Death – Deadline, Bucket-list – Collection of many milestones…Which way do you prefer living?

All I wanted to write was a list of things to have my own bucket-list, just like many other people out there. But it got me into very deep thought about the way we live our life and why we choose just one list and why there is a hurry to accomplish as many things as possible. Then I thought of giving it an analogy to understand it clearly myself. And as I am thinking the words are finding their own way to you in a form of post. I am still in process of thinking through this whole idea of bucket-list as I have been planning stuff in my life and try to do them as per the plan as the time goes by. But recently while travelling, I heard people talking about their bucket-list a lot. And to be honest I was not into it till few days ago. I think I will still mull over the idea of creating a bucket-list. The issue is not with choosing the things I want to do or would like to do   and not with commitment either, the main thing now looks like to me is that sit back and check what life is really about.

Yes, it does seem like a never ending topic if I do that but we all got to do that some time in our life. Specially when you are on this train ride with death as destination, you need to be very careful to choose what all stops you want to visit and experience. As the time for this ride is limited and stops are unlimited. So one way to do it is choose one path to get from starting point to end. Or try to cover as many areas as possible.

We all are different and have different choices and priorities. We all have our own way to see things and experience life. So most of us will choose accordingly. And doing that we will cross each others path on various stops. Some time we will travel together with some people and make friends and then the next moment we might have to go separate ways because we want to see different stops now. We can try to change our way to spend more times with the people we like and get along well. But the truth is this is a journey so no matter how tight you hold on, it is going to end one day anyways. And that time you would like to be happy with the journey you made. So many people around make different choices and then regret that. But it’s never wrong or right, its all about the different stops we choose and different paths we choose in life.

I think of a bucket-list as a way to collect a lot of things into prioritized manner in one list and set the milestone of our journey that way. As each milestone have some impact on our life, hence experiencing each of them will change the way we look at our life. Its like I feel a changed person every time I travel and see a new place. As the more I see, hear and feel, the more different perspective I have.

I am overwhelmed with so many thoughts in my brain at this moment.

Why do we want to make any list to live life? A question that occurred to me when I heard people talking about bucket-list. But then as always I tried to answer myself – because life is short and there are limitless things to do in the world, so it is important to make a list and pin then down to countable numbers to be able to do as much as possible.

How I am going to make one as there is so much I would like to do? I answer myself again.

My brain – “You need to understand that the list has to contain things that make you happy. And you feel alive again”.

Inner Voice – “Then why don’t I just go travelling as that makes me happy.”

Brain – “Life has got so much more to offer and you don’t have so much money to keep travelling for rest of your life anyways.”

Heart – “Stop talking you two as it hurts to think that you put money as limitations in-front of living the dream of your life.”

Brain – “Alright settle down my dear heart, we will not talk about that OK  But we need to understand that there are so many experiences in the world, and so many feeling to be felt. And in today’s life we all are so busy managing this daily life and keep this human healthy that we can’t focus on what makes us truly happy. Am I right?”

Inner Voice – ” I agree on this”.

Heart – “I need to feel alive again”.

Inner Voice – “I need to be heard again”.

Brain – “Then I need to start working again”. 

Lol, that last statement was just for fun. But yes we need to define various areas in our whole being. Even before starting to think about the various fields outside (sports, music etc), it is very important to keep in mind that we need balance in life. And too much exercise and no food for your brain would not give you the true happiness. Here I am not talking about the bucket-list of hundred odd things and get ready to execute them. Here I am talking about giving equal importance to your mind,body and soul. As then only you will be able to decide the things that you would like to do to make them all satisfied and content. And what if we die in the next moment or few days, weeks or months. We might feel as if we missed something. So better take a holistic approach and make sure we achieve a little bit in all areas as we move forward.  Now I think I will not be able to jot down my list in hurry as I feel this topic require lot more than I thought. The deeper I go I feel this might be the most important thing of my life. And if I hurry it then I might be set upon a totally different journey than I would want in real. Hmmm…sometimes I feel its easy not to think much and do things…see that’s exactly how we live these days – don’t want to think and procrastinate everything. And do the minimal that require no new learning each day as its easy to perform the task that we are familiar with. Any ways few more things I need to discuss before setting up a list.

