How Versatile you would like?


My blog has been given so many awesome awards now….I am going to talk about my blog as third person then think ….it is calles interesting, super sweet, hugger, sunshine…now I am feeling a bit jealous of this blog  of mine..hehehehehe…I am in a different mood today now you can tell…I just don’t want to write something general as why not as versatile award means something so why not make this post a little bit versatile….

Shaun (


Anil  (

Two amazing bloggers have nominated me for this award. And what can be the best way to celebrate these moments then to actually start a thread to share the versatile themes with other people. All we have to do is share something that you think you felt versatile recently in your life.


 Here is some more information about me in pictures and small comments :
Also recently I am doing 50 items bucket-list for 2013 for the first time so have a look as you would have some fun on the way or at-least it will make you laugh on my funny ways to do stuff at times I am sure  😉
This is my recent way to show my love for life that I want to share with a smile.
Now here is a small part of my family of bloggers but you are very unique and versatile in your own way so come and chat here as I would love to know more of you.

7 comments on “How Versatile you would like?

  1. Thank you very much for the nomination! It’s a great honour,
    I am sorry that I haven’t been writing too much in recent months, but I have been preparing for 2 university exams on 20 May and on top of that I am writing my MA dissertation in philosophy. But over the next months, I’l write more regularly again and post many photos and stories about my travels through Eastern Europe.

    • Thanks for replying Andreas as I am just watching the video on your post shortcut and feeling sick myself 🙂 And all the best for your exams dear as I do want you to focus on them and get the desired results you want..My wishes are with you so stay calm as you will get it 🙂

      Hope to hear soon from you when you get a bit more free..thanks for giving time to write here 🙂 The more I am reading your blog the more versatile your style I can see 🙂

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