My journey from a thinker to an observer


I used to keep thinking about ‘stuff’ all the time whether in train or bus on foot. I never realised that there were so many things happening around me all the times that I kept missing because I was too observed in myself most of the times.

Since I have started travelling and taking pictures I realised that I have changed – changed from a thinker to an observer. No matter where I am – in a bus, plane, train or street, I observe most of the things around me. Is it good or bad? Good of course as I am able to appreciate my surroundings and feel more aware. And how does that help? Yes, it does believe me as this way I am living in the present rather focusing my energy either on past events or future plans.

This does not mean that I have stopped thinking but only when needed and not like a lost soul in her thoughts all the time. It is amazing as I don’t feel sad about things in past and I don’t feel pressurized but the future plans. All I am doing is just live the present and accept things as they happen. It feels very different as I am the kind of person who is more indulged in past and future than present usually. And not to mention it always makes me feel either frustrated/sad/hasty/excited/pressurized thinking about stuff that I could have done differently or things I have to do in near future. Where the truth is I can’t change the past and future is yet not there. All I can do is planning for future in an organized way possible and then leave it for the time being till it become present to actually execute it.

I feel freer as well as living in the present means only to deal with things that are there in front of you and not to burden yourself with everything else in the world. This is what Mahatma Gandhi said that one should live his/her life as if he/she is going to die the very next day. And I think travelling has changed my habit in such a way that I am indirectly living my life that way only.

25 comments on “My journey from a thinker to an observer

  1. I can totally relate. Even as a writer I make it my challenge to write about the present moments. This is why most of what I mean in my writing can fall through the cracks. I literally think as I write with a point for the reader to think with me. Very good writing here #Talking Experience. Thank you for the topic!

    • I know right..thats why when I start writing the whole thing gets everywhere as I start with one point as focus but then it goes everywhere as I think and then I realize I have left the main point far behind 🙂

      I am glad that you agree and understand what I mean and I am happy with my travelling as it helps to focus on present…(never mind that its the risky bits of it where I have to have that attention lol)..

      Thanks for visiting and appreciating my work dear 🙂


      • As a writer its difficult to focus. I get it. You kinda have to gather up all your ideas and put them together as if it were a puzzle. Good stuff Kavita. Do your thing. I wish you luck in your travels. When you get trapped in photography and you want to come back to uncooked foods, read my stuff! 🙂 cheers. Peace. -beto

    • Would you mind sending me the URL to your blog as when I try through your name then its says it does not exist….would love to read your blog and share my thoughts on it 🙂

  2. Excellent post traveling is to learn about other cultures and people.Beautifully written.Thank you for liking my post ( The French revolution…) I studied in Europe ,l love to travel .Seeing is not like reading about a country ,its a whole new aspect.Sincerely jalal

    • I am glad that you liked this idea of mine Jalal as it means so much to me that you gave your precious time here 🙂
      Where all places have you travelled? I have never been to Europe and Greece would be my favourite place to go to when I get a chance…I can’t wait for that…and reading your post gave me some insight about history as its great to know more about the places and their historical significance before visiting that I have realised only after starting my travel….
      And true reading is good but nothing compared to breathing the air in a new place and seeing it with your own eyes…


  3. Thank you so much Kavita for your visit and for liking my posts.I appreciate your support.Warm regards.Jalal

    • Thanks Heidi for visiting I cant believe I am feeling so different since I am back..enjoy your holidays dear ad coming back is never easy…I love browsing through you pics 🙂

  4. Thanks for the post Kavita, it is something I can relate to. Of late my mind has been wandering quite a bit and I myself am trying to keep it focused on the present. I have found that way I am much more content and at ease! But it is easier said then done! And it is true that you can get so caught up with yourself that you miss out on what is happening around you.

    • I am so glad that you could understand what I meant in the post and you could relate to it as well. And true its easier said then done – couldn’t agree more. But to achieve the perfection we need to keep trying as good things take time to come through. But to be honest the freedom that you feel with the present is worth fighting for…also this is just the beginning and making it a habit is second step…so good luck dear and thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  5. Reminds me “Yesterday is a cancelled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have – so spend it wisely” – yes, travels wakes one up for sure, in more than one way.

    • Nature is such a powerful teacher dear Terry…you pointed out the exact thing quoting sun as an example as there are so many things that nature does in the perfect way and even if we just observe the nature then we would be already there towards the direction of joy and peace in life….serinity seems to be another name of nature when it comes to live in the present…I love doing bush walking for that same reason at times…as it takes me close to nature…sounds like you are very close to nature yourself 🙂

      Thanks for your lovely comment dear…will look forward to hear back from you 🙂

  6. Kavita, I totally agree with you that being a “fly on the wall” allows us to get out of our own heads an appreciate our surroundings and other people, too. I like the idea that photography helps achieve this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Cheers — Steph

  7. Beautiful insights! I absolutely adore this! I think most of the time people are so wrapped up in their own thoughts and selves that they forget to look around them and be wrapped up in the beauty of the world. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • True dear..lovely to hear from you…I am glad that you liked it as its so easy to just do the daily mundane things n forget about things that are actually important to us 🙂

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