Oh my Gosh..its my birthday now and another year has passed so I want to say thank you :)

Hi All,

Thanks to all here to make my year a wonderful year. As I couldn’t have done it without you. Either it was doing my bucket list (https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/my-promise-to-myself-for-5-years-to-live-life-fully-first-installment-is-here-already-bucket-list-2013/) or being a blogger to share my experiences or learning from things in life I went through and all the journeys from small to big that I was able to make. I am so grateful to you all. And now I am a year older, wiser and much more happier it is all because of you and all the amazing people around me who gave me hope when I had none, who showed me light when it was way too dark, who gave me courage when I was about to break and who gave me love when I was alone.

I love my friends, family and most of all each of you from the core of my heart for being a precious part of my life and I feel bless today on my birthday for that.

One more thing as I update teh twitter and facebook more often sometimes when I am travelling or day to day life is keeping me a little bit busy. Hence it’s my request for you all to join me on twitter and facebook so that I can keep in touch more often in busy times. Also drop me a message and I would follow you back 🙂 Happy days!



Kavita Joshi

28 comments on “Oh my Gosh..its my birthday now and another year has passed so I want to say thank you :)

  1. Oh, yay ! Happy Birthday. here’s one for you…..

    * singing ala marilyn Monroe*
    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday…… happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday … to you…

    • Thank you so much Uday …you are awesome n always motiva y e ne with your amazing post full of lovely pictures…God bless you see dear. .n thank u so much for being so nice ….hope you have a winderful weekend…I m preparing for a house party today for mg birthday last week .m a bit nervous ..lol…regards, kavita

    • Thank you so much Chris….very nice of you to say this….what a kind soul you are my friend…and I wish you all the happiness on your way ….

      some sunshine and wishes from Sydney.

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