom 8
619 Mona Lisa Smile 8
620 Sliding Doors 8
621 Mr. Deeds 8
622 Prime 6
623 Waterboy 7
624 Mr. Nobody 6
625 Man On A Ledge 7
626 Wanderlust 6
627 Contraband 6
628 The Man Who Sued God 8
629 Gone in 60 Seconds 8
630 Jet Li The Legend 8
631 Jet Li The Legend 2 8
632 A Thousand Words 7
633 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 8
634 Jet Li Martial Arts of Shaolin 7
635 How do you know 9
636 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 6
637 Vicky Donor 8.5
638 Mere Brother Ki Dulhan 8
639 Triangle 7
640 Mr Popper’s Penguins 8
641 Desi Boyz 7
642 Chronicle 8
643 Teri Meri Kahani 7
644 Journey 2 The Mysterious Island 7
645 True Lies 9
646 Fracture 7
647 Arthur 7
648 I Want You Girl 7
649 Red Riding Hood 6
650 Hideaways 6
651 The Forger 4.5
652 Tamara Drewe 6
653 Dam 999 8
654 Chaurahen 6
655 Mr Bhatti on Chutti 6
656 Johnny Gaddar 8.5
657 Hannibal 7.5
658 Maximum 6
659 Cocktail 7
660 The Informant 7
661 The Idea of March 8
662 The Talented Mr. Ripley 7
663 Project X 8
664 One for the money 6
665 Ted 8
666 Snowwhite and the Hunstman 7
667 The Pregnancy Project 7
668 Gone 6
669 Drive 7
670 A Simple Plan 6
671 No One Killed Jessica 7
672 Sharabi 9
673 LOL 7
674 Jindagi Na Milegi Dobara 8
675 A Mighty Heart 8.5
676 The Hunger Game 7
677 Collateral 6
678 Any Questions For Ben? 6
679 Step Up Revolution 8
680 Inception (2010) 8.5
681 The Last Station 8
682 Lucky Number Slevin 7.5
683 The Ghost Writer 7
684 25th Hour 7.5
685 Perfume 8 (but makes you sick watching it)
686 The Terminal 8
687 Casino Jack 7
688 Battle in Seattle 7
689 Unknown 8
690 Notes on a scandal 6
691 Memento 8
692 Players 7
693 Secretariat 9
694 L A Confidential 8
695 Get Him to the Greek (2010) 7
696 State of Play 8
697 Ghost Town 7
698 BadLieutenantPortofCallNewOrleans 7
699 Intolerable Cruelty 7
700 Rowdy Rathore 7.5
701 21 Grams 7
702 The Last Exorcism 7
703 Under the Tuscan Sun 8.5
704 Taken 2 7
705 I Spit on your Grave 7.5
706 The Other End of the Line 7.5
707 Bodyguard 7.5
708 Accepted 8
709 Vanila Sky 7
710 The Dirty Picture 8
711 Under the Tuscan Sun 8
712 Premium Rush 7
713 Fire with Fire 5
714 The Bourne Legacy 2012 7.5
715 Agent Vinod 6
716 Special Forces 8
717 Blood Money 6.5
718 Tere Mere Phere 7
719 The Ninth Gate 5
720 Tropic Thunder 6
721 Hum Tum 7
722 Do Not Disturb 6
723 Ek Diwana Tha 7.5
724 Monsoon Wedding 7.5
725 Yaar Anmulle 8
726 Ru Ba Ru 7
727 Speedy Singh 7.5
728 Jack and Miri Makes a Porno 7
729 Children of Men 7.5
730 My Best Friends Girl 7.5
731 The Man from Earth 6
732 Khiladi 786 7
734 We Bought a Zoo 9


It starts with an End

It starts with End

Sunrise and sunsets, two of my favorite times. Its hard to get up for the first one at times, but when on holidays near beach or mountains I do make a point to get up early one day at least.

Visionaries always keep the end in the mind and start the journey hence it is important what you have thought for the end as it will decide the path you will take to make it happen.

