Bucket-List 2013 Week 4 – WordPress 10th Anniversary (Blogger’s Event)

Hello My Dear Friends,

I am back with some good news about this week as I have got some update for my bucket list with the start of the week.

Here is also a link for my bucket list for 2013 if you haven’t had a look. My Promise to live life – My BucketList 2013

A little bit different and also another post about the fears I have in my life with a reflection of other reader’s experiences along with it. My Fears

Item Number #19 – Attend blogger’s event

I got there after almost dancing in the rain. It was a tough day as I had too much load and things to finish up so I lost track of time and it was almost 6 PM when I realized that the place for the WordPress event on it’s 10th Anniversary is a bit further away then I had imagined. All I could do was to practice for my marathon now. It was a good idea that I put my runners on, I might have looked quiet funny with my dress and then runner on top of that but it was better than trying to drag my high heel sandals in the rain. Finally I got there and was running 5 minutes late which didn’t cause any furry in the midst of the session which was quiet a relief. I was asked to talk about my blogging experience by Will Brown, the organizer of the event. It was a great opportunity but I didn’t get much time to prepare for the same as I was busy working on my bucket list the whole weekend. But I got there with my website (https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com) and explained my experience with WordPress and how I have been able to manage this website as a blogger and what features I really use more often.

It was just an amazing experience I had today as after talking about the website and explaining its feature. After the session many people came to me to talk about it and appreciated the blog and website and we discussed about how long I have been using WordPress and what they want to do with WordPress (either business or personal usage). Then some of us headed to the bar to continue the exchange of ideas. It was 10:30 PM and I had to head back to home but I felt so content with these few hours and this also ticked off one of the items on my bucket list.


Will Brown and Kristen Symonds – Organizers of WordPress Meetups


Will Brown is presenting various latest plugins and useful concepts that can be used while developing a website on WordPress


Me explaining the various WordPress features that I use for blogging purpose and about my blogging journey


Will, me and Kristen – Love these guys and thanks to them for organizing such a fantastic event 🙂



19 comments on “Bucket-List 2013 Week 4 – WordPress 10th Anniversary (Blogger’s Event)

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    • Thanks Cruz…so nice to meet u here and lovely to hear back from u really…I would love to hear more from you and hear more from u dear ..have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. Kavita, thank you for taking the “tour” of my blog. BTW, that is a good picture of you with your friends with a happy smile, not just a Kodak smile.

    • awe..thanks for saying that Rob..ur comment does mean a lot as u urself are a photographer so can tell the difference…I met Will and Kristen for second time and so inspired by their zeel for working on new stuff on wordpress..its so inspiring 🙂 And I love ur pics and ur blog so u might find me there more often 😉

    • Yes it was just amazing especially i was so nervous before it but once i was on stage i was really good and people gave me total surprise by coming to me to talk about my blog after the seminar 🙂

      I am on my next adventure this weekend ..its one of the wow factor on my bucketlist…do u wanna to guess before i tell more about it on my next post 😉

      Have a wonderful weekend @

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