What all things should be there in the list and in what order?  We need to note down some broader field in that case (example: sports,music, health, lifestyle,travel etc). And then once we are done with it then we can choose different items in each area. And then comes the priority of these things in the list. That we should ideally decide on few factors – how much we would love to do it, how much resources it require, how much time needed for its preparation (time,cost,feeling). As for example: running 5 KM marathon can’t be done overnight as it requires training, whereas going on a dinner cruise can be done on any weeknight or week-end night. Then there would be some really long terms things like be an expert in some subject or learning a new language or culture as you have a sea of knowledge to grasp in such cases, so its a part of ongoing learning. Wow this post is getting into shape now. I am thinking to make a very small and handy chart that might help while making your bucket-list if you ever feel like. Not that it require thorough process but just in case you like to think the reason behind things like me then it might be useful as I have done some thinking already. Why don’t I think more on this and get back to you in the next post. You never know as we might think of something big. Please share your thoughts as I might be thinking just in one direction and you might help me in looking at this in a different light altogether.

Wish you a smile, at least few moments of joy and love in your day!

15 comments on “Death – Deadline, Bucket-list – Collection of many milestones…Which way do you prefer living?

  1. Well said. I find it interesting how each person chooses to approach this. Their approach to living manifests in each area of their life, in how they run errands, plan their days, even how they play games.
    Bucket lists are simply strategic tools to achieve a goal. Sometimes the goal is simply to share with other people the inner dreams you have so that even if you never get around to accomplishing them at least others would know about what interests you. I look at bucket/goal lists as a way to hold myself accountable. If I put it out there and make sure others are aware of it then I won’t be able to let fear/excuses keep me from what I really want to do. Before you create a bucket list, as you said, it is absolutely necessary to figure out what you really want from it, otherwise you may not have the success you want.

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  3. ya know … well, you read my “beatle’s song birthday” so you have an idea as to my epoch of chronology. I don’t know if I ever paid attention to, abided by, and certainly not recently, consider “bucket” lists. Funny — it’d be called something very different if people didn’t “kick” it. Attend the Big Roundup In The Sky? (the ’roundup’ list). Pass the Gates of Slumber, Never to Return? (the Gates list??). ya know whutt eye meen. But! thanks for makin’ us all think about it — and you put some extra/inter/Dimensionality into it, which expands and expounds stuff — buttcha knewwThatt …

    • Wow, you sure have got some great thoughts about this my dear…and you know what my flat mate definitely is asking me everyday now as I have started the thread here whether I have finished my bucketlist or not…and I still have to work on it…thank you so much for writing here…and hope to stay in touch like this dear

  4. As I started reading your blog, I was thinking yes I keep meaning to do a bucket list and then I kept reading. It dawned on me I think the reason I don’t do a bucket list is because as humans we tend to see those things we want to achieve and don’t as failures. So instead I’ve done a ‘I would love to do list’ but it isn’t written down. It’s just there somewhere between my head and my heart, depending on who’s in charge that day, and it’s more about what I want to get out of life – be happy, at peace, joyful, excited, in awe, curious, empathetic, adventurous, etc. So I put it out there, what is something new I could do that would fulfill this and I see where it takes me. So I have a list of things I’d love to do but they aren’t a must to do, as some of them just bring me pleasure to think about doing them and others I hope I will be able to do some day. Great, thought provoking post. Love it.

    • Dear Maggie…sorry m late in responding but love to read back from you..This is exactly one of my friend told me as problem with her and here you have provided the solution as she does not write down or talk about doing a bucket list as she feels like a failure if she can’t achieve it…but you are so right if only we can take it as a wish list and not a compulsury list then it would be so easy to start doing things..your thoughts on my post are so good…

      Thanks for sharing dear…keep blogging…
      God bless you! Looking forward to hear from you in future.


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  6. Kavita, you are correct to point out that we need to start with deciding what type of life we want to live. For example, a life of inner peace and tranquility will lead to one type of bucket list and an acquisitive life to another. Personally I will take the former any day.

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