Bucket-List 2013 Week 3 – Sailing Lesson


Hi My Dear Friends,

I am back with more updates for 3rd week. As promised I am here with the pictures of one of the items in my bucket-list for this year.

Here is also a link for my bucket list for 2013 if you haven’t had a look.

My Promise to live life – My BucketList 2013

A little bit different and also another post about the fears I have in my life with a reflection of other reader’s experiences along with it. My Fears

One items already finished earlier this week: One item crossed off the list with an awesome day

Also another post on the week before since I have started this bucket list of mine.https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/bucket-list-2013-week-1-belgian-beer-and-a-girl-with-a-hood/ and updates from week 2 – https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/bucket-list-2013-week-2-bridge-climb-social-event-and-a-lot-more/

Now I had an awesome day as I was out learning how to sail. To be honest it was a bit bizarre to put this on my bucket list to try I felt few times as this is not something I had ever thought about. But I am really glad that I did it as it was so much to learn and awesome fun.

item number #39 – Learn to sail in the world’s best harbor: Darling Harbor

Started walking around the harbor for the class and took some amazing shots as otherwise I am hardly out of bed by this time on a weekend so it was good to have some fresh air. It was quiet refreshing actually. Then I went for my class on time which I am proud of 😉 especially on the weekend.

I was about to start my course for Hunter 33 boat. And David was our instructor. The Hunter 33 is a combination of comfort and performance. With the beam located well aft, there is more interior space, without sacrificing performance. David is an amazing instructor and very patient as well  as I was so naive with any terminology of this sailing world and the various concepts he was teaching us about. But he was encouraging at the same time so it helped quiet a lot to learn more in short time. Its a two days course to introduce a newbie in the field. If I go out on a boat then I would love to sail it now 😉 Here are some shots for the day. And I am very happy to cross off one more thing from my bucket-list.















David – Our wonderful instructor


32 comments on “Bucket-List 2013 Week 3 – Sailing Lesson

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    • So true Andreas 🙂 that’s what I am really aiming for I think after this year as it would do a lot of good around travelling where I would be able to sail, dive and do a lot more really…how is ur exam preparation going?

      • I am impressed by your memory! I had the exams on Monday and I enjoyed both of them. Now I am busy with my MA dissertation and with my father visiting for a week.
        I only sailed once, in Marseille, where I also went diving. Very beautiful coast there and great for hiking in the Calanques!

        • Thanks Andreas…hope u have a good one week before u get busy again 🙂 Its nice to achieve milestones n then relax for a little while…good to hear sbt ur exams 🙂 Once I start travelling I might ask u for more advice in places that u hav been…but I m planning to do something more in this area..not just go around but shpw around as well..so lets see 🙂

      • Always good hearing form you as well, your one of my favorites to follow!! It’s memorial weekend here and very busy with events 🙂 Other than that working on this blog to be better lol. What about you dear? How are things with your busy, exciting life?

    • Thanks Christy….I try to make sure I am living life each week and my bucketlist is proving to be wonderful in doing that as it gives me tagets for the week and that way I know I am doing stuff that is important for me to be busy as well as happy 🙂 Have a lovely week dear and will keep in touch here….Do u have any bucketlist or would u like to make one? Let me know what all things u wud like to do if u make one?

  2. Wonderful photos Kavita! I love your dimple 😉
    LOL In photo #10 (counting from the very top) it looks as though you have three arms.

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