Sweet-tooth….I can Understand

Who doesn’t like a candy or a lolly? At least most of us have some time in our life have savored an ice-cream or desert. I have taken a picture of my plate in Sydney Tower restaurant. I know this is too many but being a sweet tooth I could not resist but try all kinds of deserts available. Have you ever wondered how the custom of sugar started? There is almost 100 pounds of sugar consumption in United States every year. It was also called ‘White Gold’ once and the recipe was a well-preserved secret. It is a native product of Southeast Asia. Brazil produces the most today although Portuguese had brought it there in 16th century.

It was very interesting how Sugar played a major role in slavery as well. It was like a three-step cycle. Slaves would be sent to work for it, once the product is made it will be sold to Europe and then more products would be brought to Africa and slaves would be bought with them.

Britain is also argued to have lost their colonies to independence because the military was protecting the sugar islands. So the same sugars we eat almost every day in various food products have made its way to different culture and nation with a lot of stories. It was identified and used in the form of sugarcane very early in India. No wonder I have so many deserts to enjoy the evening today being an Indian 🙂


2 comments on “Sweet-tooth….I can Understand

  1. I have a real sweet tooth, but I have had to re-train my taste since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes a few years ago. Fortunately, I have found that once I got used to cutting out most of the sugar, I can still enjoy it in small amounts and now most sweetened things taste TOO sweet for me! Once we get used to using less, we can taste even a little, so I still get enough to brighten the day!

    • Wow..thats awesome that you are able to control your desire for sweet…n still enjoy the small amount 🙂 I am really bad at this to be honest as I always promise myself and actually go without much sugar but then there are days when I eat for rest of theweek…lol..but what can you do..its really something you can’t avoid..but I think I should try the same as you did and may be I would be able to cut back some …thanks for it …have a lovely day Julia

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