World in perfect harmony



16 comments on “World in perfect harmony

    • can you be a bit less crude when you see the world from that angle…I know truth is cruel but you know what if I think like that then I might be crying all day long thinking of those sweet little penguins

      • They are going to fall off the ice, one by one. One penguin for your flight to Australia, the second penguin for the motor scooter, the third penguin for letting your computer on standby all week.
        The fourth penguin will be next, he just saw two of his sisters and his younger brother fall into the icy water. He doesn’t know what is happening.
        But we know. And we can prevent it.

        • I got it now and I will try my best not to increase my carbon footprint which I am already walking almost everywhere and not driving..but what is a way to stop it as I would love to travel more and can’t stop for this lifetime at least…also I do not use AC and rather try to stay in natural air as much as possible

        • no offence but I did read this comment few times and got tears in my eyes…doesn’t mean that you did something wrong but just remembered the truth about what we are doing to the nature

            • I agree with you specially when we don’t realise that we are part of this nature and nature is part of us…we keep thinking ourselves as aliens whereas if we destroy nature then indirectly we are destroying ourselves really….we are nothing without the world around us..we can’t exisit without it…its sad…We need to wake up soon otherwise it would be too late

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