33 comments on “Horse Love – Need for Speed

  1. (we gave our horses away a year ago).. couple kwestyunz: ‘wild’? now, we got wild horse areas not far from home. i suspect those are “sort of” wild…

    YOU take those pixures?? i’ve mentioned before you’ve got quite the eye and and knack with the instrument (camera) !

  2. I wanted a horse so much when I was a child. I remember my Uncle Jack visiting us one day and telling me he’d buy me one – I was about 10 at the time – I never saw him again…or the horse.

    • Awe…as a kid we have such a good memory about such things..and I think we do know sometimes what we really like as well..thanks for sharing Lyn..I have always loved horses since I was a child..there is something about horses – free spirit and speed that really attracts me

    • now what can I say…as I was a bit amazed after reading your comment as it’s like I love my puppy and it would taste good as well…but then it’s good information that people do eat horses and it taste good as well… πŸ™‚ I think I should never be amazed when I am reading your comment as you are one person who thinks really freely I must say with no prejudice πŸ™‚ but I didn’t really like cow and pig although I did try during my bucket list of trying cuisines

  3. I notice that many girls are crazy about horses, so I wonder: is there some sexual undertone to this admiration of horses? I am seriously trying to understand why many more girls than guys like horses.

    • hehehehe…may be Andreas…but why don’t we keep it a mystry really…I love horses as I wrote because of speed and sometimes they can be better companions then a guy as they are truly honest, strong, fast and still reliable πŸ˜‰

        • Do you mean girls are giving horses more priority on a date with you or talking more about horses than yourself when around you? Lol..and also I think as you do not represent the whole community of guys so in general they can be funny at one times but not consistently so its easy to get distracted over the period of years whereas that’s one thing with horses they are pretty much the same…

  4. Horses are one of my all time favorite animals. Thanks for the post!!! I put the pictures on Pinterest and put the link to your blog on there!!! Hope you don’t mind!! πŸ˜€

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