Let Go – Gift for yourself (Part 1)

We hold on to things since we are born. We clutch our hands on whatever things we can as a baby. May be because we leave a world where we felt safe and secure for almost 9 months and then we came to this world full of people and new scenery. It’s the feeling of belonging that we all want. Although sometimes we mix that with things and emotions and memories. We are good with sticking to habits but not very good in choosing them consciously first. And since childhood we start to see the change in everything around us. If we can make ourselves flexible to do that then it is ideal. But not all of us can cope with changes that take place around us all the time and we try to hold on to different things, emotions, memories to keep ourselves in an impression that things are the same and we are living the similar life as we used to.

It hurts when we start holding on to negative emotions like anger or feeling of revenge. Any such emotions leads to frustration and as found by science that emotions work as “on-off switch” for learning. And every day we have to learn or use our brain productively most of the time. Once we have the negative feelings then our brain interpret any information as negative and we lose interest quickly. And if we are happy then the brain interprets the same information as positive and sends a message of purpose and excitement that in turn directs the behaviour towards a goal.

Just like food, it is very important what we feed our brain as well. And we are not referring to the information but rather talking about the emotions as they are the key drivers of how we are going to perceive that information and how effectively we are going to make use of it. You must have observed when we are sad or grumpy we tend to miss bits and pieces of information that we either read or watch in television. Whereas when we are emotionally light or I would say emotionally available then we are more focused on what we are reading/watching.

Let go of such emotions. Holding on to old things is not as bad as holding on to the old grudges. Every time someone either treat us bad or make us do things forcefully, we get angry and if we hold on to that anger then it stirs the negative energy in us from time to time. Also if we have fear in us about failure in life or work then again that emotion drives our behaviour. We will have to first learn what emotions we might be holding on to. We can do some exercises like writing down the past memories that still makes us feel bad and observe how we feel when we think about it. Most of the emotions can be related to fear and anger. Now I understand that process of let go is not as easy as we say. But I would say that take it as a decision you make. We never harm anyone else by hating them or fearing them but we are our own enemy when we do that. It hurts us and no one else. So why not give yourself a gift and let go of such emotions. Forgiveness is the best way to do it. Decide that you want to forgive people who hurt you. Decide that you want to change the association of your fear to certain situations and see them in new light.

It’s just a start and I am going to write more about how we can use various techniques to let go as we move on. I would like to hear your perspective and problems that you face when you try to let go. As I am no expert but I am trying to let go as well. Why not we do it together as we all need support when we try to become a better and happy person.

Heal the Broken Heart – Give me some Love

Take away the pain, take away the anger,

Power of universe, I ask you to fill me with love

Love me like a mother, love me like a father,

I want to feel your unconditional love again

I was little when I learned to be good,

To be loved

I was little when I was told to behave,

To be amongst the love ones

Make me realise that one needs no reason to be loved,

Break the old rule of give and take

You know we all need love,

You know we all deserve to be loved

So heal my broken heart and fill it with love,

Give me some peace and let me be free

Future of Knowledge – How do we want to use it?

Knowledge is out there and blogging is one of the best way to capture there. Record what’s in your mind and whats in your brain. Writing it and sharing it is a start and it will not take long to have abundance of knowledge. Now we need to start managing it as well. And think how we are going to manage this knowledge efficiently to be able to use it effectively. 

But what should be the next step as we know how to capture the knowledge very well now. Time is to connect all the dots and extract the information and set the future trend through it. Data analysis is a known field and helps in setting the trends and base the decision on that. But we need to step ahead and start using techniques to change the future and start predicting future rather than adhering to the predicted future. As we not always want to follow but rather lead. And that we can do only if we predict the future way in advance with the help of available knowledge and use strategic ways to change it. 

