16 comments on “What do you see? In Life a lot depends upon your perspective – Change the frame and the picture will look different

    • Everyone in life has a different angle to see life my dear as you know ..thats why we have different perception and sometimes when we think things are not going right according to us then its a good idea to change our perspective as it helps to see things in life from different angle to know the reality instead of just our perceptive reality

      • But you said the same thing as the addage (picture). Lol. I’m not really sure how to do this in a little way, in each direction either. And I agree with you, but the how is the challenge…hoping you could give me that gold nugget I seem to have to struggle at every step of the way. You know, those moments when you keep crashing into the same walls? Or maybe you don’t. Perhaps this comes easier for you. So, don’t mind me i- I’m n this mood lately where I feel like the joke is perpetually on me.

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