What will be my gift to the world…

What will I give back when I have taken so much from the world?

I came to this world with nothing (empty handed and naked baby) and had nothing but fortunately today I have everything one can live his/her life comfortably with. Give and take is like action and reaction. I am writing this post while sitting idle in the airport, waiting to go home once my friend confirms that his night shift at work is over. And makes it 2 AM in the morning. SO any mistake in spelling or grammar might occur looking at the time. But I don’t intend to edit this as its not about my knowledge of English language or anything so we can ignore it for now.

A thought regarding death has made me think while reading this book – ‘The Last Lecture’ by Randy Pansen. And I have just read 18 pages of the book so far. Sometimes we try everything to avoid the inevitable question. And this is the exact moment when I am confronting myself with the question – What have I given back to the world that offered me so much of everything I needed in this life so far. It might not be like taking a loan from someone where you are bound to pay back. But moreover it’s our moral responsibility . Its like when someone does something good for us and we feel grateful to them and want to do something in return. And at times we do something good for someone else if given the chance to show our gratitude towards the world and good souls living in it.

It is our moral responsibility that we can easily ignore if we choose so as no one is going to point a finger on it. It is one of those duties that we do when no one forces us to do. I think I have tried to do few things in life although I am not sure how many of them were selfless tasks and how many of them were performed in order to fulfil the need of self satisfaction within the limits of my comfort zone.

I can write a book if I start on this topic so I should better summarize it. Things that I have done so far for society:

1. Volunteer in Red Cross for a year in Visitor Scheme.
2. Opened an youth organization – ‘Prabhat’. We used to provide people suffering from leprosy with clothes donated by the people in town. Also by spending some time with the kids in orphanage and provide them some food or fruits during our visit. Although it could not go a long way due to the politics around the area and also because of lack of determination on our part where we chose our career in different city over this when time came. As it needed our sacrifice to stay in the town to grow the organization as we were just not ready for this.

These are just two main tasks that I can remember and other than this I think I do small acts of kindness at times but nothing really big. Oh that reminds me of my own thought of sponsoring a kid in some of the developing countries if I get another job (that obviously indicates that I am going to be jobless in next two days, resigned from my current employer).

And also here are few more things on top of my mind that I would like to do in near future:

=> Volunteer in Red Cross again after a year break for longer time once I am back in Sydney
=> Help someone personally and not just financially

Oh yes I am already giving back the money to society I have earned so far by travelling around 😉 (It was a joke). See I can still crack a poor joke at this time of the day with a coffee in my system. But joke apart I am going to give it a serious thought though and may write the findings here as part of self realization. Till then you might also find it interesting to do some analysis.

Please share your thought and views on this or the things you think you have done to contribute. I would love to hear back from you my friends.

Goodnight for now. Time for me to get a taxi home and get few hours of sleep before attending to the needs of regular like in India again (as I have just arrived in Delhi from Colombo, Sri Lanka).

Sweet Dreams,

40 comments on “What will be my gift to the world…

  1. rightly said Kavita… it is our responsibility to contribute back to society. As far as I am concerned I cannot recall if I have contributed anything big so far.. The only small contribution I can remember is that I have donated blood thrice till now… But yes this topic is worth giving a serious thought…. Keep writing….

    • Thanks Shilpa for your precious comment as it really helps to realise what others think about it. And to be honest I have always been scared of donating blood so it is a big contribution for someone who might be in dire need and no contribution is ever small anyways. Thanks once again…keep in touch 🙂

    • My intention is not to troll, but i hold the contention that its not a ‘responsibility of our’s’ to contribute back to the society. Instead its a choice. A choice that we are free to make or to not. One, this perspective removes the ‘obligatory’ tone off social work, which makes it more of a personal pursuit. Two, it allows each to set their own standards so that there is ‘no big’ and ‘no small’ act of positive change. Just acts of positive change.

      • Hmm…thats very true Baba…but at times it helps for those who hardly make choices and take life in terms of responsibitlity. And whoever is aware of term called choice and do have anough independence to make them, they usually decide to choose and turn all the responsibility into choices rather than obligation. And I know responsibilty word makes it look like a burden but for those who would rather think about it if their moral takes it reponsibility then still it helps to make a difference.

        But I totally agree it should be marked as choice but in India I feel still we are living in a society where more things are run by responsibility and not by choices yet.

  2. Hi Kavita read your latest at coffee shop. Have you read the alchemist. Looking forward to heidi bringing you to coffs harbour ay. Ian

    • Hi Ian,

      So nice to hear back from you. Yes I have read that book its very nice. I have read few books from the same author. And see didn’t even realise that I am on the same way now trying to make my life a little worthwhile. It would be a pleasure to meet you one day. I am looking forward to meet Heidi again as we had wonderful time in Nepal. She is such a nice and beautiful person with a good heart.

      Thanks for reading my post. I am glad that you gave some coffee time to read it.

