World’s End in Sri Lanka

Yes that exact expression I had as you have reading the title of this post. No wonder I had to risk my life and see this place to show you my friend as well in case I survive through it 😉

Good news is that I am still alive and you can enjoy the pics of this beautiful place in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Its kind of a national park but just a little high. And you can view East Sri Lanka from there and as deep as 870 meters from the top straight down.

The town Nuwara Eliya is breathtakingly beautiful I would say. Some of the best views in the country you can find here. Once I get home afyer finishing my travel I would write more details about travelling in Sri Lanka including some tips. Also you can always reach me for information in case you travel there.

2 comments on “World’s End in Sri Lanka

  1. Hey Kavita,
    That sound’s like a very nice place!!! Can’t wait for the pictures and more post!!!! Talk to you soon!!!! 😀
    Psalm 119:105

  2. thanks a lot dear…yes soon I will update here as of now everyday either bus or train….It was like a challange to see Sri Lanka in 7 days which I pretty much have done I guess…been to 9 cities and seen hell lot of places…now time to head back home 🙂

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