Hard to travel alone being a girl – Interesting experiences in Sri Lanka

Yes at times yes pretty much specially in the male dominating culture. In places where not many local girls are seen in the beach, you will feel a little bit harassed as you are the only eye candy there as a tourist. I am leaving Sri Lanka today. I would love to say I would miss everything here but can’t specially because of one question being asked repeatedly – ‘Are you married or do you have a boyfriend’, even by the Auto-rickshaw driver. I end up lecturing one on last day telling him that it’s rude to ask such questions when you don’t even know the person well.

I headed to the airport and the same story there in the shops or at the security gates. Its one thing to be nice and another to be able to avoid such things. I had no issue with the person trying to snatch my bag on my way to hotel first day in Sri Lanka. I also could tolerate that somebody stole my sandal when I was visiting the pilgrimage place in Pulunawarava. But when it happens so often that even the person doing work in tourism pester you when you say hello, then its a bit too much.

I would love to come back to Sri Lanka but these things make me think how to avoid this frustration when you meet such guys around here. And one more thing I can’t understand that they need to know their limits and let the others enjoy their holidays. It was not totally a bad experience and I would say 90% locals I met very amazingly good to me. I met a family that made me feel home, a local restaurant owner who helped me in getting a hotel as a friend. I did make many friends here so hopefully I would return one day. Still I would say it was a very interesting and spicy experience where I also got angry at few people which I usually don’t due to their behavior (repeating themselves after getting totally drunk). And my heart melt when the lady at my home stay offered me tea expecting no money after days of paying extra money for everything. And many people who helped me in getting from one place to another with directions and local information.

Sri Lanka – A very beautiful country as per the geography and very interesting because of the culture. Loved it, hated it, got angry at but will still miss it

12 comments on “Hard to travel alone being a girl – Interesting experiences in Sri Lanka

    • Hahaha…dear you asked the question again…lol…m single as of now that should keep your curious mind at rest…hahaha… I think sometime people can easily see that and thats the reason they ask…specially guys…

  1. Excellent Post . In the Arab World a woman not allowed to travel alone she must have a male companion with her.Middle ages mentality ,woman is not allowed to were a bikini at all ,not allowed to drive or vote.Her rights are denied.jalal

    • true one of my friend was travelling in Jordan and I realise after chatting with her that it is tough to travel in few countries with certain culture…but I have to explore the world so have to take the chances anyways πŸ™‚

      But I still do not agree with no right to vote and drive.

  2. Yea those questions sound annoying…but come perhaps from hearts that desire to connect with you. So take them as compliments. I am planning to visit Sri Lanka this summer.

    • awe…I would think of this in future dear…and you are right I never thought of it as I was just too annoyed by many things happening and the same question keep coming…may be next time I will be answering it more patiently ..lol

  3. I think it must be very confusing for both the young generation and the older one in many parts of Asia. Notions of family have been very conservative and traditional for so long but more liberal notions are finally making themselves felt as they were in the west back in the 60’s. Certainly it would be good to lose some of the old rigid attitudes and have more respect for individual choices. That said in the West we have gone to far and thrown out the “baby with the bathwater” so to speak for example it has become somehow quite socially acceptable to have a child without ever intending to involve the father. I hope in the East it doesn’t swing so far because every child wherever possible should have the the guidance and personal support of both parents I think.
    Other than that there should be ZERO pressure to get married and\or have children as the world will survive quite well with all those willing to do so anyway. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks a lot dear for your comment. I read your comment few times before replying to it as I knew it needed a bit of more thinking as to what I write now. I couldn’t agree more as you have already pointed it out that there are extremes of what should happen in reality. In Asian countries vs Western culture there are things that needs to be in control for example the way woman in treated in Asian countries and the way woman feel very independent even to have kids without father. Same is the case about having a baby girl in Asian countries as there are still people in villages in India where having a baby girl is not seen as appropriate and even they are being born or aborted which is a big issue. And same with education as there is still a long way to go to get the girl educated the way its normal for a boy to get his education. There are number of initiatives but the change will come gradually.

      I like the freedom and equality given to woman in western culture but I would still say that woman still is a sex object for many man which does not seems to be fair. And even after living in western countries I don’t think there is any change in that. lets see hope the future will resolve these issues and world will be a better place to live.


  4. I don’t think it would ever be healthy to encourage either socially or through other methods for women to children without active involvement of their fathers – that is exactly one major mistake we have made in the west. Children have a better chance to grow and thrive when both parents are involved, that is both better for the children and society at large. Of course this doesn’t mean there are no exceptions to the rule because indeed there are but here I am talking about the overall trend.
    Yes aborting girl babies is a terrible issue but on the positive side that is likely to decrease dramatically as technology both improves the agrarian sector, improves standards of living and wider job opportunities open up outside the sector.
    Girls education will improve also for many of same reasons I believe.
    Sex objectification actually happens to both men and women but more so with women on balance. That said if you welcome a change towards a more liberal and permissive society you can’t have it both ways, indeed many women profit from objectification and wouldn’t have it any other way.
    I would prefer a more respectful society but not one artificially created by proliferating laws. Men and women once adult need to accept their own agency in the choices they make in their lives and some of our new laws risk taking that away.
    The road to tyranny is paved with good intentions is my version of the old saying.
    Your country is going through a major change right now many of your traditional cultures are going to be seriously undermined by some of these changes (if they haven’t already). Don’t make the mistake we in the West have made by seeing men\boys as nothing more than providers or perpetrators because feminist policies widely adopted by our governments have only succeeded in souring relationships between the sexes. This division may well suit or ruling elites as then we are too busy fighting each other instead of keeping our rulers honest and in check.
    I guess that really nothing changes in terms of quality of life unless and until each one of us finds and maintains contact with our own humanity because the loss of that contact is most likely the cause of most of our ills anyway. πŸ˜‰

  5. People often ask me if I am married and if my wife and I have children. I tell ’em, yes we have five cats! That stops the questioning.

    • good thought dear as I didn’t know many times what shall I say to stop them questioning..thank you so much for sharing and you are intelligent with words I can say πŸ™‚

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