Legendary Spanish painter Salvador Dali


Not that I ever study art or knew much technicality of art other than having my own creative edge with things. A painting got my attention though and there were some conflict about whose painting it can be and people were saying that the symbols look like from Dali although the Vladimir Kush. It got me a bit intrigued as the painting was so symbolic and that’s when I felt the urge to know more about it. Here is some insight that I found.

Legendary Spanish painter Salvador Dali was one of the greatest figures in history. Master of surrealism art and originators of symbols like: grasshopper for fear, butterfly as a symbol of soul and many others like this. It’s so beautiful to see the world in your own terms and view. Although we do have our own perspective as that’s the way we are created really. But then we try to get merged in the crowd and not be unique and fight against our uniqueness all the time to be part of so called social norms. I salute these artists who just see what they want and create their dreams and visions on paper and let the world know what they think and see through their eyes.

Someone once said no artist think what others want to see and then draw accordingly, but they rather draw whatever

they feel like irrespective of people’s reaction to it. Let the world think what it thinks, do not care but rather just live it every day in your own way.



Here are the symbols from Dali:

  • Ants are the symbol of death or decay
  • Snail is on other hand is the head of human
  • In Dali’s paintings the elephants have skinny legs. Sounds unrealistic right, but that’s the way he imagined this surreal world and this is his world in his paintings.
  • Have you ever seen the melting watch in some showroom as antique piece, its inspired by Dali’s imagination of soft watch and his watches are timeless? Reference: http://www.dali-interart.be/pdf/DALI_SYMBOLS.pdf

download download (1) download (2)
















Whether it’s subconscious mind or the hallucinatory dimensions it’s all shown so beautifully in his work that it’s hard not to get impressed even after twenty years of his death. Dali was a painter as well as sculpture and after being taught by the renowned teachers in Spain his talent was not hidden for long and soon he became famous.


Dali claimed that his eccentricity was the main source of his creative energy. He died in 1989 but by that time two museums were already devoted to him. He knew how to get publicity as well and his appearance in each exhibition proved it very well. He created nearly 1500+ painting with other work of his. A very famous and creative personality and I thought you might like to know him as well. So if you are interested to know more about him and his work here is the link.


21 comments on “Legendary Spanish painter Salvador Dali

  1. .Salvador Dali’s paintings are unique .great post.jalal

    • Wow…I am thinking of reading more about his paintings as well…although I have never really delved into art much but to be honest his paintings got me into it I feel..thanks for sharing insight dear Mariay…do let me know what are your studing about him….any good sites to have a look?

  2. Last year, I attended exhibits of Dali’s paintings and sculptures at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s a beautiful museum with a wonderful cafe and gift shop. I had seen images of Dali’s surrealistic paintings before, but I had never realized the extent of his talent and skill until I went to the museum. Some of his more traditional, still-life paintings were so finely done, they looked almost like photographs. He was a man of many talents.

    • wow…that is so good to know as I am planning to read more about his work as its been an intriguing experience to look at his paintings online so far…also I am thinking of going to Maimi for xmas so I should better plan to go to St. Petersburg I think now…what do you say dear?

      • Oh, yes, try to fit in a trip to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. There are nice shops and cafes in that part of town so it would be a pleasant experience overall.

  3. If you are ever able to go to Figueres in Spain, you must visit the Dali museum there. The whole of the outside of it is covered in bright pink female breasts! It is an amazing museum and one I really hope to go back to one day.

    • Wow…I always wanted to stay in Spain for sometime n lwarn about the place so one day 🙂 thanks for this as its exviting to imagine such a nice place …hav a wonderful day Liz 🙂

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