Don’t Drink before Diving with Great White Sharks – Bucket-List 2013 Week 5

Finally with a cup of ginger and lemon tea I am gaining my senses back. It’s been quiet a long period I would say since I had left for Adelaide and from a simple weekend away gateway it turned into a roller coaster adventure with a lot of things packed into very few days.

Item Number #23 – Swim with White Sharks andΒ Item Number #10 – Try couch surfing in Australia

Eyeballing the cage

I left for the Airport to complete another item on my bucket list and it was couch surfing and visit one of the 7 new city/town in next 7 months. It was a cloudy day in Adelaide and I was not sure what I will be doing in this part of South Australia looking at the weather. All I had planned was to book a return ticket and arranged to couch surf there. Other than this I had no clue what I am supposed to do in this new place. I am getting used to of this now – going to a new place with no plan and do stuff there accordingly. Only if I knew I will end up encountering a dozen sharks after no sleep and few drinks one of these nights I was about to spend in South Australia. Yes right, it is not a good idea to drink if you are going to dive with great white sharks my dear friends. And this is coming from my personal experience.

I arrived at the place I was supposed to stay and there was a surprise waiting for me there. I realized that I was about to meet few fellow couch surfers and talk all day about life and philosophy and learn a lot of new things today. I didn’t have much sleep the day before the flight so I was a bit tired and cloudy weather seemed perfect to relax and wind down after 16 very busy days of my life (including sailing lesson and attending many social events other than trying to come up with many ideas to finish few bucket list items and not to say full time work with two night time deployments). I was feeling so happy to finally get this weekend for myself. I was at the door of my host in Adelaide and Sebastian, fellow German couch surfer welcomed me in this new place. It was a different feeling to be in this house. Something spiritual about the house and peaceful environment. I felt so happy instantly and started to relish the beauty of this new place with a garden, a pet cat and few chicken in the backyard. The lady who was hosting me wasn’t around so Sebastian, who was also couch surfing there gave me a quick run of the place and offered me some Jasmine tea. It was quiet refreshing. We talked about a lot of things including bin diving or so called dumpster diving. The people here were doing some bin diving which I had no clue what it was so I really enjoyed learning about it. And guess what here is a complete guide about it as well – Dumpster-Dive

Then I met another girl named Ariana, who was living there with the host (lady). She is a brilliant and charming 19 years old Indian girl. I enjoyed my conversation with her about India, social problems in India and a lot more. I already felt that I am going to miss staying here once I am back. Marion, the lady who was hosting me here, also arrived from Victoria as she was gone to attend a retreat and we discussed her experience there. Another couch surfer Nick joined us towards the night. Marion is a great lady and an awesome host. Last year she hosted more than 200 people at her place. Amazing right. Here I was enjoying my first couch surfing experience with such an amazement.

Next day I prepared cheesy egg frittata with Nick for three of use (Nick, Sebastian and myself) as Marion already had her breakfast and Ariana had left for her Art school workshop. And guess what it was the best meal I ate after a while, may be because I was cooking πŸ˜‰ Anyways I felt home at that place and we started making plans for the day when I started checking about Shark Diving in the area as mentioned by Ariana a day before. I am not sure what came over me and I booked the returned ticket to Port Lincoln in another two house for the dive as it was one of the things on my bucket list. I was lucky when I called the tour company and they say the tour is being operated everyday and there are quiet good chances to see shark these days. Only issue was my return flight was around 6:30 PM and the tour doesn’t usually end till late evening. I was a bit in mess now as I had to be back somehow to be back at work on Monday morning. Here I was sitting in-front of the chair and wanted to bang my head against the wall thinking of my hastiness at times. But any ways I saw this as an opportunity to complete the task on my bucket list and felt quiet enthusiastic and somehow I felt I can make it and things will be alright. So I booked a night in Port Lincoln and early morning (6 AM) tour for cage diving with the great white dangerous sharks. I left Adelaide with a note that if they don’t hear back from me then I might be in some shark’s stomach πŸ˜‰

