Solo woman travelling to India – Fear or Joy

It made me think after I had an interview with BBC last night about how I feel as an Indian woman travelling around India by myself. It was around 12:30 AM Sydney time (24th August 2013) when I got a call from Chris, one of the producers of BBC news shows after my twitter update about my travel to India in few hours. Initially I thought it might be just a joke as at this hour I am getting a call to participate in an interview that too live. But soon I realized that it was actually happening and I had two choices – one go to bed as there were only 5-6 hours left to get some sleep before I catch my flight in the morning or stay awake for this interview discussion as not everyday you are given this opportunity. Guess what I chose the second option. Although before actually realizing what we are going to discuss I was all excited but soon enough the smile was replaced by the sadness and the excitement was replaced by the sheer anger and frustation.

The discussion was about the various issues that solo woman travellers face when they travel around India. It was inspired after a overnight hit article written by Michaela Cross, an Americal student who went to India to persue her studies in Abroad culture and civilization. It threw me into the same ocean of emotions that I have lived for almost 4-6 years when I was living back in India. All those memories dashed my mind in few minutes and some known emotions (anger, frustation, hatred, pain) made me feel overwhelmed.

I read the article published in CNN as adviced by Chris and instantly I felt a connection to this woman and her story.

Here is the link for the article:

Also I would share my thought of my India trip in this regard soon.

26 comments on “Solo woman travelling to India – Fear or Joy

  1. I don’t know what to write here.. But are indian more obsessed with so called culture and lost respect to women? many questions…

    • Its a pity and its not just India unfortunately as when I was in Sri Lanka I had more trouble in that respect may be because India is my place so I know how to handle things but when I was in Sri Lanka I didn’t know how to react being a tourist…but woman is seen as a possession in India mostly and man like to think they need to protect or posses woman in their family the way they want and whoever doesn’t belong to their family isn’t their responsibility and they can do anything they like with them. This is such a shame really as things only bother them usually when something happen to their family otherwise they don’t really think much which is one of the reason of so many issues around these days. Have you encountered partial behaviour in society Martian in any respect?

      • lot of.. But I don’t know what to say as a guy.. Sometimes in my opinion I have encoutered with such girls as well (Don’t take it as debate.. πŸ™‚ ) Very very long back I have done some analysis..why does it happen in india? and does it happen only in india? What is the role of women in this case? what is the role of the guys in this regard? Are only girls victims of these cases? or men too? .. Finally I have to admit that .. in both cases.. The poor men and women are affected by the most cruel opposite parts … Most of the times the cases of the women are brought forth and put on the table.. where as men are mere victims ( most of the times..) and it has been left unknown.. ( I don’t sympathize with men- don’t this so please..) – But whoever it is they should be punished…. as you said.unless otherwise it happens to their family people are mere watchdogs πŸ™‚

  2. Ahhhhh now I understand why you asked me the question about travelling!!! The jigsaw puzzle all fits! I will read the link you posted and comment soon……. πŸ™‚

  3. I read the article that you posted a link of. Her story needed to be heard, but yes, it is also a very difficult subject. There is a fine line…. how to highlight the sexual violation of women, but also do it in a way to avoid condemning or stereotyping a nation’s men. Thank you for sharing your post Kavita. I hope you will share your thoughts soon, about your experiences whilst you were living in India.

    • thanks dear…I am back now safely which I feel good about but still wish that things need to change in India and many such countries for the woman to feel safer…thanks for writing here Bandhna dear

  4. nafees said India is a huge country so things like that can happen. Not only in India,this happens in other countries too…Why it is going unnoticed?? Ok, I am not gonna justify this by saying it happens all over the globe…I feel sorry for that girl. As Bharathi(great tamil poet) said India will be a free and independent country only If girls can walk freely in the streets during night time with golden ornaments and other precious things… Hope that day isn’t far away. so to all travelers BE SAFE not only in INDIA but ALL OVER THE GLOBE !

  5. There is a lot that is not good about India, but a lot that is good. I wonder if the lady in question was a really unlucky one. These days, it is fashionable to bash India

  6. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Bollywood and other India movies. I feel like India is calling me and I love Indian food. However, even some of the movies warn about unescorted women travelling without a man. I look forward to reading your article.

    • Yes so true…its fun but not an easy road to India I must say..but then it’s like any other country where people need to be street smart while travelling..sure I would soon upload some more information…thanks a lot for commenting here πŸ™‚ Love to know that you like Indian Movies as Bollywood is really big in India and we are making better movies every year

  7. Agreed, but I had to adjust to music videos in the middle of a serious movie..LOL! I don’t know if this was a Bollywood Movie but Kahaani was a great movie. I also liked Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Shahrukh Khan is my favorite actor and I look for all of his movies. There’s a lot of young good looking actors that I follow as well…

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