Touching heart and warming souls these Moments – What’s your moment?




Awesome way to recognize other people – awards in blogging world. This time I wanted to do something different when I received few awards in last few days from some amazing bloggers. It’s amazing to see that people are so generous and sweet to share the love and appreciation. Even more so that this time I got to choose from 8 awards from Ajay( Not only he is a brave person but generous as well. I would recommend to connect to his blog and meet this beautiful personality. I choose the ‘Best Moment Award’ from the bouquet. you know why? Because these are moments of my life I am living throught this blog as I have got so much love from you my friends that I can’t explain how warm my soul feels. And my heart is touched by the words written from you all.

 Here is some more information about me in pictures and small comments :
Also recently I am doing 50 items bucket-list for 2013 for the first time so have a look as you would have some fun on the way or at-least it will make you laugh on my funny ways to do stuff at times I am sure  😉
This is my recent way to show my love for life that I want to share with a smile.
Now time to nominate, God this is the toughest thing to do to be honest as I have so many talented people here that I wish I can just nominate all of them. So no offence as I can’t do that although I want to 🙂
So I nominate you 🙂 and
But I think you all deserve it so share some awesome moments here with me and rest to brink that smile on everyone’s face.
Tell us what was your special moment of life – it can be any that you think you would like to share!

19 comments on “Touching heart and warming souls these Moments – What’s your moment?

  1. In July of 2008 a man grabbed my hands, looked me in the eye and told me that spending my time being negative was no way to live. If I put negativity out into the world and focused on the bad things that could happen then that is what I would get back. He told me he knew I could do better and be better than that. He challeneged me to change my outlook on life and so I did. In that moment it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Knowing someone saw past my facade, saw my potential, gave me the courage to shed my fears and start becoming the best version of myself I could be. No matter how much I’ve forgotten, that conversation is seared firmly in my mind as a pivotal point in my personal evolution.

    • Wow…that was intense and so deep as well…And I feel you are so brave to change things as well and through your blog we all know how good you are and how much more you can do dear…,love your spirit and thanks for sharing this experience with me and rest as it is so inspiring that you have changed things and it changed your life when some one appreciated it as many of us are told things everyday but we feel a bit shy to enact upon…but one action can change the direction of our life at times…I do remember small things like this that I trusted upon and my life changed..

  2. Oh my, Kavita, you are so, so generous. Thank you so very much! You know, that makes two awards that you graciously nominated me for. I think I will combine them into one post this weekend and take care of it all in one fell swoop, as I want to take my time with it so I can word it adequately. I also think these awards are a wonderful way of showing our appreciation for each other’s input. Just a quick best moment to put down here? Hmm.. Well, I think it would have to be when a friend of mine and I were in a discussion about Christianity. Now, I know that everyone has their beliefs, but this pertains to a spiritual journey I had been on for most of my adult life. To give you a little background, I was raised Jewish, but when I reached adulthood, I ventured for a while into Wicca, and then I would say I turned into an agnostic. That was where I was at when I got into this discussion. I was debating certain issues with him about Christianity when he said, “You know, you can’t really put it down when you haven’t read the New Testament.” I stopped and realized that he was right. I read the Old Testament, but never the new one. I believe that what he said was a very fair statement. So I went ahead and read right through it, and by doing that, I realized that this is what I had been looking for all along. It was a learning experience for me because it made me aware that we sometimes form opinions about something based upon what we were told, or only one side of information and not the other, and that we haven’t really done our own research or lived our own experiences. That one discussion brought me to where I am today, so for that, I would call it a special moment. Thanks again, Kavita, and you will certainly hear from me in the next few days.

    • Congratulations first of all dear friend and this is such an inspiring experience…I love the way you accepted and start learning though as it takes effort and courage to do it ….and I guess I would love to read Bible as well..I lack in this area as well …and have to read and learn so many things but I feel sometimes time is less in life and we want to do so much more…for example if I have choice to spend time talking to someone then I skip reading and guess what I have been spending all my time to talk to people these days…I went to this speed networking event yesterday and met more than 15 people in two hours and connected to so many people instantly …loved it as well

      Its a treat to talk to you always dear…so keep in touch

  3. Thank you so dear i loved that so much dear
    I am left with no words of gratitude

    thank you dear lots of love

  4. Congratulations Kavita 🙂 I checked out one of your nominees (Seeking the Sacred Amidst the Ordinary) and decided to follow her.

    • Oh Great there is always some thing new to learn something we are interested in from people around here…I am glad that you got connected to this awesome blogger dear Lyn….Have a wonderful Friday 🙂

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