Love Locks – Legends & Superstitions

It was a beautiful day in Mt Keira Lookout, Sydney, when I saw these fancy padlocks and the names/messages written on them. It got me curious to find out how it started. I think you might have seen such love locks at places as well.


As per an old story it started before World War II when a schoolmistress names Nada fell in love with an officer named Relja. But then Relja went for war in Greece and fell in love with another local girl and broke his commitment with Nada. Nada could not recover from this and as a result she died very soon. Afraid from this incidents the local girls started this custom of writing the name of their lover and themselves on a lock and affixing them to the railings to protect their love.

There were many controversies and people expressed their concerns to remove these padlocks from the public properties. For example in Florence, Italy, they posed aesthetic problems and scratches on the bridge. But still we have many places where we can see hundreds of love locks.

There are many legends and superstitions attached to this custom as well. Example: there is a fountain in Montevedeo, Uruguay where it is said that if a lock with two people’s name is placed there then both will return to the fountain and their love will last till eternity.


There are some other stories as well. But it made me think how fragile the pure emotion of love has become. We fall in and out of love so quickly. Or in other words its not love just lust.

It was a better time when people used to spend their life with the only person they fall in love or wait for them forever. Now there are so many choices available, not just around but also through online channels that the relationships have become very fragile. I am not sure I like this as we have lost the meaning of true love. We don’t stick to each other much as partners. First we fall in love very quick and then we realize he/she is not the one. And at times this search is like never ending process.


I wish we can be more true to ourselves and not get into relationships too quick but look for true love. But the society is made of more individuals these days as we don’t live with our families anymore. And that leads to the loneliness when we try to find it with somebody. Many would be happy when they have choice to change their partners when ever they like. But I don’t think its a very good thing as life is too short to keep searching ‘The One’, rather than share the precious moments with the one we love.

I would love to hear your views on this.


2 comments on “Love Locks – Legends & Superstitions

  1. Hi Kavita! I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m the kind of guy who writes poems, songs, and on occasion, paints pictures about love in order to try to understand it. And of course, understanding love is impossible because it is a mystery. I enjoyed reading your post because the idea of a love lock to a hopeless romantic, such as I, is irresistible. I like to read proverbs about love too. Not because they clear up the mystery, but because they are amusing. Here are two that I hope you enjoy from the book titled “Treasury of African Love: Poems & Proverbs.” 1. If love is the sickness then patience is the remedy (Fulfulde). 2. Let not your love be like a torrent: heavy at first but swiftly abating (Malagasy).

    • Wow..thats sounds good that you are so hopelessly romantic as thats what we really need in todays world really to lighten things up..more romance and love as it beats all the stress and tension..I am glad that you have shared this so openly 🙂

      And I do agree that love is a mystery as its sometime the best thing and at the other it is most complicated than anything else…but I know one thing you learn a lot about yourself while going through the different phases of love…and I do believe all these emotions and feelings opens us up towards ourselves ….

      I do read proverbs as well to be honest as its easy to get a very great lesson fro m few lines sometimes…I might read the book you have mentioned

      I am so glad that you liked my post…Thanks a lot for commenting…Keep in touch and keep blogging 🙂

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