Letter from a stranger who saved my life as I almost died that night

Hi All,

I was going through my stuff and found this letter from a stranger who became an angel and a friend later. It was the time when I was going through a very rough stage in my life. When I look back now it feels like eternity and I can’t believe that I was so upset in my life at that point due to the people whom I loved and cherished once and who hurt me the most in my life. I might not have shared this a year ago but now that I am out of that situation and have become a much stronger and happier person in life then I would like to share this letter that I recieved from a person who saved my life and stood by me that night. It was christmas party that I wanted to go to make sure I get a bit of a change from my current life’s problems and get my mind away from the problems. It was the fear of my ex that took over after few drinks and I panicked that night. Then worst happened and I was lucky to find some angles that night to save my life and help me realise no matter how much people hurt you or damage your life but there are others selfless souls in this world who spread peace and love. And that makes me feel that there is absolutely no reason to give up on people who are no good for you or who treat you mean and create problems in your life. But rather think about the nice people around and the goodness in this world and have hope and love in your heart. Thanks to those people who saved me and whom I would always be grateful to. So here goes the letter:



Nicole and I (photo attached) were there from the start til the very end so I’m happy to meet with you to discuss it, or below is basically the details of the event.

At about 10.30, while we were all sitting in a circle chatting, we noticed you were rather intoxicated.

Within minutes, you collapsed to the floor. 

Rich (photo attached – only one I have on my phone) grabbed you up to sit up but you fell back down.  So he laid you on your side until the medical guys that were on site arrived.

We took you into a side room.  At this point, there were only Nicole, Rich, Pauline and I, including the staff of Town Hall and party organisers, and the med guys were in the room trying to assist.

At this point, your heart rate dropped and there was a 50/50 chance.  You were severely in shocked and body was not coping well.  I dont believe they performed CPR but they had to put a lot of pressure on your chest due to your heart beat slowing right down.  The med guys decided that you needed to be taken to hospital.

As you arrived to the party with no one and Pauline and Rich had to go, Nicole and I volunteered to be present with you in the ambulance and at the hospital.

Whilst in the ambulance I made all attempts to get an emergency contact details through work place, but to no avail.  We also went through your phone and attempted to contact Kunal whom wasn’t able to come due to no transportation.  At this point, we were already aware your situation with regards to your ex (as you had mentioned it to Pauline and we were informed so that we could treat this matter carefully)

We saw numbers on the phone from text messages that we knew not to call. 

Upon arriving at the Sydney hospital the nurse took a breath test, and unfortunately you were 4 times over the limit.  This was consumed within 2-3 hours max.  We knew the mental and emotional state you were in but we had no idea whether you had taken any pills prior or not.  You were admitted to emergency.  This was about midnight.  Nicole and I stuck by you til 2.30.  During this time, you were still quite in shock and intoxicated.  Towards the end, you gained some consciousness and became more aware of the situation ie you being at the hospital.  You got up to Nicole and I.  You opened up a lot to us about the AVO and personal situation.  You managed to give us your address in North shore., as we of course didn’t want to take you back to the address on your licence for your safety.  A lot was said by you which I truly hope one day soon it will be over and brighter days for you.  We even got to the point where both shed tears because you spoke of ending your life to find peace.  I have had friends that passed away and one committed suicide. I showed you a tattoo on my arm of my friend and told you that not a day go by, I dont feel hurt by the selfish act of my friend.  So please, I hope you dont do anything silly to yourself.  I dont know you well enough but I know you are in a bad place, but I do believe that what happens today makes us stronger tomorrow for brighter days ahead. At 2.30 I spoke to the nurse and she informed me that we didnt have long at the hospital as at this stage you were no longer in danger and not life threatening.  We escorted you out onto the road and attempted to get a taxi.  At 3am we managed to get one, and Nicole lives over the bridge so she took you home first, ensured you got into your place ok and she left to go home.  I live in Waterloo so I left as soon as you guys got a cab. 

It was a night that we all didn’t expect but it does happen.  Do not feel embarrassed.  If you were a drunk and its a common thing then I would have stuck by you but due to the fact that you had a lot going on, it was the right thing to do to ensure your safety comes first. 

I hope you are feeling much better now and you said you are seeking help from a counsellor.  I truly hope it works out as you seemed like a really nice person that wants nothing but happiness and to live a normal life.  Stay strong and know that you are not alone.  I am only a phone call away if you need a friend OK. 


I am not sure what kind of problems you might face in life but smaller or bigger we all are capable to choose a life for ourself and lead a life with happiness if we are willing to. So don’t feel embarrased about things that have happened in your life as we all have a past. But its the choices we make in our present and its the decisions we make to corrct them that matters the most.

A warm and kind hug from a friend – Kavita

24 comments on “Letter from a stranger who saved my life as I almost died that night

    • Yes I am a completely changed person now….Ren sometimrs relationships can make us feel the lowest in our life n sometimes the best decisions r the toughest n i guess atleast in my case it was when i decided to get out of this relationship as then the dark went away n lightvcame through

      • I get that. I cannot imagaine how it must have felt knowing that the man you love deeply had betrayed you, thrown you under the bus. I think the betrayal hurt you more than the love you just lost. Betrayal would hurt me more.

  1. this was a beautiful act done by beautiful people on behalf of another beautiful person, you. i am so glad you are in a better place now and thank you so much for sharing this very heartfelt story with us. hugs ) beth

    • True Rowena..it was a bad phase n I am glad that with thr help of some awesome people n friend n family I was able to overcome it n become a much stronger n better person in my life

  2. Wow. Thank you for sharing. A lot of us (myself included) have been to that dark place, where it seems like there is no point in carrying on. Thankfully, there are a lot of angels in disguise out there. Life can seem impossible sometimes, and we need to help each other through it.

    • Thanks a lot Bethany for reading this and seeing the things from my perspective and yes sometimes we are sent angels from heaven tonhelp n sometimes we become one for others….hope we all become a part of lovd filled world one day

    • Thanks a lot Malcom to be so motivating here and support me all the way in my journey here in the blogging world…it really helps to know that people are nice out there and its a beautiful world full of some very kind souls and you are right we do need to save some for ourself really…

  3. Hello! I am so happy for you that you have found angels to help you back from the brink and now your life is better. Yes, life does throw us many curveballs, and sometimes it’s all too much to take. But there is a lot to live for, so hang in there. I think of all my blessings when I’m down, and it usually helps.

    Now you can be an angel to someone someday.

    • So trye dear..it was not smart of me in that situation but yes we learn from our mistakes but things like this gives us hope that there is still positivity with angel like people around 🙂 thanks a lot for writing here dear

  4. I am awarding you the Blog of the Year Award 2013 as an expression of my gratitude for following “The Journal of Wall Grimm” blog. You can see the post here: http://wp.me/p41c99-hx If you don’t accept awards, that’s no problem at all. Awarding you is my way to thank you and it is of no insult to me if you decline.

  5. Thank you for sharing this, Kavita. That was such an intense read and I’m sure sorry you went through that terrible experience yet thrilled that you had such wonderful friends and angels with you that night! All of our best to you 🙂

  6. What an amazing experience, Kavita. You had to go thru the depth of despair, close to death, and were saved by someone who cared deeply. That must have been the turning point for you and given you new hope that life could be worthwhile again. The best revenge is always to live life joyfully and with love (I think Alice Walker said something like that in one of her books).

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