10 must do things when you are in India


  1. Attend a festival – We have so many festivals in India that every month you can count a few.  India is the most colorful land when it comes to festivals. No matter which month you go, there is always something going on. Although few big festivals are Holi, Diwali and Dussehra are the main festivals.
  2. Attend a marriage – Indians have big fat weddings and some of the riches are famous for show off as well but it’s worth attending a marriage when you are there as it is an easy way to immerse yourself in the culture and get the feel of the soul of Indian culture in short time that too with a lot of fun.
  3. Cook an Indian meal – You will learn so much about different spices that Indians use in their food as well as the reason to use them. Ever spice has a property that helps either in digestion or healing or something else in your body that you will discover when you try cooking some of the stuff. Do learn how to cook ‘daal’ and ‘saag’. You would be able to boast when you go back that you can cook some Indian food and guess what lots of people around the world love Indian food.
  4. Watch any classical dance performance – We have many
  5. Go to temple and worship in traditional way. Every evening devotees gather to sing praise in temples and it is music to ear and one of the things that you must experience
  6. Eat at the stalls by the side of streets – Give it some more time when you arrive in India as you might be new to this kind of non-hygienic way of eating but locals eat on such place almost every day. Even the corporate professionals walk down the street from their work place to enjoy some snacks every now and then. Make sure that you eat something that is cooked in front of you and not sitting there for quiet a while. There are some hygienic but little expensive options to try the same things in good restaurants like Haldiram where hygiene is guaranteed. Although many Indians think it doesn’t taste as good as the roadside food but it should be fine as long as you can get the feel of various food here. Like everywhere else you can also get McDonald here but with an Indian touch. Although I would suggest to avoid that if you are not feeling home sick.
  7. Shop from the street market and bargain the price – One of the surprising experience you might have when you buy something less than 20% of the actual cost. You need to know that most of the times shop keepers rise the price when they think you are a foreigner. So make sure not to get ripped just because you are travelling. One of the tricks to get a good bargain is not to show much interest otherwise they are smart enough to know that you like the stuff and you might be happy to pay any price they ask for.
  8. Live with a local family – This is the closest you can see and live the soul of the very culture in any country. And India is no different. So make friends and try to live with some one’s family and eat home made food. I bet you wouldn’t regret it.
  9. Get a pic on a rickshaw and bus – You will see the difference immediately from other places. It’s fun though.
  10. Travel by train – I know its is a little bit tough and scary at first but after listening to many fellow traveler I can say one thing. You can see true India here. Just few hours of journey and you will make lots of friends and hear many stories. But make sure you keep your bags around you all the time in case something is not insured.

23 comments on “10 must do things when you are in India

  1. I’m leaving for India in two weeks so these tips are really helpful! I know already I’ll be living with a host family, taking a rickshaw to class everyday and I’ll be there during Diwali!! I’d love to attend a wedding, but I don’t really know anyone over there getting married–I’ll keep my fingers crossed =) And thanks for the advice!

    • wow..that is so awesome Rachel…hope you have the best time there..dont worry if you are living with a local family then they wud definitely have someone getting married atleast in neighbourhood as we Indoans usually invite everyone around in weddings…let ur host family know that u wanna go to a wedding snd I guess they wud be able to arrange something during ur stay..I canto wait to hear about your experience there..good luck n enjoy dear

      • My trip in India has been fantastic so far! It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m loving it. I’m staying in Pune for most of the semester but will travel to Bangalore and parts of Kerala for Diwali break. I also can travel on weekends to places in Maharsthra so please let me know if you think there is anything I should do while I am here =)

  2. Wishing I was leaving on a jet plane to India as I would like to do each and every one on your list.

  3. 11. Dance in the Bombay/Goa/Kerala rains during the monsoon
    12. Visit the North India mountain ranges, especially in winter
    13. Visit North East India. It is one of the most beautiful regions of the country

  4. Unfortunately, I’m afraid to travel to India because of how they treat women. Yet all these reasons definitely are compelling 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to get to India: it’s top of my list! I love the way you describe experiences rather than tourist attractions!

    • I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed reading about these experiences…and to be honest although India does have Taj Mahal and many other monuments for tourists, yet the soul of India lives in the culture and in the heart of Indians that one should Experience. Have a lovely day dear 🙂

  6. Looks like a great list of advice for visiting India. I knew of someone (she’s Chinese, but Canadian born) and already had been to Southeast Asia and China. She found India a shock. I think it was the stark contrast between rich and very, very poor/destitute.

    We do have homeless people in Canadian big cities.

    • Yes that is so true…it is a tremdous change for any one from a different country to come to India if they are not prepared..its sad but true that we have many money hoarders who are super rich whereas there are people who don’t have enough to eat daily meal even…but still people have that warmth for others that touches my heart..thansk for writing here Jean….love your cycle blog and your stories..congratulations to publish your writing in so many places 🙂

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