What is it to feel like zero?

2013-07-02 23.29.34

Have you ever felt like this? Yes, I feel like zero these days. A lot of things are planned for future. I look at the calendar on my phone and every day is booked with some or the other thing to do. I cancelled my appointments last weekend as I wanted to sleep after few weeks of amazing fun with no sleep. I wanted to stay home and do nothing in the rainy weather. It was good but I felt like zero. In the midst of such a busy schedule all I could feel was void/vacuum. I felt nothing really. It was not bad or good or anything, just nothing. I am feeling it more and more these days. I do stuff when it comes to meeting friends, travel, plan a travel, work, eat and arrange other things. But other than than my mood is getting much calmer and neutral.  Why I am writing about it? I can’t help but express myself in front of you my friend. I might get some insight from a different perspective I hope as this is something new that I am not totally aware of and it is a bit unsettling to get into unknown state like this.

I think or rather trying to think but nothing comes, I am looking at my surroundings and nothing comes to my mind. I am hoping to bounce back to my bubbly self. But I don’t mind experiencing this state either as everything is much more clear. I can look at things and situations from an un-biased perspective. World around me seems like moving every moment without me being involved at times.

12 comments on “What is it to feel like zero?

  1. Okay I’m going to play Mumma here. Sounds like you really do need to get some rest. You’ve been racing around doing lots of fun and exciting things. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends, and when you do that, only one thing can happen…you’ll run out of wick. Maybe you need to take a holiday – a real relaxing, restful holiday where you don’t do anything. No rock climbing, no parachuting, no whitewater rafting. Just a week of indulgence just lying around a pool, having a spa, having a relaxing massage every day. No stress, no rush, just recharge your batteries and come back refreshed xxx

    • awe thank you so much Lyn…I definitely will do that as you said I think I have burnt out really planning so much and even this weekend I have got a trip but I will take it easy and once I am back I guess I might prefer to go more easy on myself with adventure n fun…may be exercising will help as well as being busy I think m ignoring that….

      thanks a lot dear …you really gave me some sense of whats happening as my brain is so tired that U felt a bit lost 😦 I will write you soon once m back ….have a lovely weekend Lyn 🙂

  2. Hi Kavita, you really expressed what void and vacuum is .once in a while we have to spend quality time with ourselves reading, prying ,with our loved ones.Having fun is O.k But what is the price.? have a blessed day jalal

    • Thanks Jalal, unfortunately I don’t have my family in this country and I know it would have been great to be around them at this time. And I do meet my friend regulary without fail and live with another friend of mine. I am going North for the weekend and hope feel the difference when I come back…thanks Jalal for understanding and I think I know what you are saying, I definitely need time for myself – may be a relaxing holiday might help. The trouble is its hard for me to sit and do nothing really and I have already booked few things this weekend as well. I think as you said I need to find balance among work,life,fun,relaxing. Too many balls to juggle with 🙂 But I promise, I will come out of it…I am thinking of cooking at home more as well – it might give me some relaxing time and will prove to be healthy 🙂

      Have a great weekend Jalal..thank you so much for writing here 🙂

  3. I hope you feel better. You are a wonderfully talented and beautiful woman and you deserve happiness

  4. There comes a time when we need to simply be and not to do and perhaps you have reached it. Sit back and enjoy the moment as it surely will not last!

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