World’s End is here, what you are going to do? Please don’t Jump at least – Part 4 (Travel faster or Fast Travel – Sri Lanka in 7 crazy days)

Yes I really mean it – don’t jump when you see World’ end. You will see what I mean. So in continuation of my last three posts here is the fourth one and hopefully we will finish with the journey soon. Here are the links to my old posts in the series in case you are interested, although there is no as such dependency hence you can enjoy just this post as well.

Part 1:
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And now that we have enjoyed one of the most amazing train ride to Nuwara Eliya, time to explore this city located at an altitude of 1,868 m (6,128 ft) and one of the most important location for tea production. So do remember to drink tea here 🙂

It was almost 3 AM when I got here so first thing I wanted to do was to find a place to live. As always I depended upon the local expert advice and got a home stay after some research around the area – close enough to be able to walk to the main market and far enough to get it in budget. But it’s a very expensive place to live as compared to other towns as most of the things are imported in this town. But after talking to locals they feel it’s worth as the water here is purified and tap water is drinkable as compared to the other towns and many other good things about the town in spite of high taxes. After arranging my stay in a small lodge, owned by a very friendly family, I headed to find my favorite Sri Lankan food – Kottu (roti/bread made with various vegetables). I try to look for places where locals eat as such places have got more authentic food and also you get to meet locals at times. I end up meeting few people who could speak Hindi (my native language) in one of such local restaurant. They treated me like a VIP, and to be honest after such a long and tiring day I just loved it. They also told me a little bit about how to get around and places worth visiting here. I was lucky to witness a festival, a Hindu procession, that they were celebrating that day in the town as well. And then I visited a local temple.

I bid goodbye to my new local friends in the restaurant and it was time to mingle with the family where I was staying. I had a really nice conversation with them and they told me about a place called – ‘World’s End’. I listened to the name and that’s it. It was something I had to see as the name was so fascinating that I had to see what’s it all about. Now to remind you, in Sri Lanka there is entrance fees on most of the things. And the this was one of the most expensive places to visit. As there is no public transport to get here so you have a choice from hiring a car to an Auto-rickshaw. Also it takes at least 3 hours (with speed) to visit this place and 1.5 hours to get here. So in total at least 6 hours time is needed. One more tip: This is actually a very high place (you will see the details soon), and the weather here is clear mostly in the mornings only so the earlier you start, the better it is. Also if you can get some locals to show you around then it is awesome because the fees for local is lot less than foreigners (4500 Sri Lankan Rupee) and 3500 Rupee for Auto-rickshaw hire. So here I was, about to start my journey to the world’s end and was about to find out the truth. Is it really the end of the world? I was so excited and it reminded me of movie 2012. Is it going to be more adventurous than that. Lol, lets find out.

There are two main places here – World’s End (870 m) and Mini World’s End (270 m). Depending upon which way you choose, you will arrive at one of them first and then another 0.5 KM will take you to the another spot. Its about 8 KM walk that also includes a waterfall called – Baker’s Fall. A very beautiful and scenic place but requires some climbing down to it. Although locals makes it looks simple even in their floaters but be careful as it might be slippery and steep so keep your stuff in a bag and good shoes will help as well. And do not worry about getting dirty in the mud as it is also a possibility. Weather wise this place is amazing as every half kilometer the weather changes and you might get a chance to see sun, rain and fog all in few hours. So keep a jumper and a rain jacket with you in case you prefer to stay warm and cozy.

Now that I am running out of space in this post so I will continue in next post with the closing of this series. But next destination is full of natural places that you can visit for free. And also a very heart warming story is waiting for you that melted my heart as I was about to get a bit frustrated of being treated like a tourist (money spending machine) all the time. So hold on as I will be back soon. Till then Stay healthy and keep smiling 🙂

17 comments on “World’s End is here, what you are going to do? Please don’t Jump at least – Part 4 (Travel faster or Fast Travel – Sri Lanka in 7 crazy days)

  1. Hi Kavita,Excellent post ,The pictures are reflection of what you saw.l appreciate your efforts to write the posts.Kavita a minute ago l tried to write my comment ,it just disappeared.(Hi) .l and my wife we celebrated our anniversary in Las Vegas.Wishing you the best.jalal

    • wow Las Vegas..Congratulations dear Jalal to you and your wife…I am so happy for you really…Wish you all the best things and lots of happiness in life dear 🙂
      Thanks for your kind and precious comment here and love that you like my effort here…Yes, I just love to share my experience here and you always motivate me in doing it 🙂

      Hope to hear back from you soon. Have a wonderful day ahead to you and your wife!

      Kavita Joshi

  2. Hey Kavita,
    Very nice!! You look like you had a lot of fun!!!!!! Hope you are doing well!!!! Talk to you soon!!!!!!
    Psalm 119:105

  3. What a place, World’s End! What kind of adventure might it turn out if you trekked to all the different Ends around the globe? Love the way you travel, preferring to live, rather than just visit.

    • Thanks Sean..actually that’s a great idea as it would be fun to see the world from all the edges other than just the central parts.
      It makes me feel all alive when I travel as I think that’s when I get connected to who I am. Thank you so much for letting me know what you think about it…and you know what that’s something we can thing about — travelling to all the ends in the globe 😉 What do u say?

      Looking forward to read more on your site and hear from you 🙂

      Have a lovely day dear!

      • There’s a few “Ends”, it may take awhile 😉

        On travel… Plan little, lead with your heart, to follow your feet (lists need not apply). For all will find the love of the people, to reveal each in life, the unknown lands in which we pass (not sure if I just made that all up).

        Looking forward to writing more too, I still have a few short stories (lost count how many) to wrap up, and lots more poetry/songs.

        Have a top week!

        • Wow thanks Sean for such a beautiful note here on my blog. You are right though…planning may or may not guarentee you adventure and new paths to be explored but as you may find with more travelling, unseen and unheard paths always leads to discover things in life that we always remember.

          I am looking forward to read your short stories as they make me so intrigued. I am having an alright week and looking forward for some adventure this weekend. Let’s see..Have a lovely week dear Sean.

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