Every organization has their knowledge base and then they their systems also sometimes talk to other systems. Centralization of the control of all these systems is being done in silos at times due to various reasons like: security, privacy etc. I am giving some thoughts in this direction and will produce some posts regarding the knowledge management soon. As I am working in the same field so it helps with the previous experience. But I am looking more from the perspective of using all the available options to manage the knowledge to produce useful outcome. And how it can make every days life more easier as at the end of the day its people we need to manage and deal with. Knowledge is important but people are the key.

Feel free to discuss any thing regarding Knowledge Management (products, trend etc). I will be happy to answer any query or discuss related topics.

Angry Bird – Burning with Fire

I burn, I churn, I stop and close my eyes,

I start again but it doesn’t go away.

I look around and the world is different,

I am at the other end of the wall.

The turmoil inside takes over,

I want to have a bubble around me.

I want to let this fire out of me,

I don’t hate anyone, I don’t want any harm

It’s just the feeling that is making me sick

I want to throw it up

It is burning me constantly and soaking my hope

The world is not yet over but it’s eating me alive

I want to run, I want to shout, I want to climb the highest building and hide there

I want to close myself from the world and sleep

Sleep and rest my soul for a while

I want to swim, deep in the water

I want to get rid of this fire and live again

Live a life of pure affection, live a dream of hope and passion


You make me feel precious, you make me feel worthless. You make me feel happy, you make me feel sad. You take me to the sky, you throw me to the ground. Is it love that you are showing or the contradiction inside yourself?

We should not loose self steam or feel worthless with people who make us feel like this as its not us but it is their problem they have to deal with.

You make me fee…

Unlearn – To Learn the Truth (Part 3) : Sky High Angels and God

Why we say that God lives in the sky and angels can fly. A thought occurred to me that may be because spiritually we become heavy if we have negative feelings. Remember whenever we are sad or feeling bad then we feel so heavy inside and don’t have any energy to do anything. I think usually we all have been in that position so we can relate to it.

What if we take out all the negative feelings and energy and fill ourselves with love, compassion and many other positive feelings. We will become lighter than air. And we will be full of energy as well. It would be so much easier to even fly then as we would be lighter and that will help us to go up in the air and abundance of energy will help in opening our wings (spiritually) and fly far away. I can see the analogy that angels can fly like birds because angels are pure and full of good emotions only. 

And now that we think that God lives in the sky somewhere and heaven is up there. Human claimed everything unreachable either God or Evil. Like the sun was a mystery so people started worshiping it. And night became a scary time when ghosts come alive. Same I think is the case with sky. As we could easily reach anywhere in the land and water but didn’t have enough resources to reach the sky, hence we declared it as a place where God lives. What if so called God lives among us or somewhere in the earth or water. 

I know I am questioning the old beliefs. Although we have won all the places not and even being able to reach other planets but I am trying to undo all the learning in order to understand the truth and any other possibilities.

Movies – Way away from present

Movies are one of the great creative way to live in dream with our eyes open. I am not sure how much I might have to get used to of the fact that most of the times we are actually training our brain to live in a dream. Video games are another example for the same. I always loved movies but now I am in a stage where I am questioning my interest reason being that when watching a movie or anything in TV we are actually ignoring the present. Sitting in a couch and watching something recorded in past or live somewhere else that is not the reality around us. Our brain has to work to create that illusion that this is reality and we start imagining this new world around us whereas we stop focusing on whats actual present. 

Not just movies but there are heaps of ways we are actually training our brain to ignore the reality. And now as a result our brain is not focused any more, it keeps getting distracted from the present and either dwell on the past or future but present. I am not sure how much unlearning  will be needed to actually retrain my brain to focus on present and calm down a little bit.

Although we have been able to create a better world by our creativity – a window into the dreams that gives us sense of happiness, but we need to see the bigger picture now and create the beautiful reality around us. Stop living in a movie and create our life more interesting than a movie. Is it possible? May be to some extent. Why not we give it a try. I will try to do this as last time I watched a movie I was thinking more and focusing on movie less. So who knows what I might find out if I am successful in this new path.

But I would share it with you just like other things. 

