Turkish Delight and Tacos with a new Friend : Bucket-List 2013 Week 7

Oh what a day I just had. It was long and ended with a bad stomach ache. Good news is that I completed one item this week and also close to finish another one.

Item Number #40 – Enjoy tacos and margaritas with a new friend: Sydney

Yes, I did it. I made a friend at friend’s tea party last weekend and had Tacos today with him and sorry the Margarita part would not take place as I quit drinking. But we had some tacos in Newtown, Sydney in ‘Guzman Y Gomez’.

20130616_182436 20130616_192422











Item Number #13 – Try at least 10 different cuisines

So far I have tried the following new cuisines:

  1. Belgian Cuisine
  2. Lebanese Cuisine
  3. Vietnemese
  4. Italian
  5. Spanish

Today I tried Turkish food and it wasn’t a good experience as I got sick after that. Although I feel good as I ticked this cuisine off my list. But I guess it was just one place and cold food that got me a bit sick. Other than that my friend advised me that usually Turkish food is really good so I might try it some other time. Here are some pictures of food.

20130616_203757 20130616_204335 20130616_204339 20130616_204346 20130616_204349 20130616_204358 20130616_204401 20130616_204405 20130616_204407 20130616_204429 20130616_205807 20130616_211453 20130616_211503 20130616_212143 20130616_213411

So I am closer to complete this item with 4 more cuisines. This is all for today. Hope you enjoy these pics. Wish you a very lovely week and a wonderful life ahead and we will meet soon 🙂

11 comments on “Turkish Delight and Tacos with a new Friend : Bucket-List 2013 Week 7

  1. The same happened to me when I tried Iranian (Persian) food. Tasted great but I found that, well, there were many trips to the WC. Love following your bucket list ticks. Keep on keeping on!

  2. I don’t like “all you can eat serve yourself cafes” there is too much that can go wrong. People using the utensils with dirty hands. I’d rather go to a ‘proper’ restaurant and be served with freshly cooked food. I’m glad you’re feeling better sweetie.

    • That’s right Lyn…we went there as we got a deal and it was mentioned in the deal that it is a three course meal with wine…but when we took seat the waiter informed us that it is buffet and we realized that we have been cheated…I tried not to eat much as I didn’t feel right in the first place but then being a sweet tooth I coudn’t resist the desert which didn’t do me any good I think now 😦

      Thanks dear…I am feeling much better now and thank fully didn’t have food poising that I was afraid of really 🙂 Have a wonderful day dear..and I like your pic in the award page (your recent post)

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