Hot Air Ballooning with bunch of Sky Divers and me in the basket

I have more pictures on my Facebook page for this site. Please check more pictures there as due to increasing size restriction I didn’t upload more pictures here.

I will be back with the exciting story of this weekend adventure of mine. As you know it never is simple and this time wasn’t different either. But I would not like to change it for anything really 🙂 So stay tuned and look for my next post to read about how I missed my station and end up in another town and how I started my day with kayaking with dolphins and then flew in a plane. All unplanned but exciting things after which I end up flying in a Hot Air Balloon the next day for a adventurous morning with other 7 Sky Divers who were jumping off the plane.


20130707_082206                           20130707_070830 20130707_072036                                                                    20130707_072241

20130707_072943 20130707_073134 20130707_074541 20130707_080049 20130707_081110 20130707_081533 20130707_081551                                                                      20130707_081847

20 comments on “Hot Air Ballooning with bunch of Sky Divers and me in the basket

  1. Fabulous post .l enjoyed the pictures.Cheers.jalal

  2. Great experience, when my daughters treated me to a ballon flight I could not believe the feeling of freedom.

  3. Kavi,
    For those of us who have never had the experience, it would be interesting to hear from you what you felt while in the air. A previous commenter mentioned freedom. It has to be a powerful perspective.
    Thank you,

  4. I have always wanted to do this! Kavita, you are amazing my friend. Next thing you’ll be posting photos of yourself walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope 😀

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