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


At times we are so comfortable in our life that we assume that this is the only better way to live. The Hobbit changes that perception. Relating to the common audience, Bilbo Baggins (the Hobbit) proves that even when he is leading a happy and content life but still there is a possibility to explore. There is more to life then just being able to provide food and shelter to ourselves. Life is a journey and not a destination. We should not stop at any point otherwise we will be just the audience and not the actor in the movie of our lives. 

Time is the best example of how we should live as the clock keeps ticking no matter what. The same is for our body, we keep breathing as long as we are alive and the heart keep pumping. All the things that are alive become a witness for…

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Life of Pie – Did you feel your life with Pie?


I want to discuss the movie ‘Life of Pie’ today with you all. How many people watched it? Please let me know what did you think about it. I have to watch it again to fully grasp everything as it was overwhelming after a long day at work and 45 degree of heat in summer. It was an escape from the heat and treat for hard work at office.

Movie is no-nonsense and also has got trace of humor in it. A lot of lessons are hidden in everything Pie was going through. I am listing some of the things I felt worth remembering and waiting for more from you.

1. We can tame any wild creature with patient, persistence and will power, even the inner animal in ourselves.

2. Fight or flight is the basic survival instinct of human.

3. Caring for others gives us the reason to survive…

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Time Travel to be ChildLike

Time Travel to be ChildLike again

I was walking back home from work today. It was such a beautiful day. Cool breeze made me feel calm and very relaxed. I felt so much energy even though the day had been really long at work. I felt the air I was breathing, I saw people walking on the footpath, I saw the beautiful buildings made by man, I saw couples holding hands with the ray of hope in their eyes, I crossed a park with a small lake where lots of birds were chirping, I saw the diners enjoying their meal in relaxed environment and I also saw a girl running and looking a bit scared, then I saw a guy holding a map who was trying to figure out the directions and so on. What was the difference – I was living in the moment. I was living the present and cherishing it completely. I did not think about the past and I was not lost in the dreams of future. I was aware of every moment I lived today evening.

And what was the result – I was smiling as my heart was full of joy, joy of life, joy of sharing my life with so many other fortunate people, joy of being able to feel things and joy of being able to love everyone in my life. I must have looked ridiculous as I was smiling at my own on the way back home. But it was hard to contain that joy in me and make a poker face. Happiness was all over my face. I felt like dancing all the time and I felt so light that I felt I could run faster than time. It was the evening I think I have not experienced in ages or perhaps never before. It was the evening of utter exuberance. It was as if I had nothing to worry about in the world. And how did it happen.

For that we need to become like a child and free ourselves from everything but the joy of life. Every breathe we take is the blessings and is full of life. We have the gift to feel the very air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we walk upon. To be able to enjoy again we might have to look back and remember how we used to behave as a child. We need to learn from children. We need to start observing nature. Is there anyone out there who did not enjoy running in the part as a child? Is there anyone who actually liked the Air-con more than natural cool breeze when growing up, of course depending upon the temperature it might be a differnt case? Who didn’t like to play with water and get dirty in sand/soil, if given a chance?

That is because we are born with natural instinct and we lose them as we grow up or I would say stop listening to our inner self. To learn the truth and be happy again forever we need to go back to the roots and re-activate those functions we are born with. The powers that we have as humans, we need to find it again and use that energy to make our life fulfilled. In some countries/ cultures people say that children are the purest form of God. Why because they are more like God I think because they are free spirit, with no fear, happy, sensitive to others, friendly and open. As we grow, we suppress most of these qualities and the sufferings starts from there.

I am going to start that inner child in me and nurture it again, as I might be lost so far but not anymore.

Happiness Connection – Part 1

The true purpose of our life is to be happy. Now does it means that I should go out there and do whatever makes me happy even if that means drinking alcohol, smoking, eating fast food or harming some one. No, not at all. And there comes the concept of ‘connection of happiness’. We associate happiness with a lot of things and many times they are not right. For example eating sweets to make ourselves happy when we are sad or drinking alcohol to get over some one. These are the associations that we train our brain with for years of practice. 

