Is money more important than happiness?


After having read the basics about money in my last post  Money is a good servant, but a bad master, I would like you to take a moment and think about todays situation. Why is that we feel that money is very important. Even when we are growing up, money seems to be very important in life so we always have the desire to have money and to save it if possible for the times when we can spend it for our various needs. But what do we do at times, we become so obsessed with money that we start loving it and try to save even a single penny and avoid spending on ourselves. So either we are on the other side – extravagant or we are too cautious to spend it at all. If any of us have seen financial crisis while growing up or have gone through such times at any point of our lives we start taking money as a source of happiness and security. No matter it does make us secure financially but to some point. As after that we need to be able to spend it on our requirement to grow every now and then. I have been one of those people I guess who have given too much importance to money, not that I start mistreating people or something but when it used to came to myself I would hardly spend any money. It is from last two years that I realised that it’s my money and it’s OK to spend it on myself or to fulfil my needs and desires through it if needed.
It struck me today that I am on the path of being free from the fears as part of my bucket list for the year, but then I also realised I am not free at all. I do have my own attachments and one of them is money. There have been such times that I avoided having food when I am travelling to stay on budget. And I am sure everyone has gone through this at least once when we feel like it’s better to save money for something better than using it for some immediate needs. I am on a mission to find everything about being happy so this is also one of my concerns. This doesn’t mean that we need to go to 5 start hotel everyday to have the best meal, but it does mean that doing small acts like saving a meal at times can also make us fall in love with the attachment of money and start trading our needs in terms of money.
I have been trying to imagine a world without money. Wired right, but then I was thinking about the original purpose of money as well. Why we invented this tool – to fulfil our needs. Right, and what are we doing with it? Accumulating a lot of times. People coming from rich background might not understand it fully that there are emotions attached to money at times. What happens when we start storing it for endless future – people who are not able to earn enough go through poverty. How would be life when there is a balance in terms of money? Don’t you think people would be happier? Did we invent money thinking that there might be people who are buying aeroplanes and on the other end there are people who don’t even have enough food for a meal or shelter for shade? Was this the purpose of money that our immediate family is only the owner of our stored money whereas some of the people around the world are starving to death? How did we let this happen? We didn’t want this did we? That money – piece of paper will become more important than life. How is this fair to mankind that we start trading people for money and selling ourselves for money? Didn’t we devise this tool to make it easier to exchange daily good and food and not to make nuclear bombs? Haven’t we have been spreading unhappiness by creating lack of money in certain countries or areas?
As I am writing this my heart is crying thinking about those new born babies who have to see poverty growing up and who will come to learn that we humans have made money everything and they are nothing without it. My soul is feeling so cramped with this notion that we have limited the natural happiness that is universal and unlimited by our own invention called money. I can’t make people happy today as all they think is if they have money then they can be happy. I can’t bring smile on every face today as they haven’t eaten for few days without money. Why things can’t be simple and we can use the things given to us by nature to feed ourselves and grow rich spiritually. God or whoever made this universe didn’t put a price tag on anything but we did. Everything in universe is really free to survive and live but we are selling even water. We love to own things and trade it later whether it’s land, water or even forests. How can I bring people close to themselves when they are lost in this vicious circle? Share your thoughts on this.


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  1. I have been making a conscious effort to reject the “Cult of Money” for many years. Of course I have to pay rent, eat, pay bills, and I do occasionally like to buy things for myself, but I’ve found I really don’t need much. I never EVER save money. When I get paid from my job (which is every other Friday) I immediately pay off whatever bills I have on the table, buy some groceries and whatever household items I need, and then I spend the rest on having a good time; ie: going out to eat or for drinks with friends, buying some cds, video games, or movies, or every once in awhile a few games of bowling. (I don’t usually spend it all in one day, and in fact once in awhile I still have 20 bucks or so in my wallet when my next payday arrives, but that’s as much as I ever “save.”)

    People sometimes accuse me of being immature, irresponsible, “not concerned about my future” etc. Most of these people lead very stressful lives. I do not. If I died tomorrow with a million dollars in the bank, what good will it have done me?