      How do you think life can be if we stop being selfish and focus on the world around rather? I am still thinking 🙂

      Kavita Joshi

  3. The Last Lecture is a inspiring read. Do go beyond the 18 pages. Kavita, as i read through ur post, i realised you are being too critical about self. ‘Prabhat’ and the ‘red cross’ is good. You dont hav to mull over it being ‘not good enough’. Instead be proud of it and tel self i wil do more. (i realise am being preachy. my apologies!). And like you mentioned ‘small acts of kindness’, thats what life is all about. Its not big things, but little things, small acts of kindness that makes a positive change in the world we live in. Cos such acts beget more such acts around. And how nice it would be to live in a kind planet?!…Ok am just letting loose a ramble. As for what i hav done, as of now i tak time to volunteer with two NGO’s, one is CV (Chennai Volunteers) and the other is (Deepam). Both work towards empowering underpriviledged children. And i used to be part of Sudar, another NGO, that strived to spread smile among orphaned children by play and party. And personally, i try to smile at strangers (how strange of me!), and try being kind to those around. Cheerios!

    • Hi Baba,
      Yes fortunately I am still reading the book ..a bit slowly though as want it to sink in as well …wow…you have done some really good stuff…hats off to you man..I really respect what you have done and how amazing this work is. Smile can make a big difference in someone’s day hence that is precious and I feel the same as well. And I think you are right,..nothing is small or big its the feeling with what we actually do it rather. But I am really impressed by your act of kindness..thank you so much for sharing with us as it helps to realize how many people are trying to make it a better place to live everyday…


    • Hi Dear,

      Once some one said that there is no act of kindness big or small. What is important that you thought of it and tried to do something selflessly. I really appreciate what you did and hats off to you.

      Thanks for sharing. I would love to know more about how you think we can bring change in the world by doing such small things.

      • I think bringing a change demands commitment from the lucky people like us. We can’t rely on commitment alone, organization is important. Imagine having an NGO that collects discarded clothes all over the city and gives it to the poor people who live on streets. I have several such ideas but I lack the skills to execute them. I am joining an MBA course in June and I think I will be able to help the society more after two years.

  4. I like your thought “there is no act of kindness big or small. What is important that you thought of it and tried to do something selflessly.” It is a sign of growth that we think to share and help. Great post.

    • Lovely thought from your dear in the form of comment..I really appreciate this 😉 I wish we could all think the same and make it a better world to live …Once again thanks a lot 😉

  5. The hardest work I every did as a Psychiatrist was the six years I worked with homeless mentally ill persons in downtown Dallas, two days a week. It was the hardest work and the most rewarding. I came to love the homeless, and they knew it. I still miss them so much.

    • wow that’s so inspiring you know… accolade to the lady 🙂
      God bless you my dear..it was a great job that you did there and stuff like that makes it a better place to live really and people like you can understand others so much better ….Have a lovely day my dear friend…and thanks for sharing this here, I really appreciate it 🙂

  6. I want to do so much with myself and I have found it difficult to make space for doing for others, which I feel guilty about because I think about it a lot. But I hope that through creative projects and my writing that what I will succeed in doing is letting people know they are not alone and bringing people together. Not alone when they think they’ve experienced too much adversity to succeed. Not alone when they want to do big things and fear it won’t happen whatever their dreams are. I hope that that realization and the action to follow will be enough to bring real change in the world. I hope to bring people together despite diversity. Strangely, it still does not come naturally in our multicultural, globalized world. It’s brought me joy in my personal relationships and I believe it would do the same for others. I think I am already being to do that with Poets of Babel. 🙂

  7. Hi Kavita. May I say you are an amazing Lady we don’t know each other but I know you are gentle and kind. I take one day at a time myself helping where I can. Also I have worked in the NHS for many years. Writing has been my life saver and passion. Thank you very much for liking so many of my poems and your lovely comment about my poem ‘ As He Spoke’. And even more you want to follow my poetry journey. Bless You. Take Care and Be Well. The Foureyed Poet.

    • Awe…thank you so much dear for your kind words…makes me feel really nice when I meet people like you. I know we don’t know each other in conventional way but I think we know each other through the eyes of a blogger and a creative soul I would say and I am glad that I came to know you through this creative world of thoughts. I love reading your poems and the way you express yourself through that as it tells a lot about you.
      God bless you too..Keep blogging and have a lovely day ahead!


  8. Even though you wrote this post at the Airport you did an excellent job.Every one of us has a mission or a massage to convey .There are those who served the Human race with their inventions and discovers,to lessen the pain and suffering of humans.Others offer agony and misery out of ignorance with their hate.Thank you for liking my post .Blessings.jalal

    • Awe so nice of you to say that Jalal…I am honored to hear that from you…I know what you mean here and feel bad thinking that life is so short to even love each other than why we waste it in hating others and harming others..what we can not give is not our right to take it either I believe…either it’s happiness, life or peace….Thanks again to stop by..its always a pleasure to hear from you….

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