I arrived at the hostel where I was staying for the night – YHA. I already started meeting people who were going for the dive or who had done it. I was so excited that I can’t put it into words. I met this group of English guys and had my dinner talking to them about their experience with the sharks and sharing my experience of my bucket list so far. More people joined us and here I was playing different weirdly named card games (one of them was shithead, I wasn’t sure if it was the right name really). I was enjoying the game when everyone started drinking wine and I was offered some as well. I thought for a moment but then joined everyone else. I am not sure what was I thinking really as after few drinks I was not sure how am I going to make it for the early morning departure to the port. And on top of that I agreed to go to the pub with others. Here I was feeling all uneasy with the constant reminder of the tour so I went outside the pub to get some air. The worst was still waiting though. When I wanted to go back the bouncer didn’t allow me in saying that after 1 AM no one is allowed back into the pub. It was one of the most stupid thing I had ever heard whereas the group I came with was still inside. I called a taxi and made my home to get some sleep then. Only when I arrived at the hostel I realized that someone from the group had borrowed my key as they didn’t have their key handy. This was not looking good anymore. Fun time seemed to be over. I had two choices – Try to sleep in the living area in the couch. But then I had to get my key back to check out in the morning. I tried to knock on the door but no one opened the room I was staying. I was already regretting over the decision of drinking tonight. I decided to stay awake till others come back and get my key back to let myself into my room. It was so hard to keep my eyes open. I made my way to the kitchen and made some tea for myself. There was some free food in the fridge and I got some munchies from the shelf to make sure that I am fully awake this night no matter what. It was getting really hard to manage things at this stage now. I was partially awake when after few hours may be around 3 AM when two guys came from the group and asked me what I am doing here. I explained that I do not have the key. They felt sad for me after knowing the whole story and stayed with me in the living room to wait for others to be back so that I can get my key back. I was more assured now that I might be able to make it to the port tomorrow morning.

Finally I got my key around 4 AM and let myself in the room and got ready to sleep for two hours as the tour bus was supposed to be there by 6:30 AM. It was going to be the most ridiculous thing I had ever done I felt. But anyways I was in the flow making my journey more adventurous then it could be I thought. But it was still not that easy. There were many knocks on the door all night as there were quiet a few people drinking from my room and none of them had key. Yes it was a day of loosing key I felt. 6 AM – Someone’s alarm went off. I woke up quickly and saw others getting ready to leave. And I ran after them and realized that they didn’t bother to ask the driver to wait for few minutes. Here I was all ready but had missed my bus. I called the tour company and thankfully they send me another cab. I was finally able to catch the boat.

We all were welcomed with some early morning snacks. And I got introduced to this couple from Perth who were here to celebrate their second anniversary. What a great way to celebrate, although people were making jokes around wife to have a insurance for the husband. I didn’t take much time to drift to deep sleep when we left for a 3 hour journey to Neptune Island for our dive.

Finally some one from the crew woke me up and asked if I can go with the first group. Wow, this was quiet a wake up call now as my stomach was hurting with this bumpy ride till here and I still was suffering from the hangover. Really, Do I look so keen? I felt that it’s better to just go so I accepted to be the part of the first group. And they gave me all the gears to get ready.

It was quiet a relief when I came to know that we do not have to carry cylinder as they had tubes to supply oxygen in the cage. We were soon getting interviewed about how excited we were to see the sharks. To be honest I couldn’t be more dazed doing something like this after a really big night. But I had to smile on the camera no matter what as it was going to be my big moment, if only I survive and not get eaten by any shark interested in me. I finally got into water and felt a surge of excitement in me. My inside diver was coming out full of curiosity. I soon was a normal diver with my brain functioning quiet well now under water. And I started looking for the sharks around. It wasn’t long that we started spotting few of them swimming around. Soon we were a bit shaken in the cage by their excitement to catch the food thrown from the boat. One of them even hit the cage so hard that I had to hold myself back not to swim out the gap in the cage. It was mind blowing to see them so close where I had an eye on the gap as there are stories of small sharks entering the cage through it.