    • Wow..u seem like to understand the concept of money pretty well and using it for our purpose and not to let it lead our life is so important…I am writing here when realizing that I myself am stuck in this vicious circle…but I am happy to hear back from you and how you are living your life and as you pointed out that we need to make sure that we live in the present and not in future or past…and I guess u are living that way already…And u are right that people who give a lot of advise do have a lot of stress in their own life…this year with the help of traveling and my bucket list I am able to actually live the very present and writing here is also very helpful to think and realize all these ….looking forward to hear more from you dear 🙂 Have a wonderful day till then

  2. People say “money is the root of all evil,” however that is not the correct saying, it’s in the Bible and actually says, “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”
    I’m quite content with what I have. My only income is a disability pension, but I have everything I need. My car is almost 13 years old, but it still goes and has never given me any trouble. If I’ve got a couple of dollars left the day before pension day I’m happy. I can afford to buy food, medication, petrol, pay my phone bill and buy a cappuccino a couple of times a week. So long as I can buy birthday and Christmas presents for my 8 grandchildren I’ll be content 🙂

    • You are such a lovely person Lyn and after reading this I can say you are living very ground to earth life and no wonder you have so much compassion for others. Yes I do understand a minimum amount is needed to meet our basic needs but as long as we do not tend to love money as you pointed out and do remember all the time that it is just a tool and nothing more to achieve what we want in life, our life can be so much more less stressful….hope you have a wonderful time with your beautiful grandchildren dear..and they are quiet lucky to have you I must say 🙂

  3. It would be nice if we could have both, money and happiness. It would be more stressful if we didn’t have enough money to pay for even the most basic needs. barter trading can be an option. It’s impossible to go back to this, though.

    • true Ren….if only we have everything…the only thing is these days we have started to give priority to money in comparison to relationships and other things at times…even health at times…hope we find a balance between the both one day 🙂 Thanks for writing dear..always nice to know your perspective 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  4. Sometimes I am confused with myself if I am a Science person, or who lean more to philosophy of life. The reason I said this is because there are two ways of looking at the same thing. I have experienced personally, people I loved have changed, or my relatives who were traumatised by the poverty all their life because of suffering during the 1930s to 70s. Some has lost their souls, some never give up the inner part of them of being a person with great personalities.

    This leads to the philosophical part of what I am going to say, that life is a test to our soul. I am not saying we should let inequality happen in our life, but to say that accepting them is the first step on the pathway to wisdom. Accepting a rich person do not have the time for the family, but we have; accepting the rich are surrounded by people who are looking after their money, but we enjoy times with true friends with a complete heart; accepting what we have now, is not to be losing by exchanging for money!

    The scientific part is, love is always the key to not only help others, but to help ourselves (well, not to give our money to anyone, but to use in such a wise way that to let them know we care). Our personalities, although some might argue that are determined by our genes, but most are determined by the love we get while we are at a younger age. The evil develops when we are growing, would be amplified through money when we become an adult, and so money is not the cause but the consequences.

    if I summarise my point here, love is external influence on us that have profound influence on our view towards money, and personal determination (connected with our growing experience) in bringing love to the world will probably get us back to the right track. I hope that my discussion is still in line with the topic.

    If you ask me if I am rich, I will shameless tell you I am the richest.
    If you ask me why I am so happy every moment, the standard answer I give to people is, I come from Heaven.
    If you ask what money can do to make me happy, I would say it teaches me many lessons of life, and most importantly, knowing myself.


  5. To be conscious of one’s ‘money-temperament’ is the most important first step… rest shall follow, with time, with living, with the silence age often brings. It’s great to see one so young as you being sensitive about money. God bless u!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us dear…and I guess the sooner I realize things the better I can lead life in future so I am grateful to God really to help me go through this self realization journey of mine…And u are so right that if we take this first step then rest shall follow ..couldn’t agree more…I want to make people happy and want to do it in bigger way …not just few but many people so all the hurdles on the way making me think what can I do differently to take this further

  6. I think you’re right—money was initially created as a value system when the barter system proved to be unequal (dispute over what goods and services were equal to others,etc.) but instead of being and equalizer those value biases got shifted over to money. Early humans used to war over cattle, farmland, etc. Now we have uneven taxation to ensure wealth stays with those on the top, and marketing/advertising agencies to manufacture “desires” and sometimes even so called “needs”. I remember reading a study once that said people who spent money on experiential things (travel, seeing a concert, etc.) were on the whole happier than those who spent it primarily on material objects(clothing). I wonder though how they considered objects that led to pleasant experiences? (i.e. purchasing music to listen to or books to read)

