What do you do in the plane? Is travelling by air easy?

Did you say sleep? But not always right and if you travel very frequently then you would know what I mean. Who loves the window seat. I do but only when its a short flight. If it’s a couple sitting next to me then I prefer to take a aisle seat to make sure I don’t have to knock to go to washroom or a stroll in a long flight. People love the window seat from where you can see the view when plane is landing and taking off. But do you ever think the use of it when its a night flight. I see so many people booking the seats mindlessly as if they are going to watch a movie in a theater and the choice of seats are always fixed – center back. I have learned this lesson long back when people on long flight like to sleep and to go to pee you have to keep trying to wake them up in most polite way and then once again if they fall asleep till you come back.Β So what’s your preference for seat when you fly?

I like to keep a book handy in case I get a cheap deal with flights and then they would not have any movies to play without buying each one of them. Also I like to keep my camera handy as you get free view from the sky, like a helicopter tour in case you are sitting away from the wings. If movies are free and good quality then I don’t mind watching a few and keep myself updated. But then you would also want to get some sleep in a long flight, whereas people get a bit anxious in a short flight as its too much hassle for an hour or so flight to check in and then looking for checked in baggage. I travel light with only a carry on backpack which people stare for long when I get in the queue. And quiet a few times I have to either throw stuff (I do have spare things in case I don’t get time to check the weight in advance) or wear some more clothes. I do not prefer to let my backpack get out of my sight as it otherwise can turn into a loss of property which in turn might ruin my short trip anyways. And for few days we don’t need much anyways so carry on is a good way to save money and travel easy with no worry.

Do write about what you like to do when you fly. I would love to hear all about it.



35 comments on “What do you do in the plane? Is travelling by air easy?

  1. I am a multi tasking queen. I don’t think my brain has the capacity to relax. I am never just waiting in line or just riding an elevator. I always find a productive way to pass time be in emails, reading blog content, following up with my readers, or a little family PR via text, Skype. I always pay for the inflight internet and get to work. 2-7 hours alone is a commodity in my life and I use it wisely. In fact I schedule my tasks and make a to so list before I even board!

    Sounds like I need a spa day….

  2. I am a frequent flyer. On a transatlantic flight I usually read a Scandinavian thriller. I love reading!! I cannot sleep on a plane, not even at night. On night flights I usually watch films – Lufthansa has a broad selection.

    • wow…that’s sounds good as I love watching movies and do not mind watching in a row…but you can’t sleep that’s sad as sometimes it makes you very relaxed if you do πŸ™‚

  3. But who would steal your carry-on on a plane? I mean where would they go in mid-air?
    I always take enough books, magazines, papers to read with me, but I also try to sleep. My main problem is legroom. I like the window seat because I can somehow manage to it still for several hours without going to the restroom.

    • you should try for the exit seat…they made me emergency expert this time ..not sure what did they see in me for that….and when I mean I like to keep my backpack around that means in the plane and not as checked in luggage….Good I think I guessed the reading part πŸ™‚ thanks for writing

      • I knew you meant in the plane, but no thief could escape from the cabin, could she? Trust me, you can safely fall asleep and your bag will still be on board by the time you arrive.

        • hehehe…now that I have got words from Andreas then on your words I will always try to sleep with no worries at all..and send you a message in case I need to get some of my stolen bags back πŸ˜‰ you would know about the thief or you will find out I guess πŸ˜‰

      • You just need to wake up before the passengers disembark. If you notice that your bag is missing, you make an announcement. If necessary, you can mention that there are drugs and/or explosives in the bag and the thief will leave it behind, for fear of being stopped by sniffer dogs.

        • hehehehe….mentioning the drugs and all is funny as that way I will get arrested first don’t you think πŸ˜‰ and yes it is a good thing to wake up on time…only once the air hostess had to wake me up as I was in such a deep sleep after a night in the airport I remember

  4. I find flying in a passenger plane rather boring. It has to be an aisle seat for me, I like to get up and stretch my legs from time to time and I hate being blocked in by people. Normally I have my laptop with me for music or a film and try to pass the time as easily as possible. Sometimes you find yourself sat next to someone interesting and it is possible to chat away for much of the flight.

    • I love to meet interesting people on plane as this way you have plenty of time to chat with no interruption at all..I have made friends on plane and its the best way to pass time as then time flies…I think in last few years I have spend a lot of time in the plane and have had a lot of funny and different incidences including one missed flight πŸ˜‰ Thanks for writing here Russell and stretching is one of the best thing you can do really on a long flight

  5. sure, travlin’ by air is yoozyooawlee “easy” –> compared to many hours driving, that is. however, AS WE ALL KNOW, all too frequently we get frustrated — especially by the airlines’ apparent lack of concern for inconveniencing us! WE’VE ALL GOT STORIES. missed your flight? too bad. have to spend an unexpected night in a cold unknown city? HA! we won’t help pay for it nor give you $$$ credit for your inconvenience, even tho’ it was probably caused by our ineptitude!
    apart from that short rant, traveling by air is “easy” especially when you consider how long would it take to drive or boat to, say, australia from india or the u.s.
    i read — but sometimes there is someone with an interesting story next to you. now, if price were no object, i’d always fly first class!

  6. I love flying but don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like to. I also love train travel – so long as it’s for several days – I’ve been on the Indian Pacific five times. A good part of my YA novel takes place on the Indian Pacific, and of course, I had to research for it didn’t I πŸ™‚ I loved it so much, I went back again and again. Unfortunately, now that I’m no longer working, it’s far too expensive to do it every year.

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