Finally after an hour we went out the cage which was good as I was freezing by then and was done with shark seeing. We had our lunch once we got changed after a shower. I was tired and happy and excited all at the same time. I felt as if I was mesmerized by these beautiful but dangerous creatures. I was so lucky in terms of timing as today it was a small group of people and we got to see shark soon as compared to other days. Hence we headed back way too early – 2 PM. And got back by 4:30 PM and I had enough time to catch my flight back to Adelaide.

With Dan, Skipper

With Dan, Skipper


Posing with Dani, the host in the tour – she is just awesome πŸ™‚

I am lucky when it comes to meet people I guess as on my way to Airport I got to share the taxi with this another amazing group of Tennis players who shared their experience of traveling around the world and it didn’t let me feel bore on the way to airport or another hour spent there. I was over the moon now after everything was falling in place. When I got back to Adelaide, I went back to the same place I was couch surfing. I met Marion and Sebastian there. I offered to cook some Indian curry and rice. We all shared the meal and it was the perfect way to end this trip really. Next morning my flight was very early (6 AM). Yes, this is early for me usually as I had to be there by 5 AM and that meant I had to get up by 4:30 at least. Marion was so helpful that she offered me lift to the airport in the morning. We enjoyed music – Santana by Carlos Augusto Alves Santana, a Mexican and American musician. I loved it. I was able to catch my flight to Sydney and went to work straight from the airport. I have done it few other times last year so it was OK to see people staring at me thinking I might have lost my way to enter with my big backpack.


Back in Adelaide airport

So this was my adventure for this weekend. I hope you enjoyed it with me πŸ˜‰

See you soon with more updates on my bucket list dear friends. Till then have fun πŸ™‚

72 comments on “Don’t Drink before Diving with Great White Sharks – Bucket-List 2013 Week 5

    • Thanks Tanumoy…you know what I don’t really believe on luck as whatever you are seeing in my life..nothing came real easy …but I believe in writing my own fate πŸ™‚

      • Ah, we make our own luck, by what we do. Luck is but the child of our deeds. That’s what I believe in.

        And yes, you are the best example of someone ‘actually’ doing that. So, cheers! πŸ™‚

        • nice of you to say that Tanumoy…I just assumed that you are pointing to my luck in a different way….which seems to be wrong…hight regards dear….Have a wonderful day and let’s keep our good work to shine our luck like everyday πŸ™‚

  1. Holy smokes, that’s one busy and exhilarating weekend Kavita. You’re brave to try it. I’ve seen it on TV and really I’d probably scream my head off and inhale sea water. Silly question, what is couch surfing?

  2. What a blast! You sound as though you had so much fun. I’ve been meaning to ask you if you have a relative called Bonnie Joshi – I used to work with her before I retired.

    • I did have fun Lyn and you know what when you survive to tell the story its even better πŸ™‚ I do not know the person with this name but would keep an eye in case I ever bump into one

  3. Your posts are always so alive with your passion for life. I don’t know what’s better, reading your words or seeing all the gorgeous photos. The rain photos are ah-maaazing. Seriously great. I love overcast, rainy days. You’ve captured it perfectly!

    BTW, cheesy egg frittata rocks!

    • Awe.thanks a lot Jack…I think the camera (my phone ) did a good job to capture what I was seeing and feeling at that moment..and I am so glad that you enjoyed the post as well πŸ™‚
      I know its a bit late response as I am catching up πŸ˜‰

  4. OMG, you are officially my hero! It must have been the most amazing thing to do, I’m sitting here now thinking – my life is sooo boring! Lol! Loved reading about your adventures, Kavita πŸ™‚
    Btw, cheesy egg frittata sounds delish!

    • hehehe…Jill I will make u thst one day if we meet πŸ™‚ u are so sweet to say that….I guess I m just trying dear and i m glad that u enjoying things here with me πŸ™‚ I guess its the feeling tgat matters and this bucketlist is enough to push me sometimes πŸ˜‰

      thanks for commenting dear

      • Story of my life. Had band practice Sunday, and been a blur since then. Am hoping to have this up and running by the end of June so we can go play some warm up shows with some local bands. I miss playing in front of a live audience. Its a rush to be in front of people and putting 100% energy into performing. I so badly wanted to be a rock star when I was young. But it never happened, the bands never made it that far. So, now I hope to at least to get some CDs out and a webpage, and see where it goes from there. When we get something solid recorded I plan on posting a song and video on WordPress. Have a great night young lady.And always follow your dreams. πŸ™‚

  5. Now am getting jealous of you! It must have been so fun and adventure. Can’t wait experiencing the same exhilaration. Looking forward to know more about your bucket list πŸ™‚ And for that drinking episode, beware nxt time!

