Sand Boarding in Port Stephen and Dolphin Cruise in Nelson Bay after encountering few animals

It was hard to wake up on Saturday morning as I am not a morning person usually. But after looking at those flowers and kangaroos in the Wildlife park it felt so worth. And no, even before that I remember now when I left home and got to the main street, I spotted many riders on their bikes. It was nice to see so much happening in the morning. It was so motivating to see so many people up and on their way to a fresh start of the day. I think I have started considering to be a morning person. Although the only issue is that I don’t sleep early and then it becomes even harder to get up early. But I guess I am going to make a way in that direction too. But anyways coming to the point I had planned a tour this Saturday to Nelson Bay, Port Stephen. It is a few hours drive north from Sydney and I had heard a lot about the sand dunes there so here I was heading to the beautiful view from the sand dunes – one of the longest in Australia next to the beautiful beach. We made a quick stop at the wildlife park and I did feed some Kangaroos there. It was such a beautiful start of the morning. Then next thing I knew we were walking around Nelson Bay and getting some food before boarding this big boat called ‘Moonshadow’. Then soon we were on the way to spot some dolphins. We did get a chance to see some of them but not so close as I did see them last weekend in Jarvis Bay. Here are some pics if you want to look at them from my last trip.

Hang Gliders and Dolphins

Then after coming back from the cruise we headed to ride some sand πŸ™‚ It was so scary to look at the high Sand dunes let alone thinking about riding them. But then I saw so many people going to the top of the sand dunes with a board that I got tempted with my camera mounted on my head – all determined to take chance and try this new adventure. And as I am not used to of slopes and last time I tried a new sport I did suffer from concussion (Concussion couldn’t stop me from skiing – Pain is temporary, but if I quit then it will last forever)Β , not that I am complaining but it was just a moment of fear for me when I sat there at the top with my board just looking down and thinking why the hell I even have to do this. Then after few minutes it all looked good and something happened in my mind and a voice said just go and there I was doing sand boarding. And after once it became like a second nature to get up and walk back with my board to the highest possible place and slide down. It was so much fun and yes I shouted as loud as possible to emphasis on how much fun I had doing this. I missed it the most when we left in a 4 wheel drive to get back to our tour bus. And I think I might go back one day to try it again as it is a lot of fun and if you haven’t tried then I recommend it to adrenalin junkies and adventure lovers.

11 comments on “Sand Boarding in Port Stephen and Dolphin Cruise in Nelson Bay after encountering few animals

  1. I’ve never heard of sandboarding lol Looks like a ton of fun although, I don’t think I’d want sand in my eyes and mouth.

    • Hahahaha…I think as long as you do whatever is instructed and just make a balance you would not be getting sand in your eyes or mouth don’t worry πŸ™‚ And it is a lot of fun πŸ™‚

    • That’s why I like to write as one of the many reasons because I get to share things with you and while reading the comment from you I can feel that you were able to live the moment with me that multiplies my joy and fun with you πŸ™‚ Thanks for writing here..and yes it was lot of fun and I have realized that only tryin new things can give you the sense of adventure at times…as never trying will never let me know how it would feel while doing such things…and I guess I am fortunate to be able to do such stuff and be in such places as well πŸ™‚

  2. Since I suffer from Agoraphobia, which means I have a sense of fear at times to get out the front door, let alone travel…..That is why I enjoy your blog, and others who blog about *LIFE* and experiences. I love your style of writing as well!! Thanks for making me feel like I was their too!! God Bless, Author, Catherine Lyon

    • I am glad that you enjoy reading my articles Catherine…its a pleasure to hear from you on my blog and I am really happy to know that I am able to write my adventures in a way that you can live the moments with me there and then πŸ™‚ Its amazing to share as it multifolds the happiness and joy with others and I get a chance to re-live the moments while reading the comments πŸ™‚

      Have a wonderful day dear Catherine!

    • Thanks for writing here Malcolm..its a lot of fun and relatively safe as sand is the softest surface you can have while going to such a height to slide from..hope you had a wonderful weekend..and have a lovely week ahead!

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