    • Hey Jenny…thanks a lot first of all for taking time and writing here….its very interesting how media and society is structured for benifit of those who rule it…and not for a common man at u pointed out in your comment even simple things like buying book is a pleasentary….I am trying to understand when and where we made mistake of accepting the money as power and left the only reason why money was invented – as a tool to make life easier and not to let people starve and be unhappy at the other end of the world….people are ready to work hard but then currency system in different countries provide only who are already wealthy whereas people who are working day and night sometimes are not able to earn enough to feed themselves even….I do understand skills are important and education helps to earn more but first we invented money and then made it the power that can be gained more only few sets of professions making it even unaccessible… I hope things get better and we try to understand this dynamics for good of mankind…

  7. Everything depends on the time, you can gradually learn the true value of money. Life teaches things is like a passing train. The ends are harmful. Full balanced is important.


    Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges

    IIf I could live my life again.
    On the next try to make more mistakes.
    Do not try to be so perfect, I would relax more.
    I would be sillier than I have been, in fact
    take fewer things seriously.
    I was one of those people who lived sensibly and prolifically
    every minute of his life; course I had moments of joy.
    But if I could go back I would try to have
    only good moments.
    If I could live again, I would travel lighter.
    If I could live again begin to walk barefoot in early
    spring and remain so until the end of autumn.
    I would take more turns in carousel, contemplate more dawns
    and play with more children, if I had another life ahead.
    But I have 85 years and I know I’m dying.

    “There are things that have no monetary value. Many times it is rich who have less”.


  8. It is a means to an end, the end being happiness but their are other means of achieving this. Also, the concept of happiness is a personal goal that varies per person. All the money in the world won’t buy happiness: t can help or be a burden to achieve happiness.

    • True my friend …u are right what gives us happiness is very personal to our priority but I would also like to think about it as to it also matter what are the things that we associate our happiness to…at times we do associate our happiness with lifeless objects that is going to wear and tear one day or might not be worth the stress…I want to find out a way to make sure people do understand what they are desiring for as when they don’t get it they get disappointed and loose happiness …its a long journey though…thanks a lot for sharing your thought here dear…and yes as long as use money as a means to get what we want in life its fine and I also think we should believe in sharing it if someone else hasn’t got enough and we have more than we actually need …

  9. Money is a facilitator of need. If you have enough to not worry, then ultimately your life will be mostly stress free. If you struggle to make ends meet, then you are most likely doomed to be constantly focusing/stressing about your lack of it.

    • I totally agree with u my dear …all I want though is we need to recognize when we have more than we need and I guess that is where we forget the difference between between using money for our need and loving it

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this dear…would love to hear more from you soon 🙂

      • Completely agree with you. I used to have an extremely sick fascination with money. Now all I want is enough to be comfortable. The rest can be used for doing things to help others. Catch you later.

  10. I really like the writing is very good.

    sometimes thought in my mind, God created humans with food provided food on earth. but because men fear they will starve competing for food with the way we do it. World War 1 and World War 2 is proof that humans are not to think we do it to other nations. why I say people who colonize other nations are human beings who do not think. of course … back” God created the earth and everything in it to be enjoyed together, not for a class or group. and the human right to live anywhere to take a food meets the stomach contents, let the earth that holds the rest of the food, but the people on earth do not do that, they were competing for and save as much as possible. consequently start growing sense of dread inhabitants of the earth. and their heavy weapons to create an excuse to defend his country. until the most heavy weapons are chemical weapons. and ultimately countless millions of deaths from era to era. strong win, the weak so enjoy poverty. it fair to our brothers and sisters who are poor, tegakah we see them starve?
    Our lives have a heart and feelings, the poor also have the right to be happy. reserving some for them and do not let them cry in hunger.
    if people keep so many possessions while later when dead useless treasure it, what’s wrong stage in life is given to those most in need and it would be more helpful and stop the tears of the poor.
    The government built a magnificent offices, building roads with beautiful city parks, how many billions of money spent on it, but they do not care about the poor to sleep under a bridge with a hungry belly holds. That money is supposed to be a tool to be manipulated and otherwise easily become a vicious circle.

