Mixture of beauty and innocence with the strength of the nature – I aim to be like that

Flowers, no matter where they grow,

they are always beautiful.

They see all seasons and still stay beautiful,

they don’t change and always stay the same.

I wish I can be like them.

Nature has so much to teach,

if only we can stop for a moment and listen.

DSC03360 DSC09790 DSC09827 DSC09856 DSC09860 DSC09896 DSC09899 DSC09909 DSC09916

22 comments on “Mixture of beauty and innocence with the strength of the nature – I aim to be like that

  1. It reminds of the Bible verse…consider the lilies of the field and how they neither labor nor spin, yet not even Solomon in all is splendor was dressed and as beautiful as these (Matthew 6:28). This is an inspiration for us to be like the lily or the beautiful flowers you have here. Instead of toiling and laboring, let us be the flower that knows it already has beauty, and just allows its natural, Godly beauty to shine through for all to see : )

  2. Gorgeous photos, Kavita. I’ve always loved photographing flowers and these were outstanding, in my opinion. A question: what’s the red flower with the eyes called? They look like bees or another type of insect…

    • hmm…good question but to be honest I am trying to find but unable to find at the moment..I will let you know when I get some clue ..that’s what happen when you click pics of flowers from the garden of other people ..lol…

  3. Beautiful! The top flower is stunning. I like that we evolve and change daily but I have always wished that like flowers we could be more capable of bringing happiness and beauty everywhere we go. Great thoughts!

    • so true dear..couldn’t agree more on that….I love the way flowers see every season but still keep the innocence intact whereas we as humans become ruthless when we face things in our life and loose those amazing emotions that we are born with πŸ™‚
      Thanks for writing here dear

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