Invention of Love

Invention of Love

The title originally chosen for this photo was – ‘Love is in the air – Someone is trying to live & Someone is trying to share’.

But then I wanted to write something relevant about this picture and started thinking about love. What is it all about and how it all started hence I felt that the current title would be more appropriate. As this photo has got five different pics merged into one.

  • The black & white is my experiment trying to capture all the pics of couples in the garden. This made me feel – Love is in the air.
  • Then a girl was enjoying the day sitting in the garden and her red hair attracted my attention. She made me feel that you can love yourself and enjoy the day at times as well.
  • Then third pic is editedΒ in instagram and I took it today. It made me feel that sometimes we want to share the things in life we see with others – We want to share the love.

Today when I merged these different pics then they didn’t look different to me and merged into one emotion – Love. Its everywhere. I sit in the train and see couples, babies with their parents, friends, families. If I close my eyes and think about the good moment in my life then I find myself in love with my life.

I smile while walking on the street after seeing these beautiful emotions. I don’t need a present to be happy. I smile when I see my flatmate who is awesome. I smile when I hear the beautiful lyrics of a song. I smile when I think God is there to take care of me.

Simple but powerful – the nature of love and it can change our life. We don’t need someone else to give it to us. We can love ourselves and give the same love to others. The more we give the more it increases, that’s the beauty of love.

So the message for today is – Love. Think about it and let me know the various things that make you feel this emotion. Let me tell you its very easy to feel this emotion being human.

40 comments on “Invention of Love

    • Hi there…May I know who is this kind and lovely soul to say that? Thanks for such a beautiful comment here…see you made me smile by this comment now…Hope to hear back from you dear πŸ™‚

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how much love there is around in the blogosphere! People sending each other caring thoughts and kind words. It is a lovely thing πŸ™‚

    • I am glad to hear your view dear…its so true…that’s what we should aim to do as well I guess…as that will make a part of world..since I have joined be honest it feels like a little family here itself….loving it

      • It is exactly like a family, sometimes a little crazy (in the best way) but close and caring. I actually got your message on my blog about having a good weekend as I was writing my first comment here, so you’ve proved my point entirely! πŸ™‚ (if you get what I mean)

  2. very well said..beautiful emotion, Love… which is the foundation of our life.. its something which everyone yearns for… and something which makes us feel alive..
    Any relationship which is nurtured with unconditional Love is indeed beautiful…

    • Awe thank you so much dear…so lovely to read your comment on Sunday evening πŸ™‚ I am so glad that you liked them πŸ™‚ and yes I think pictures can speak a thousand words sometimes and don’t need much to explain …different people have different views πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for checking my blog once again..I am checking out your interesting blog

    • Awe so lovely to read your comment Steph…thanks for giving it your precious time dear…Yes it is a good way to look at life although today was not very good more gloomy day it was πŸ™‚ I wish I can keep up the same view everyday ..but life is all about up and down ..never the same..Have a lovely day dear

  3. Your heart really shines so radiantly through your words in your post! I can really relate to you in all that you shared! Love is so alive in so many things around us if we sit back and smell the roses taking in its beauty! A flower’s sweet fragrance, a glowing smile, a genuine hello! Someone who listens when you speak, knowing that what you say is important enough to embrace, When a couple holds hands or gently embraces in public, when a child laughs with joy, when a dog happily ways his tail and stares at you with happy eyes! When you tell someone at a restaurant that their service was great and they made your experience wonderful, and the list goes on, and on! And just to read someones words that provokes thoughts and happiness, making one to smile, making their day a little better. Love is a lot of things but the best thing about love is it is free, and can be freely given and even better freely received! Thanks for the love you sent in your smiling words in your post. God bless you and have a beautiful day, Kavita!!!!

    • Wow…such a beautiful and heart warming comment you have written. I am honored really to read this and my heart is really overwhelmed to read the details of love in such a wonderful way. Wendell you have a gift to give people the abundance of joy I would say. Thank you so much. It is very kind of you to write this on my blog. And you made me remember again that it is one thing in the world which is precious and still is free. You have just strung a chord in my head and I am thinking why not share it with everyone we meet in our life. Why we limit ourselves to share it with few people whereas its not costing us anything and is going to grow as we share it. Thank you so much. It is a nice thought to have while winding down my day.

      Have a lovely week dear! And yes, I have posted another post of my travel to Sri Lanka…still not finished as there is so much to tell πŸ™‚

      Best Wishes,

  4. Reminds me a lot of good and bad things that I went through in my life πŸ™‚ Love is phenomenal and totally agree to the way that you narrated the whole idea! Super cool Kavita!!!! Cheers!!!

  5. Sweet and lovable post !
    We share love and best wishes πŸ˜€
    Be Happy dear friend !
    I like your travel posts also, you are so sweet writer indeed ! I would love to share them on my blogspot blog , if you like to πŸ™‚

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