    Have a wonderful day and happy for a best friend (Kavita)

    friendly greeting: Calligraphy

    • very well written and thought dear friend…u have said it right..God did give us this earth with no boundaries and we humans created the various geographical boundaries saying countries, cities and towns/villages…and then we created a system to discriminate among humans on the basis of rich and poor…we have dig our own grave for the whole mankind by not just making the system but taking many evil parts of it as well…system should help people and society to grow and enrich their experience on Earth and not actually make them starve to death whereas we all have same rights on earth being humans…I wish we start realizing it before God takes this back from us and make us learn the lesson hard way 🙂

  11. Interesting that I would be reading this today when I just had quite a discussion yesterday about this exact issue. Money has been something that I have never really been connected to. It has never really brought me happiness and I’ve never really expected it to. Oh don’t worry I did get caught up in the game of, ‘oh if only I had money’ but I’m learning to let that go. In fact the happiest times and most fulfilled times for me are when I’m out in nature. I need money for the basics and every now and then just to have fun with but I try not to give it the power to control my life or make me feel like I can’t do anything because I don’t have lots. I will say though that some things I did learn about money have been interesting to unlearn. 🙂

  12. Excellent post ,money could enslave you and corrupt you. ,wealth can deprive you your humanity .Money can’t buy one second of happiness. Of course we need money to live.jalal Michael.

  13. This is a very difficult topic of course, and perspective will be as varied as the number of people that read it. I came from a very poor family. Consequently, in my younger days, living day-to-day was an effort. But we were always surrounded by friends, family, music…there were many happy memories. These days, the lives of my children though comfortable, is not excessive. Everything I believe is about balance; and that too will vary person – to – person. In terms of yourself, you are growing as a result of your experiences, and it naturally will take money to do that. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Contributions to well-being happen in many ways; a smile, a word of encouragement…sometimes, when we receive these things, they will get us further than money; such was the case when I was a child. It’s the inspiration behind how people that are very poor go on to really do things with their lives, not just making money, but the self-worth as a result of their effort to achieve. Anything is possible. Blessings always friend.

    • Thanks a lot dear for writing here…I am going through this journey of learning about stuff and life…this is one of the points I have been thinking a lot about these days

  14. I am very impressed by several parts of this post. I especially like the part that money is made to be spent to meet our needs. We don’t need to go crazy or far above our means, but why hoard it only to see it disappear on something else anyway? Also in regards to your title…money won’t bring more happiness, but believe it or not, greater happiness will bring more money : )

    • so true Joe…’reater happiness will bring more money ‘ as we human beings have actually forgotten who we are and have got ourselves so immersed into this fake reality of life that we ourselves have invented that we don’t even bother to re-think why things are in place …or why we actually made money – to systemize things and to make life easier…we are killing for money and not even realizing that money is nothing but a tool to make life better in certain ways..and it can not actually replace the people in our life or emotions that we have ….such a pity..thanks for writing here dear…I will share more of what I have been thinking about this 🙂

  15. This was an extremely powerful message that we all know, but never discuss. You have brought every problem and love about money to our attention, everything is so true! I wish money didn’t control us, but sadly it does, and the world made us that way. I love that you aren’t letting money control you and you are investing it into your bucket list! Very cool! I wish that we could go to trading things for other things instead of having money. I just think the world would run so much smoother that way. Thank you for posting this, it’s a great thing for everyone to read 🙂

    • Thanks for writing here my dear friend…so nice to know that others are also feeling the same way I am at the moment…I guess may be too rich people woudn’t even bother thinking about it as they are busy making more money each day…but I feel blessed that I have been thinking about it and right time I have started thinking of living my life rather than hoarding in life…..I am still not there but I am aiming to be in the position where I can actually detach myself completely from the so called love of money and free myself as human being 🙂

  16. I enjoyed reading all the comments.Money doesn’t control my life, my mind, etc.I have been zenbouddhist, so I know that there are other values in life.People who knows the meaning of the word “enough”, these are rich people.

      • I am following you about two weeks.I can not explain in a few words,everything about zenbouddhism.By practising zen you can learn to detach yourself from money,materialism,etc.even from your own body.That doesn’t mean that you can’t own a house,car,etc.These things don’t rule my life.

