Movies – Way away from present

Movies are one of the great creative way to live in dream with our eyes open. I am not sure how much I might have to get used to of the fact that most of the times we are actually training our brain to live in a dream. Video games are another example for the same. I always loved movies but now I am in a stage where I am questioning my interest reason being that when watching a movie or anything in TV we are actually ignoring the present. Sitting in a couch and watching something recorded in past or live somewhere else that is not the reality around us. Our brain has to work to create that illusion that this is reality and we start imagining this new world around us whereas we stop focusing on whats actual present. 

Not just movies but there are heaps of ways we are actually training our brain to ignore the reality. And now as a result our brain is not focused any more, it keeps getting distracted from the present and either dwell on the past or future but present. I am not sure how much unlearning  will be needed to actually retrain my brain to focus on present and calm down a little bit.

Although we have been able to create a better world by our creativity – a window into the dreams that gives us sense of happiness, but we need to see the bigger picture now and create the beautiful reality around us. Stop living in a movie and create our life more interesting than a movie. Is it possible? May be to some extent. Why not we give it a try. I will try to do this as last time I watched a movie I was thinking more and focusing on movie less. So who knows what I might find out if I am successful in this new path.

But I would share it with you just like other things. 

3 comments on “Movies – Way away from present

  1. I would strongly disagree at this Kavita. Now this dis-agree-ance (again presuming there is such a word) may not be completely justified for i am a huge movie buff. But the very reason why i am a big movie buff is what sprouts the disagreeance.
    We hav a lifetime. We live a life in this lifetime. It comes with its package of events, incidents, accidents and aspirations that we can cumulate under the all encompassing tag, ‘experience’. Now if one lifetime is fun (yes, life’s fun indeed. lets live with this presumption!), how fun wil many be?! I watch movies for through it i get to know life from an another vantage point, i get to learn about some unknown facet of life, i get to experience life as from the stance of someone else in a position else from mine. Its for a similar reason that i am an avid reader of novels too. Its not like i forsake the ‘reality’ as you choose to quip. I live, love and sustain my reality. Its not like i watch movies in search for an alternative reality as my present sucks. My present rocks. I watch movies to know about alternate realities. Or more succinctly, to live many lives in a single lifetime! 😉

  2. You spoke about the present being real and the brain having to be retrained to shuttle between the real and the illusion. I may hav quite some theory and philosophy to speak upon it in case it still interests you. Brain and Cognition interests me. And wel i am on my way to become a research in cognitive neuroscience. So it would be a relish to discuss what interests me the most. As a teaser, “the reality that we perceive is not real indeed. Its a consistent tenacious construct of our brain. The brain conjures it off intelligent guess-work and modelling. As an instance, what you see as red may very well be my blue. And we may live a lifetime with. The topping on the cake would be neither is to know of it!”

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