Stop right there and list all such habits that deep inside you know are not good for you. This will not stop you from doing it but awareness is the first step. Until unless we accept that any habit is not good for us, we are not going to leave it. So it is the choice that we need to make first to know what are the things that we are doing are not good for us. Its like doing the diagnosis of a disease, only then it can be cured. 

Step 2 is to decide that you want to change the connection of happiness from wrong habits to healthy and right habits. Also you are the one who is supposed to define right or wrong as for some one it can be for a run every time they get sad and for another it might be meeting a friend and talk about it. Its also a matter of convenience and available options. So it is important to give your self some options before strictly adhering to the new habits. Most of the times we do not stick to the new habits because we assume there is only one choice and if we can’t stick to it then we are a failure and we get even more sad and end up returning back to the old habits to be happy. To get out of this loop we need to give ourselves rating from 10 to 1 and 1 means that we at least tried and this way we never are a failure and its just a matter of getting more or less points. Remember that while deciding to change the connection of happiness from the bad habits to good habits we are actually choosing a path and once we choose a path then we are no longer on the old way. I would suggest start visualizing this and then you would feel it is so easy to follow. 

Step 3 is practicing the new habits consciously. Any habit takes time to form therefore replacing a habit also takes a cycle. Our brain is very powerful but its like like wild horse that is jumping around all the time and its hard to train it. We need to understand that its our asset that we need to take care of and our baby that we need to nurture as well. Do not be harsh on yourself and have patience in teaching your brain the right things. Take time and be patient, the more gentle you would be the more calm the brain will become. The more strict you will treat it, the more wilder it will start behaving. Practice every day in the morning or what ever time suits you to calm down and tell your brain the right things. Tell stories to yourself just like we used to do in our childhood (reading loud) and believe me it works and it works very well. 

I will share more insight into this as we move forward. I am also just practicing these things as you are reading this. So there is a lot to come. Be happy with the right connection!

Unlearn – To Learn the Truth (Part 2)

To unlearn we need to free ourselves from the bondage. We need to unlearn the learned behavior as it is all about freedom from the know and liberating ourselves from the limited knowledge that we have. We need to open ourselves to the great possibilities of life. The limitless joy of learning and creativity will come easy if we create a blank sheet by unlearning. Then we can write the life from the beginning with the truth we acquire and not from the learned behavior that we know since we are born and the one we are taught.  

So much work to do and this is the real test of patient. When we took so many years to learn the things then it will take at least some time to unlearn them. Choice is ours whether we want to know the truth or we are happy in the drama of everyday life that brings excitement, happiness, pain, confusion and a lot more human emotions with it. I have decided to choose the new life and with it comes knowing the truth. Truth of life at my own and not based on what others have told so far. Not based on any book, not based on any learned behavior or acquired knowledge, not based on the teachings of religion. It might take a while to get there but I have taken a decision and I have made a choice as that’s all it takes to get to the destination – Making a choice and taking a decision to be there one day.

I know it might sound like preaching about life but its what I am feeling during the journey of self-realization. I would admit that its not a garden of roses all the time and it has its own ups and down. I cant focus on positive side of it all the time. But that’s how I have trained my brain so far – to distract from simple thoughts. Hence I need to re-train it again to be able to focus and repeat the process of unlearning to accept the truth. One and only truth of life. 

I am not leaving my everyday activities and going in search of truth like many others. But I would just start looking inside myself and see whats there to learn about myself. Like an onion I am starting to peal myself and see how many layers I have got and what each layers brings to life. I am still just at the very beginning of this journey but I would love to share this revelation that I am going through each and every day of life. Its a joy, excitement and a lot of hope to getting closer to the truth every moment I spend thinking about it. I have asked for it so shall get it and I am making myself ready to receive it now.


Moments of Life and Serenity

Moments of Life and Serenity

Beauty of life in all forms. Nature gives us beauty everywhere. It has created everything unique as no two things are same. That means we all are unique so we do not have to copy others all the time to fit in the crowd. We should not loose the beauty of who we are but rather keep the uniqueness that is a gift to us and bring variety to the world.