  17. Hey Kavita,
    I agree with you 1000%%%!!!!!! 😀 Money doesn’t control me but I’m wise with my money!!! Thanks for the post!!!! 😀
    Psalm 119:105

  18. Kavita — you have raised so many important questions. I wonder about those issues, too. Earlier today I was stressed about money and paying some upcoming bills. However, I just finished watching “Slumdog Millionaire” (right before reading your post) and it is heart wrenching what the characters go through. This movie is so uplifting, but of course there are still so many people left in extreme poverty at the end. It puts so many things into perspective. Thank you for challenging us to dig deep and consider what we really believe!

    • That is a very good movie really..not that evey one is like that in India but yes so many people around the world are living like that ..its heart wreching really as you said…thanks a lot for taking time and replying here dear Steph as I am in process of learning more about how can I make myself happy most of the time and make other happy after that as well…and no wonder there are so many things that can easily make us upset in this mission…money being one of them….I am blessed with a good job as of now so nothing like financial crisis atleast in present but I wonder how I can make this wish of mine come true to spread happiness in other’s life as I would love to see smile on other people’s face…I appreciate that you like the topics I am discussing here as I have been truly upset since yesterday when I realised how much I am attached to money and it is the similar situation with so many of us…Also I want to learn how I can make life better if I don’t have enough money as so many times we are doing job/work for money and for financial security…let’s see dear where this takes us and I pray that we do learn more about in future and God bless us with the ability to help others 🙂

  19. In as much as i need money to give me happiness, i will run away from it if it is obvious that it will take away my happiness away from me 🙂 if you want to know the value of peace of mind, ask those who do not have it, then you will know why i have to run away 🙂

    • dad used to say that those who have excessive money can’t sleep at night sometimes…and those who have just enough are better off…I do realize what that means today as only if we can detach ourselves from money that we can really live our life otherwise we are one of those slaves of money only..thanks for writing here dear Michael

    • true my dear…I would never give all I have and live like that but it is also very important to help others to overcome the roadblock when it comes to money and when they can not have basic foundation to life and other than that I would also say we need to start realizing that money is just like house, car and other objects and does not have its own reality in any manner….

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts dear…appreciate it 🙂

  20. I have been nursing the urge to do a post on crime and related issues such as the love for money. Now your post has turned to the needed inspiration to do it. Thanks 🙂

  21. My theory
    Life + no money = Sadness
    Life + too much money = Misery
    Life + just right money = Happiness
    🙂 , so we need to spend on things we want if we have more money, not collect it …

    • Love this equation dear as u put it right on this nice little equation..cudn’t agree more 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend….and yes keep an eye on my next post as i m off to my next adventure on my bucketlist n m so excited about it….its one of yhe crazy things on my list 😉

  22. This is so well written and thought probing. I definitely have questioned this notion of money many times through the past few years. While growing up, everyone always tells you to make sure you pick a career that will provide you with enough money, and it seems that so many people flounder through different ideas because the things that make them happy either don’t make enough money or are not prestigious enough. This puts so much pressure on people to find a career with all these standards instead of focusing on what makes them happy. And then, you get into your career and hate it and are miserable with a lot of money. No fun. I wish more people would encourage their children to pursue things they are interested in and like doing rather than just whatever makes them the most money.

    • I m glad to read your comnent here dear as that shows that u are one of the change makers in the world …I totally agree with u and feel that I followed the same rut to get one of the highly recommended jobs in the society wothout even thinking what i really m on the journey to find that out ..but u r right if that wud have happened when we are children then things wud hav been so much easier. .I am sure we can bring the difference tho….hey also check out my next post next week as it will include one of the wow factors from my bucketlist….I am so excited to do it 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend dear

  23. Very thoughtful post… thanks for following my blog and the like on my blog post as well. the Bible (Ecc. 10:19) says money answers all things… But people forget that it is just a medium of exchange – a universal bartering medium. You explore some very good points because our society tends to exalt the accumulation of stuff at the expense of everything else. While the Bible says money answers all things, it also says it is more blessed to give than to receive. So as a medium of exchange, money should flow through us to serve others, fulfill a higher purpose. You have provoked me to examine my relationship and thoughts about money so that it can truly be used as a conduit of grace for others…

    • So good to hear back from you dear Sharon…u r so right..n u made me feel that I should also rwad Bible as my flatmate also tells me a lot of things from bible…its sad that we are moving away from being human n becoming machines n more like inhuman and that way one day we will end up loosing our right to be called human really

