Why do you travel?

Hi My Dear Friends,

How was your day so far? I have been thinking about the various reasons why people travel or why they would like to travel in their life and have been intrigued by the myths around not travelling and the reasons for the as well. Here is a very basic image that I created in order to understand the advantages and disadvantages of travelling. On the left hand side are some of the reasons to travel and right hand side are the fears or reasons not to travel. Please share your insight in this as most of you do travel or want to travel so give me 5 reasons for travelling and few for not travelling. I would love to hear from you on this 🙂



Travel Myths

We call them myths because we ourselves are creating them.

  • Its expensive
  • I would not have any job if I travel
  • Danger – I may get killed or robbed
  • I have kids
  • It’s not safe to travel
  • I am alone
  • It’s irresponsible
  • Its a stupid risk to leave your job and travel
  • I am vegeterian
  • It’s bad economy so can’t leave job
  • I have a husband and he doesn’t want to travel / I have a wife and she doesn’t want to travel
  • I have a house and stuff here
  • I am planning to travel in future
  • I don’t want to be called crazy

Let’s share some insight and experiences that you had around this as many of us might have some issues while starting on their various travel expeditions.

26 comments on “Why do you travel?

  1. five for traveling: getting confidence,seeing new places,healing,habit breaking and meet new people… for not traveling: I guess finance problem, not stability or a job contract, a house to keep and look and a ill time process… but to be real? I never stop traveling this issues for “not to travel” i believe they are myths so only make my travel shorter or closer… hope to be helpful.

    • True dear but looking with feeling makes it so much more absorbing
      ..but i totally understand what u r saying…although i wud recommend u to try practical sometime 🙂

  2. Oh I would love to travel! One of my dreams is to go to Great Britain and explore all the old historical churches and houses. To visit everywhere talked about in the story of King Arthur. I doubt it will ever happen, but one can dream.

  3. Time and organization are my biggest obstacles. I just need to be better at planning! I’m dreaming of going to France soon and can’t seem to sit down and plan a trip! Okay… I’m going to do it!

    • fur kids?? Also travelling is not that expensive and if u want then we can discuss this and plan a trip for u …lol ..only if u want.. 🙂 As I would love to see u doing stuff that u love dear friend

  4. BTW Kavita, I never realised you are a dab hand at designing graphics. You are really talented. You’ve done a better job than even the lecturers at my alma mater. Well done!


  5. I am not a traveling person. Have taken a plane once to Kuala Lumpur when I was a little girl. In year 2007, I took a step out and went to India for 1 month (without my family) and it was really a rewarding trip…hehehe…

    Thank you for sharing this post, my friend…Cheers!!! 😀

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