Antarctica – A journey to remember


As you know I bought a ticket to Antarctica for myself for my birthday and it went amazing after many years. I had the best birthday in many years or I must say since I grew up. Last year was not bad either as I was diving deep with Manta Rays in the night in Hawaii but this year I celebrated it with so many people and that made it extra special. I threw my first house party as well in Australia for my birthday and it went well with almost a dozen attendees and I must say it was like Christmas for me last when I started from the last weekend in Antarctica and then till yesterday with a house party and dinners, lunches along the way. It was like a whole week celebration and I do feel like a celebrity now. And with so many wishes here from all of you my lovely friends. I couldn’t have asked for more.

But I know you must be eagerly waiting for the pictures from Antarctica now so here they are as I was so busy the whole week that didn’t get a chance to upload them. But it’s never too late anyways. It was one of the most amazing things one can do and I guess I might take the boat one day to get there even closer than this time.

It was not just the destination, but I felt it was the whole journey and various aspect of this trip that made it special. I went to Brisbane for this trip and it was funny as I didn’t know what to pack as I was flying there to fly again and most of the time I was about to spend in the plane and the airport. But anyways as always I did pack few extra clothes and some of my dresses just in case I go out in the night to see the night life in Brisbane. But I end up spending time in the hostel I was staying watching a movie and I only had three hours of sleep before my trip which was not ideal but sometimes you do loose time when you meet awesome people to talk. And there I was with my tag around my neck like a medal and walking all proud in the airport to get to my gate for the flight. I was a bit early and all excited to get on the plane. Then slowly people started pouring from nowhere and in an hour we had more than 100 people almost. And I preferred to be at the end almost as it’s saves you queuing up for so long. But then the moment we got comfortable in the plane we were told that one of the extra engine has failed and the team of engineers is fixing this. But it was not a fortunate start so we had to de-board the plane soon for few hours to get the engine fixed properly. Fortunately we were able to fly the same day although after 4 hours but it was worth the wait. We were served Champaign soon after we boarded and then comes a snack pack that I did finish quickly as I felt a bit hungry by this time. We then flew in this big jumbo jet and I started watching the movie – ‘Last Vegas’ after having a small conversation with my fellow travellers next to my seat. I thought I might have a nap but the environment was full of excitement so I couldn’t afford a sleep at all.

Then finally we were told that soon we would spot our first iceberg and then people started getting up from their seat and start queuing up next to the window to see the first sight of the ice berg. It was all white at first (of-course what else was I expecting). But the first sight was more of a water and ice mixer to be honest but not long after we were over the top of few really big ice bergs and considering the height we were at, they were really big I must say. Also then we started getting plane ice all over and then a stream of water among those big rocks of ice. The adventure had started and now it was time to spot various sights in the same colour. Good thing is now the water is blue so it was easy to tell the ice bergs apart from the water and also we did spot a ship on the so called harbour. People were co-operative and were giving others space to see if they had their share of sight seeing over some places. Almost everyone was out there with their cameras and glasses.

Note: Do not forget your sunglasses as the light reflected from the ice is quiet strong that may even hurt your eye.

So there it was my first trip to Antarctica and my birthday gift to myself. Let me know if you have ever been there or want to go in future or if even are fascinated by the whole fact. I am waiting for your comments and opinions about this whole adventure my friend.

Link to book the flight:


Kavita (Sunshine and hugs from Sydney)

58 comments on “Antarctica – A journey to remember

  1. Kavita, that shot of you in summer clothing is hilarious considering you are on your way to the coldest place on the planet. You look ready for 40C, not -40C. Well you do look cute.

    • hahahaha…thanks Ron for the compliment but yes I guess it does look funny now that I think of it…but considering we never land there in a day flight I can get away with this and still be alive in my shorts 😉

    • hahahah true my friend…it was funny as it seems like going to Antarctica might be so cold …but we don’t land so anything is good really 🙂 It is 4 hours flight from Brisbane, Australia and even less from Melbourne

    • true dear…it was magestic and also as we were there for four hours crusing so the view was also changing with different day light which made it even better ….glad that you enjoyed it 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Lisbet….very nice to hear from you ….yes it was one of the best way to treat myself this year 🙂

      I always wanted to see Antactica and this was an easy and quicker way and didn’t need me to go away for too long which wouldn’t have been possible from my work at the moment….

      Warm wishes from Sydney my friend….


  2. great photos…i’m really jealous!!!i’m sure that was an unforgettable experience…!!!
    by the way…i love the contrast between you, wearing shorts&t-shirt, with the icy background of the Antarctica 😉
    take good care!!!
    greetings from Greece!!!

  3. Hey Kavita,

    How are you?? I haven’t talk to you in while. I’ve been very busy!!! I love you post and the pictures!!! The ones of the mountains are very beautiful!!! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!! 🙂 Talk to you soon!!! 🙂

    Psalm 119:105

    • Hey dear…so nice to hear from you ..yes I was busy myself so didnt get a chance to say hello for quiet some time…m goid and cruising along life and taking one day at a time 🙂 How have you been? I hope you are doing well and living the life to the fullest 🙂 Its always a treat to hear from you. …regards, Kavita

    • hahahaha…I wasn’t in my jamies Andreas 🙂 They are my shorts if you are refering to me…but this flight was like 13 hours long so it’s ok to be comforable I guess 🙂 And I guess I don’t mind wearing pyjamas in case it was not a special flight which I was treating myself with on my birthday …I did have a nice dress to wear but then I thought there is no point when I have to squeeze myself between the windows to take pictures…it’s better to be more comfortable as no cares anyways…..

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    • No Daniella…in this trip we don’t as its just a day trip and that makes it easier to see and not be sooo cold 🙂 Worth trying if you don’t have much time I would say.

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