Unlearn – To Learn the Truth (Part 1)

What do I need to do next to know the truth? In present I am full of the biased learning, perceptions, judgments, limits, fear and a lot more other things. How can you fill the glass when it is already full. And that’s where I am at the moment. Only willing to learn doesn’t really help in learning something, it is also very important that we unlearn the things in life to be able to accept the new truth. At times we ask or pray to get things but we are not ready for it. It is like asking some one to come to visit us but either we do not have time for that person or no place to entertain. So how any new knowledge is going to help if we do not have space to store it.

I think it is the reason that although the truth is simple and in front of me but I can not see it. Because I am full and can not take any new knowledge until I actually unlearn. How do we know whatever we know whether it is the truth or not? Some will say that it is the result of all the knowledge stored in books, some will say that these are the findings from the efforts of many intellectual people. But then how do I know they knew the truth or they perceived it right. Is it right to question everything? May be not if we think we might unlearn what we do at our job as well. But that is not the case as we are talking about the spiritual leaning here. Learning about the journey of this beautiful life.

I believe in the power of imagination. Also I believe that we are part of universe and universe is part of us and we all contain the same energy then don’t we have all the knowledge stored in us. And we deeply know everything. Its just that we put limits to everything and we see things only as we want to see and close our eyes to rest of the universe. We make ourselves small and limited whereas the universe has a lot to offer.

I want to look into myself rather than seeking everywhere else for this knowledge and the truth. As no matter where we go in the world, truth is inside us only. All we have got to do it know ourselves. And I think we miss this only as its simple and we are used to of resolving complicated stuff and do not give much attention to simple things in life.

Underwater Meditation

I am going to Manly Shelly beach for another scuba dive tomorrow morning. I call it meditation under water. One needs to focus on breathing just like yoga or meditation. One can live in present and appreciate the surroundings while diving. Its one of the best way to start a day and makes me very calm and relaxed. Every time I dive, I learn something new even if it is the same diving site. You always notice some thing new or learn more about yourself in water. The more relaxed you become the more enjoyable experience you get. Its all about sharing the ocean with so many other living beings there. Every time I dive it makes me think – how big the world is and how many beautiful and amazing creatures are there in neighborhood. All we need to do is knock at the door and say hello to them.

Last time I saw Blue Gropers, Blue Bottles, Port Jackson, Dusky and Wobbegong sharks. There are some beautiful rock formations and reefs near Fairy Bower (towards the south end of Manly beach). Also the Dusky sharks were wondering there and we were only able to spot it from far and then it vanished. Although most of the diving tours don’t take you very far due to the time limitation, but you can go with your buddy for a fun dive there. I am hoping to experience some more  magic under water this time. Lets see what happens. I will keep you posted.

I Love Myself

I brushed my teeth yesterday night and I am following this ritual for past two weeks now. I always knew it is one good thing to do but never really stick to it most of the time. Why I am doing it now? Did I changed my habit or new year resolution. Simple thing as brushing my teeth every night before going to bed, We call them good habits and never really think that we are caring for our body by doing it.

I started eating well and more consciously and I am enjoying food every time I eat it. Many people already do this but others like me never really care. What changed in me?

I have started loving myself. We all know the saying – ‘Love thyself’, but we hardly ever do that fully. One of the reason that people hurt us. Most of the times we rely on others to give us happiness and make us feel good. Why? Because we don’t give the feeling of love to ourselves. I am 28 and turning 29 next month. Too old to know things in life but still I have never loved myself fully to be complete in myself. The time I broke up with my ex, I started feeling disappointed with the world and specially guys as they always hurt you. But now I know it was not him, it was me. I never loved myself enough to know what I deserve and what shall I choose for myself. We close our eyes and do not want to see whether we really want that person in our life or we are just being desperate to have someone in our life to share our feelings and to make ourselves feel good. If we depend on others for our happiness then it will depend on the other person whether they keep us happy or not.

