Bucket-List 2013 Week 18 – Swim with Crocodile and Visit Kakadu National Park


It was crazy to face all of them one by one but good thing is that I have seen them before in all size and forms and have learned more about them gradually. And once you know more about them they are less frightening as you understand that killing is in their nature and you got to be very careful around them.

I am back after my last update on my bucket list about visiting 7 cities in less than 7 months.  I have now also completed the below items:

  • Item Number #22 – Swim with Crocodile
  • Item Number #36 – Visit Twin Falls at Kakadu National Park – (Little variation with this as I only toured the park)

Here I was in the cage with one of the biggest crocodiles in the world and he did look hungry. I was more fascinated to see them and feel their closeness to the cage then being afraid really. Looking into their eyes and make them swim towards you thinking that you are food in a safe setting was the best way to encounter crocodiles in Australia as at least 1 person a year die in the rivers because of them at the moment. There are more crocodiles in Darwin than anywhere else in Australia at the moment and when we toured around the rivers there were almost 200 crocodiles in the river as compared to 20 tourists in the boat. And that’s when I was hoping to make it safe when there were so many predators looking at us as food.

I met two girls studying in Melbourne – Sanny from Netherlands and Margaux from Belgium, in the hostel I was staying. I had a wonderful time with them as we went to the bar located next to the pool in the hostel. Also co-incidentally we were booked to the same tour to Kakadu National park. Which made it even more adventurous and fun when we were the only three girls from our age group and we were able to have lots of fun including an innocent 15 min delay that caused us to apologize to people in the bus as the tour guide didn’t specify what time we have to be back and we got sucked into the beautiful views and aboriginal art in the area.

Here is also a link for my bucket list for 2013 if you haven’t had a look. My Promise to live life – My BucketList 2013

A little bit different and also another post about the fears I have in my life with a reflection of other reader’s experiences along with it. My Fears

Awesome and amazing travels…I love this bucket list concept as I am able to do so many cool things due to it 🙂

Love to all my readers!

67 comments on “Bucket-List 2013 Week 18 – Swim with Crocodile and Visit Kakadu National Park

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    • Hahahaha..I know dear.but it was the only option I had to tease him unlike him being a serial killer in the rivers otherwise…. may be one day I can try like Steve, the crocodile hunter to handle them in open 🙂

      • Well, I have never tried anything scary intently…but I was indulged in scary situation(for me though)….I had a race(I meant they chased me) with some ugly packs of wild streets dogs around 4 am (winter)… Those dogs were ugliest I have ever seen, even a dog lover would hate it….No wonder I won the race 😛 😛

    • yes Rider..I am glad too specially after a hurried journey to India for 6 days from here and then straight back to work for one day and back to Darwin for 2 days…it was busy crazy for me ,.,,,and I am glad that I survived thru it …have u done something crazy lately?

    • So true Sheri..it was really good as we could chat all the way there and also I got to learn so many things from them during my stay in Darwin…I usually travel solo but this way I never feel alone when I meet such awesome people on my trips…How do you like to travel? Solo or with friends/family?

    • Thank you so much Christy and reading this feedback from you makes me even more determined to do more stuff and write about my ventures for you and all …love hearing from you girl…once again thanks a lot for writing here and glad that you are enjoying it 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot dear..u made my day..I sure soon will post about it on my blog 🙂 I have such a big back log for things I need to do…Have a wonderful day my friend..and thanks a lot for writing here

    • Thanks dear..yes few things makes you drop your jaw and that’s why I had this in my list when I saw this activity and good thing is you can do it in a relatively safe environment as well in Australia 🙂 What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

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  4. This is just so fantastic, Kavita! Wonderful 🙂 I envy you. I’d love to see Kakadu. I bet it is just beautiful.

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