  6. Amazing well done! Hope you liked South Australia, a hidden gem of Australia.
    What you did is on my bucket list too. After reading this post it has gone in the ranking ;). Well done to you! Cheers

    • Thanks dear…I am glad that I moved that up in ur I am becoming an ambassador of adventures I feel And I did love South Australia its a great place really….Adelaide and Port Lincoln..totally different than Sydney…I kind of liked it

  7. Hey, I just read the whole blog and it was like watching a movie. I could imgained how you had dived and how did u entered back to office with bag pack. I love writing long mails and reading long mails of friends. It was so nice to read your experience and I am very much curious to see your old experience of ur bucket list and future plans. One thing, I felt is very less pictures u have posted and given thier description. Please post more next time and keep me posted

    • hehehe..thanks a lot Charanjit…it’s so nice to see you here really…and reading from you is so awesome really…I couldn’t put more pics here as the space available here is very limited…but as you said I would love to post more on facebook page for this blog dear…I am glad that you really liked reading these posts…I will bring more updates as I let me know which item is your favorite dear

    • All the best would love it I must say..its amazing how I didn’t feel scared when I was there with them …I am kind of fascinated and might try to do it without cage one day πŸ˜‰

  8. Wow, looked more like a day in the life of a National Geographic photographer. Looks like you had a blast of time. The pictures are awesome and narration beautiful.

    • hehehehe..that’s something honourable you just said actually….I wish I get to work for them one day πŸ™‚
      I am really glad that you enjoyed my adventure through my eyes…and your comment is really motivating as well…let me know what are your favourite items on my bucket list for this year dear πŸ™‚

      Have a wonderful day dear..hope you liked my adventure last weekend with sharks πŸ™‚

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!! That is cool!!! If I swam with the sharks I would have to have someone hold my hand!!!! LOL I don’t know if I would stay for an hour. I’m glad that you are having fun. πŸ˜€ So are you back home? jw Look forward to reading more of your post!!! πŸ˜€

    • I am back dear and so happy to hear back from you …I am bit tired..but its worth I think..I am going to the famous great barrier reef soon …its a long awaited place as I learned diving to be able to dive there one day and its all happening..I am so excited

      I am glad that you enjoyed reading my adventure my dear are you doing?

      Looking forward to hear back from you soon.

      Have a wonderful day dear..

    • Thanks was an amazing experience….seeing these crazy creatures in their natural form – hungry for food and trying to snatch the food ..I kind of feel much more closer to the sea life now I think πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for your comment dear..always motivating

      • I know kavita…how good u might have felt…especially the silence that u have experienced in the under water world!!! wow im dieing to have such an experience!!! cheers πŸ™‚

  10. Kavita, I love the way you try so many things with the most genuine smile on your face…it is always refreshing to read and embrace your words! You are a blessing my sister, thanks for sharing your words and the wonderful photos! God bless!

    • Awe…you are so generous and nice to say these beautiful things..really appreciate that you truly enjoy my blog and would love to keep this going in future as well…People like you are so motovating Wendell and I think it keep me going when I am feel even a bit tired but such thoughts make me work towards things in life πŸ™‚

      Have a wonderful week my dear…I have some more things to share here this week as I was way too busy in things last week so coudn’t reply to you πŸ™‚

  11. Now would not be a good time to play the ‘Jaws’ theme tune I guess. You are very brave to get close to sharks like that. I would be swimming frantically in the opposite direction! πŸ˜€

    – HalfEatenMind

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  13. Quite an adventure! Sharks scare the shit out of me, so it would be mind blowing to give that a try. My father had an old friend in Adelaide, I had the chance to do a year of student exchange there, but chose to co-op instead. Thanks for sharing!

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