It is their choice we have no control upon. And don’t you think it is like being a kid again where we used to depend upon our parents to feed us and keep us safe. But now that we are old enough to take care of ourselves physically then still we depend upon others to make us happy. That means we are grown ups physically but not completely emotionally.

I would suggest to have good friends when you think you need some one in life. Because when you are not happy and hurt then no one else can give you the inner joy. Only faith in yourself and finding the inner happiness by doing things that you like is going to make you full of life. Friends help in this process by eliminating the loneliness in you and it will keep you busy with the activities you like rather than being desperate and find another wrong person for your self. Because heart without love cant give love. So first make your heart whole with self love then only is the time to have some one close in your life who will cherish having you in their life. Otherwise you will be needy rather than being in love. People can sense whether you are needy or genuine and even if you get some one nice when you are desperate, there is no surety how long it is going to last.

I am going through the whole self discovery phase at the moment and I feel from my personal experience it is amazing. Its not about what kind of person you want, it is also about whether you deserve the person you want in your life or not. Many times we choose people who want us but they don’t deserve us, this puts us in lower position where we get hurt and loose our confidence. Other times we choose the people whom we want in our life but they deserve better so we either always try to become what they want or have the feeling of guilt.

It is very important that we choose the person with the same energy level as us, specially emotionally. We usually know what attracts us physically but we do not give enough thoughts what is the emotional level of a person. And I don’t think how the person looks ever hurt us. It is always the person inside that makes us feel that we made the wrong choice. It is like buying a car, if you want it for certain purpose but you just buy it on the basis of looks then it is not going to make you happy. That means you are taking a big chance and it can work or it might not.

I know it is difficult to choose a person for yourself then because how do we know the emotional level before knowing him/her too well. Then why not just be friends and not tag it with some other name. And after a while you will know whether this is the right person for you or not. Because problem with getting into relationship is that you can not back out. You just need to break up and that hurts. Whereas as friends you still have your freedom to choose and be yourself. Its the extra layer that we sometimes put to show the other person that we are perfect for them. But as friends we do not need to do that. we can be ourselves and see whether we like each other or not. Because in case we have that extra layer then one day we will show our true self and the other person might or might not be alright with true our-self  And in case we decide to keep that layer for long enough then it is going to suffocate us gradually. Imagine covering our self from a blanket and carrying that every where with us. We will never be able to feel the world properly.

I will keep writing about what I have been thinking and meanwhile you should start your journey for self love as its you who can love you most and no one else.

Living Blind

It was 7:30 AM in the morning and I was walking towards my work place, listening to the meditation music I just downloaded. An idea caught my mind and I got curious to walk with my eyes closed.

I closed my eyes and continued walking for few seconds. A feeling of fear started getting stronger in me. Suddenly I opened my eyes and relief washed my heart making me feel safe and sound. Even when we close our eyes physically then the fear starts taking place. No wonder we are afraid of so many things in life because we have closed our inner eyes and have closed all the doors to spiritual awareness.

I am starting to realise that I am living my life as a blind person. That is why I am worried about future, present and all the things I am not sure about. If you open your spiritual eyes then you can easily see things clearly and where your choices are going to take you in future.

We as human species are gifted to be able to make choices and then we forget that it’s up to us to choose a path that will help us to get to our destination. Just as the visibility reduces in deep water due to the various factors; same is the case in life. We can’t see things in near future because we have so many distractions and obstruction created by us. Emotions like fear, anxiety, and excitement clutter our vision in life. We lose the bigger picture when we start focusing on the nitty gritty of everyday’s things.

It’s like navigation – we need to focus on various roads and streets but every now and then we also need to zoom out the map and see which direction we are heading. In today’s life we do remember to focus on deciding the path to move forward but we hardly remember to step back and see where these paths are going to take us. This is the reason we are in un-wanted situations at times that make us doubt ourselves. I will share more insight about it in the next post as I am going through this journey of self realization these days that is helping me unfold the world slowly.