Interesting People and Interesting Way to Appreciate – Love Both


Happiness is something you get for free and blogging is one area I discovered it is shared and enjoyed with others. Awards is one of the ways to do it. How beautiful this way of sharing is…

Michael, a father of two angels and a beautiful wife, has nominated me with an INTERESTING BLOG AWARD. It was really interesting to read more on his post about it as well.

Michael ( has a warm personality that will make you feel that you want to know what’s more there to explore in his blog. So share and smile.

 Here is some more information about me in pictures and small comments :
Also recently I am doing 50 items bucket-list for 2013 for the first time so have a look as you would have some fun on the way or at-least it will make you laugh on my funny ways to do stuff at times I am sure  😉
This is my recent way to show my love for life that I want to share with a smile.

Also here is a small chunk from my really big family of bloggers. This is my family and do trust me as I feel so much connected to people here. I am hoping to meet many people from here in real life and have a chat face to face in future. I am so much inspired from you all here. Thanks a lot for giving me all your love and this smile on my face everyday 🙂 No rules so if you want share this otherwise more important is your smile for me and for all of us as you being the most important person. And when I say this I do mean it 🙂  If you want then you can share an interesting fact here with me and others about any person you like in your life or even a stranger. We love stories 🙂

God bless you all and have a wonderful day ahead!

24 comments on “Interesting People and Interesting Way to Appreciate – Love Both

  1. I am delighted to see that you are being recognized for your contributions to the blogging world, all the awards are well deserved!
    Per your request I will share some interesting facts about my favorite people.
    The man I share my bed with can take apart any machine and put it back together with no instruction and is always coming up with better ways to produce an end result through more cost effective means.
    I learned, after his death, that my grandfather at one time owned a bank, was the mayor of a small town and he played baseball so well he could have gone pro if he hadn’t quit to run the family business.
    I found a picture of my oldest friend’s tattoo featured on a website showcasing the most embaressing tattoos of all time. The picture has been seen by millions but only 5 people actually knew it was her.

  2. Congratulations dear Kavita! The awards are flowing fast and free 🙂 Thank you for honouring me yet again. As for an interesting fact about someone…hmmm, let me think…oh yes! My son-in-law is a typical bloke-type of Aussie guy, who can renovate a bathroom, build a bookcase, fix a car AND he makes armour and sew the most beautiful medieval dresses 🙂

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