10 cuisines from 10 different countries in Less than two months

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Item Number #13 – Try at least 10 different cuisines

Finally I have done it. Yes, it was awesome to try 10 different cuisines in less than two months. It felt like living and breathing the culture for the moment when I was in these restaurants as I went for traditional places and traditional dishes. Even turned myself into non-vegetarian and it was worth knowing the real taste from these many different countries and culture. Today as the last but not the least cuisine as per my bucket list became African food. And it was just delicious. I am not going to stop here and will try more cuisines in future as this task has proved to be very freeing one as I have opened up to new things in this area of food as well 🙂

1.Belgian Cuisine
2.Lebanese Cuisine
6. Turkish
7. French
8. Cajun
9. Portugese
10. African
11. Taiwanese

45 comments on “10 cuisines from 10 different countries in Less than two months

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  2. I like the look of the food in photo #4. I used to be very boring when it came to food — meat and 3 veg 🙂 But now I love Indian, Thai, Chinese, Spanish (especially Tapas), Mexican… LOL I’m making myself hungry; I need some breakfast.

  3. WOW, I really admire that. I’m FAR FAR to picky a eater to ever consider this. I really love this Tai restaurant near by. They make great veggie/Tofu dishes. I think it’s all in the sauce. We also have an awesome Vegetarian restaurant near by that makes ginger beef without beef. It’s trickier eating out as a vegetarian but I’m happy there’s starting to be more choices.

  4. Wow you are really awesome person , you travel a lot aww thats kinda my dream T_T Enjoy your self fully , have fun dear TC 😀 & yea i’ll meet you some day coz i believe my dream ‘ll come true someday 😀 Tata Have a nice day .

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