  24. I can connect with you on this one. Just yesterday I read about a poor child being manhandled by some rich brats of the same age. Had that child been of affluent upbringing, I guess he would not be subjected to such treatment. But who in this world cares! Money is honey, sadly…

    • That is a sad thing really and that’s what makes me feel really sick that people dont really respect others and money changes their attitude….but it has to change as otherwise we will loose the right to call ourselves human soon 😦

  25. I once saw this picture a friend shared on Facebook which said “I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Ferrari than on a bicycle”. But even the affluent still feel emptiness despite their huge trappings of wealth, and yet at the end of the other extreme, we see poor children who grow with so little yet are always playing with smiles on their faces, making toys from scrap materials and old bicycle tyres. I can see how people put so much emphasis on ‘feathering the nest’ that they look track of everything else. What’s the point in earning so much cash, when you’re working so many hours you barely have time to enjoy it?…and even though here in the U.K. we are in the grip of a very bad recession, the rich are still squirrelling their money in offshore tax havens while the poor and unemployed are being stripped of their government benefits. So many people I know are struggling to keep above water here. It’s so sad.
    I am not in a high-paying job myself. I take a huge hit from rent, bills and support for a member of my family every month, so money is a little tight. Nevertheless I have learnt to appreciate the small pleasures that life can give, and I understand now that you don’t always need material things to be happy. Having good family, friends and people treating you with kindness – basically sharing in our humanity – is worth far more than any amount of pounds or dollars, rupees or dirhams. Anyhow at the end of the day, when you die and go to God, that money ain’t coming with you.

    • I appreciate the way you live and the way you think…I wish more people start thinking like you really as the more people will think like this then it will help the world to be a good place to live 🙂

  26. nice one, valid points i share same feelings with you. I just hope things can change positively that we start thinking of others and not be selfish anymore. Thanks dear hope to read post again. Can your personal line or mail address be available for me, i beg for it.
    One love

  27. Kavita, Money is just neutral energy. It;s neither good nor bad. It’s the person handling money we are talking about. Is he or she hoarding it or sharing it? Money is just a constituent of a long wealth list. Wealth contains your family, people, education, friends, knowledge and also money.

    • so true Ram…I cound’t put it in better words and you are right it definitely depends upon the person and hope we start accepting this fact and move on to the next level…

  28. Hi Kavita! @”Is money more important than happiness?…” – Coluche, a French popular actor said someting like:”money does not bring you happiness, but it does contribute to it…” 🙂 He may have been right… A proverb states that “money is devil’s eye!” 😀 As far as I’m concerned, I’m completely detached from all that is “material”, I’m quite adjustable to any place, circumstance or situation: this is my freedom… 🙂
    – – –
    Thanx for your stop-over(s) @”playground”, my very best, tons of inspiration and have a great day! 🙂 Cheers & friendly thoughts, Mélanie

    • I can totally understand that money does help to do things that we love..and that’s why I feel there should be a system of abundance as nature has everything in abundance and it does not stop from breathing more air or drinking more water then why men have created these limits with money and other ways…

    • you are so nice Wendell…you always say such sweet things…I am honored to hear these words from you..I am on this self-realization journey in life and working my way toward happiness and ultimate joy my dear friend….Wish u a very joyous day! God Bless you!

  29. I completely agree that money can only bring so much happiness and security. It can bring some, and I think it’s worth saving for retirement and having a decent cushion in the bank, because these things make a real difference in the long-term quality of life. For me, the most important thing is having a firm idea of what “enough” money is, a dollar amount, and a plan that number came from. And, finally, the recognition that once one gets that much money, it’s better to live life than slave away working for more. I also feel that many of the problems with the current money system, like the super-rich having billions while people starve in the streets, are made worse by spending and saving more money than we really need. In fact, they’re made worse by spending any money at all. But right now it’s hard to get by without spending some without getting kicked out of one’s home or starving. But every day I’m looking for ways to have happiness and security with less money, and I’ve found the Burning Man movement and Charles Eisenstein’s book Sacred Economics to be great places to learn how to live well with less money.

