Future of Knowledge – How do we want to use it?

Knowledge is out there and blogging is one of the best way to capture there. Record what’s in your mind and whats in your brain. Writing it and sharing it is a start and it will not take long to have abundance of knowledge. Now we need to start managing it as well. And think how we are going to manage this knowledge efficiently to be able to use it effectively. 

But what should be the next step as we know how to capture the knowledge very well now. Time is to connect all the dots and extract the information and set the future trend through it. Data analysis is a known field and helps in setting the trends and base the decision on that. But we need to step ahead and start using techniques to change the future and start predicting future rather than adhering to the predicted future. As we not always want to follow but rather lead. And that we can do only if we predict the future way in advance with the help of available knowledge and use strategic ways to change it. 

Every organization has their knowledge base and then they their systems also sometimes talk to other systems. Centralization of the control of all these systems is being done in silos at times due to various reasons like: security, privacy etc. I am giving some thoughts in this direction and will produce some posts regarding the knowledge management soon. As I am working in the same field so it helps with the previous experience. But I am looking more from the perspective of using all the available options to manage the knowledge to produce useful outcome. And how it can make every days life more easier as at the end of the day its people we need to manage and deal with. Knowledge is important but people are the key.

Feel free to discuss any thing regarding Knowledge Management (products, trend etc). I will be happy to answer any query or discuss related topics.

4 comments on “Future of Knowledge – How do we want to use it?

  1. Interesting post this one. I was about to sign off when I saw the tab and couldn’t resist taking a peek.

    I’m a SAHM now but when I was a business/corporate entity a lifetime ago, I encountered this term. I thought it was neat to coin a word for the collective consciousness and memories – “knowledge” – that people and groups of people have about something shared. For the spiritual me, that would be the Bible. I don’t know how or what future generations will say about us who live in this period in time with respect to that term but whatever it is, I hope it will be one that positively affects and inspires them.

    Glad to have met you in the blogosphere.

    Warm regards,

    • Hi Mary,

      First of all thanks for the comment as it means a lot to me that I was able to get your attention. And I agree that Bible is somehow a source of knowledge which we should live by in some sense as it gives the direction in situations when we are not sure whats the right thing to do. I am a content management specialist so this is what I live every day at times – managing the data and turn it into meaningful information.

      I think the day is not far when human will start using the data way too much and use their brain just as an indexing engine to check where the required things are stored then remembering everything all the time. But not sure how good this will be as the lesser we use our brain the rusty it will get. But we never know 🙂

      So good to meet you here..Enjoy the day dear!


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