Life of a candle

Life of a candle,

It burns and takes the darkness away,

Its dying but gift us with light and and warmth

It takes the pain and spread the ray of hope for us

If only we could understand the life of this candle!

Have you ever felt like a candle?

2013-06-11 17.47.17


20 comments on “Life of a candle

    • so true dear friend…you can read between the lines..yes it is more than just words and actually include the issue around the whole universe these days 🙂 Have a wonderful day dear…thanks for your nice comment here

  1. My Mum used to say, “If you don’t slow down, you’ll end up like a candle burning from both ends…you’ll run out of wick.” Just for all you workaholics out there 🙂

    • Great saying…your mum said some really wise words dear Lyn….I totally agree with that and I do think that it is exactly what we are doing really each and every day which is very unfortunate as we are chasing this philosophy of more money means more happiness or something and pity is we don’t have enough time to enjoy our live meanwhile

  2. Hey Kavita,
    This is cool!!!!! I really like the picture!!!! 😀 I also wanted to let you know that I get your picture video’s made and up on youtube. Here is the link:
    I had to make it into three parts. All the links are there. There are on the video itself and in the description box!!! Hope you like them!! 😀 Talk to you soon!!! 😀
    Psalm 119:105

  3. yup surely can relate to ur thoughts 🙂 lovely verse… giving light is a good thing, but giving light from darkness is something spl 🙂 keep writing

  4. Often, but the only difference is the spirit lasts endlessly when it shares and blesses others with the love that has given it life, which you do so wonderfully! Kavita, Your heart shines like a candle on a hill in the darkness, and yet even more, it brings an endless glow to a spirit allowing it to bathe lovingly in its energy and warming rays. I am always blessed when your words comes my way, because they are always a most genuine treasure to me! Keep shining brightly every day and every night, and your light will never be forgotten. Thanks for the blessing dear sister…it leaves an awesome smile! God bless!

    • Thanks dear…I was wondering what title to give to this pic when I took it as these candles were massive and then I realised what can be better than writing about their own properties to burn and spread light….I think we can get so many thoughts with the simple things around at times in life 🙂 Thanks for writing here dear

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