    • Such a great way to learn from others how to live with minimum and I am going to read about the books you have mentioned..sorry for late reply as I think this got lost in communication somewhere…I agree that having more money creates issues the same way eating more food does to our body..That’s why less and more should be avoided by creating some system as having more money is like being obese and we need to understand it in some way otherwise the consequences may be dire

  30. Kavita,
    If you research World Bank whistleblower, Karen Hudes, former attorney at the World Bank, you will understand the causes of the misery and suffering that concern you. Her story is the most important story on Earth right now.
    Thank you,

  31. Dear Kavitha,

    A good article…recalled myself in various instances. Money is turning out to be a tool of happiness in todays life.. we need to learn and keep limits and earn what we need not we want .Cos greed is a never ending thing. limiting it is the only solution.

      • really I cried and laughed when I read.. silence is the best answer but sometimes comment like this will make more sense!!!

        Money….hahha hhhahaa… hahaha….money..mooo..nnee..yyyy..hehhahhaa…. (just imagine I am sitting in a chair and looking my left side and nodding my head and laughing with tears on eyes)

        • hehehe..glad to get this response I must say my friend…now I am going to read my own post again and think what part made you laugh and what made you cry as to be honest its a great compliment if my post can do this to you

          • You cannot find which part made me so!! Because it made to remember my own story!!! ( The time when I was longing for money, the time now I have enough but my happiness don’t know where it is!!)

            • that’s where you have to get the balance back as I think I can imagine what you are feeling…I have been in both situation and that’s when I think I did appreciate having money but at the same time not loosing the happiness that is the goal of the very reason we want money for…do you think you are going to work on it? Or u still think its hard to get that happiness working in life?

              • I fell I can get both if I make it myself how! But looking back the steps we came through is also a part and parcel of life 🙂

                I want to smile :

                Money haahhaa

                • making me laugh with you as well…I would say what happens is always for a reason and that’s what make us who we really are as well…and all I have learned in life is you got to gather what you have and make life with it’s up to us what we want to make really…as we can either make something beautiful or something ugly out of it…it’s our imagination that got to work after each and everything life gives us back…

                    • hmm…glad that you like what I am saying and I am not making you angry from crying and laughing mood 🙂 Keep that smile as it does wonders sometimes I tell u

                    • you know what ? Now I am more of like a sadhu, I never take anything to my mind /head, I just leave it somewhere and feel happy always!

                    • thats awesome you know…as that’s what we need to learn that this life is a journey and we can never travel from where we started to where we want to go if we try to carry everything with us…we need to learn to travel light even when it comes to carry emotions and feelings 🙂

  32. Think everyone knows the right answer. Right? Unfortunately, the way humans are wired, we need to have more and better and higher and faster and stronger of whatever we can. Even happiness seems to be competitive. Ever heard of a lion who kills three zebras at one time and stores two of them in a cool, dry place for consumption on a rainy day?

  33. This is a great post, Kavita. Money does give comfort – it pays for this roof over my head – but it has never, not ever meant more to me than people or ethics. Money reveals soul, I’ve always felt (and observed).

  34. What a rich plate of word thoughts for us to chew, savor, ponder and digest. Money is merely an extension of our childhood play yard and exposes those who have not yet learned to share their toys.It can also truly be a harsh task master and make people implode in a pool of selfishness, and yet can really be used for so much good. How it is used is often a revelation of people’s motivations. I say these things humbly and without judgement as I too have much room for improvement.

  35. Thank you Kavita a great message and one we need to take to heart , money although needed does not have the foundation to get us through life or to be all we could be and if it’s our focus it leads to a dead end.

    I created a Power point (see link below ) about Money, some may find the teaching more than they want to hear but when accepted it brings freedom.

    Money –

    Christian Love Anne

  36. Good question Kavita. We must be aware that money is important for use wisely. Use it to fulfill own needs and also to assist the ones who need help. Possessiveness and attachment to money will bring unhappiness.

    Whereas happiness is a state of mind a mind that is devoid of ego. With more money must come an equal measure of humility only then can we be happy.

    Thanks and kind regards 🙂

  37. u know kavita why i search this topic in google and i am feeling happy thaqt i read ur article becz m doing ielts my teacher gave me a topic that personal happiness can either be attained bt relationships or by money i read all the the comments it is really useful for me one thing more which i will conclude in conversation is that there is always any opportunity cost of having relationships or having money thanks all of u for giving me such a wonderful material

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