Walk on Water – Sydney Harbor Bridge

Constructed till19th January 1932 and opened since 19th March 1932, Sydney Harbour Bridge has been used by countless people on foot as well as by other means including bicycle. The bridge was designed by a British firm called  Dorman Long and Co Ltd. Still standing tall as an icon it was also known as “The Coathanger” because of its arch-based design.

New year is Sydney is spectacular and the bridge is an integral part of it. Also the more adventurous souls can try to climb this bridge and get an amazing view of the city. I was walking home one day and while crossing the bridge thought of clicking some pics of the bridge that I would like to share with you.

20130415_142824 20130415_142837


20130415_143102 20130415_143057


20130415_143227 20130415_143718 20130415_143516 20130415_143340 20130415_144344 20130415_143906 20130415_143858 20130415_144315 20130415_144145 20130415_143747 20130415_143740 20130415_143916 20130415_144657  20130415_145515 20130415_150246 20130415_150006 20130415_145952

Now that you have already seen the pics lets take a look at some very interesting facts about the bridge:

  • It a 1439 steps climb to the top of the bridge
  • A very interesting fact is that the pylons are only decoration! They don’t really hold it up
    Fact shared by Lyn (http://theencouragingscribe.wordpress.com) – Actor Paul Hogan, of Crocodile Dundee fame, used to be a rigger on the Sydney Harbour bridge and spent his days painting the iconic landmark.
  • It is the second longest single arch bridge in the world after the Bayonne Bridge in the US (70 cms longer than this)
  • Average traffic has increased from planned 11 thousand to 160 thousand till date
  • The Bridge is painted grey because it was the only paint they had enough of at the time!
  • The area it takes to paint it is the size of 60 sports fields.
  • The payment (20 million dollars) of the  bridge took 56 years to be made.

Some more typical facts about the bridge:

  • The Length of each arch span is 503 metres
  • The Height to the top of the aircraft beacon is 141 metres above mean sea level
  • Width of the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s deck is 49 metres
  • Clearance for shipping and vessels is 49 metres
  • Height of the Bridges pylons are 89 metres above mean sea level

Also refer the below link for more information on the same:

23 comments on “Walk on Water – Sydney Harbor Bridge

  1. Another interesting fact is that actor Paul Hogan, of Crocodile Dundee fame, used to be a rigger on the Sydney Harbour bridge and spent his days painting the iconic landmark.

    • Wow Lyn..this is really nice to know…thanks for sharing this and you made me think about updating the post as well as it was an interesting idea to know more amazing facts about the bridge after your comment..thank you so much….also I have mentioned you in the fact shared by you 🙂

    • So true..its a different feeling when you walk over them as you feel all the history is there and you are part of it 🙂 I couldn’t agree more…thanks for your lovely comment dear 🙂

  2. Hey Kavita,
    That is cool!!! I like the pictures and the info on the bridge!! Thanks for the post!!! 😀
    Psalm 119:105

    • Thanks Ben and its fun to do this walk as well…I used to walk to home from work when I was living on the other side of bridge….it used to be the best time of the day in terms of exercise as well as relaxing after stressful day at times

    • Thanks for your nice comment James…true as I feel that I have a new perspective of looking at things now since I have started clicking the pics and people look at them…it helps to see things from different angle I think 🙂 same is with life as well I guess ..

      Have a lovely day and keep blogging I will keep an eye on yours 🙂

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