Fabulous Day at Byron Bay – Kayaking, Flying and some sight seeing

    So now that you know how it all started, you might be ready to know the best part of the day. And if you missed the last part then here is the link to it:
    It all happened so quickly when I was wondering about the plan for rest of the day in this new place. I saw the advertisement for Kayaking and one of my friends had told me about this awesome experience as must have in Byron Bay. And the hostel manager of Cape Byron Lodge(oldest backpacker in Byron Bay – http://www.capebyronlodge.com) was quiet nice to book it quickly for me and before I unpacked all the stuff I got the time for their pickup around 9:30 AM and within half an hour I was on my way for Kayaking (http://www.goseakayakbyronbay.com.au).

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It was exactly what I need, splash of water, a bumpy entry into the ocean through some rough waves that almost flicked me out of the boat and a serene beauty of the place to look at. I was almost lost in the place and this whole fun experience. It was a reward of all that hard work I felt and all that planning that went behind this. I was so relaxed that I almost forgot all about morning. We spotted so many dolphins while kayaking. Me and my buddy even went back to catch some more waves but the second time we got washed away by the bigger waves. It was great fun and the people in the kayaking company were super friendly that started this whole trip in a very nice manner. I met many interesting and friendly people on this trip and when I came back I couldn’t stop smiling thinking about such an interesting morning. Once I was back in hostel I requested the manager for some more information on hand gliding as I had heard that it is also a very nice activity that you can do and it was on my bucket list as well. He even booked one for me, although a different version with micro light plane as the wind was not good for flying otherwise. img_6072_med_hr img_6073_med_hrimg_6091_med_hr It was good to fly over the coastal line of Byron Bay with an expert pilot (http://byronbayskysurfers.com). And after my flight I made friends with few pilots and one of them offered me a ride but unfortunately I had to head back to hostel but I promised to come back to Byron Bay again for it. See, very nice people really. I love Byron Bay J After returning to my hostel I went to the light house and the hostel manager was very friendly to arrange the hostel van to give me a ride to the light house. And I had some cool shot of sunset after two of my other adventures. It was the best way to wind down the day really.

20130706_165312 20130706_165346 20130706_165737 20130706_165804 20130706_170344 20130706_172327

 I was thinking to go out that night even though I have quit drinking but I can still enjoy with plain juice I thought. But then I had arranged the Hot Air Ballooning the other day so it made sense to get some rest before my pick up around 5:15 AM the next day. I made some noodles and had some baked apple for my dinner and went to bed with a happy soul J Best day after getting burnt out last week with hectic life and work not that this day wasn’t busy but I guess this is my way to relax 😉 So what happens the next day? Yes I am about to start writing about that so stay tuned. And here is the link to the next post.

Second day at Byron Bay – Hot Air Ballooning with a bunch of Sky Divers



20 comments on “Fabulous Day at Byron Bay – Kayaking, Flying and some sight seeing

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  2. How cool. Love the pictures. I’m just getting back into kayaking and you’ve just inspired me to plan some kayak trips. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Looks like you had a great time, Kavita

    I’ve flown about 10 hours on a micro-plane but gave up on the licence due to time constraints – might complete, one of these days.


    • Hi Eric…I just moved it from spam to here…not sure why that happened…wow u flew for 10 hours..I was planning to get my CPL but a year is too long to quit working and also heaps of money for it…so I think I might choose travelling over it…but let’s see if I get a chance then definitely I would do it ..a childhood dream it is for me…

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  5. Aha… Such way to enjoy life perhaps…I envy you now Kavita….lol
    Truly you know how to live the life……………………..!!!

    • Don’t you worry Kazi…anyone can live like this as it needs some decisions to be taken and some time to get ready for leaving anything else behind some times (as we need to sort our priorities to achieve what we would like to acheive rather).

      • I realized that long ago…but there are some things that you cannot leave behind or it may take courage to persuade what you desire…sometime there are some things/some relations those pull you back and that’s when I couldn’t ignore some responsibilities… So some dreams became just dreams…But I kept writing…That’s my only escape from a life I am living right now… My words became the reflection of my sole self….!!

  6. Hi Kavita! Thanks for sharing your adventures! We LOVE Byron Bay…and Australia (we used to live in Melbourne for four years, so naturally we are in love with Oz!). This brought back amazing memories! If you decide where you’re going in Africa and need any more tips, let us know. We’ve been to S.Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Ghana (our favourite!), and Egypt! Happy Travels! Jill at Road Warrior. 🙂

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