Japan – A positively overwhelming and colorful experience

Please find my latest article about my trip to Japan and I will be posting about each place seperately as there is so much to talk about when it comes to Japan.


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Here is the list in chronological order of all the places I went in 10 days of my stay there.

1. Nagoya – Fly in

2. Hiroshima

3. Miyajima – Very close to Hiroshima but I would love to write a seperate post about it as I had a moving experience there along with some adventure

4. Osaka

5. Kyoto – C ity of ancient culture with beautiful temples and shrines

6. Tokyo – I never thought Japan has such a massive city

7. Kamakura – I was lucky to attend the lantern festival in a nearby island, Enoshima,  during my visit to Kamakura

7. Mt. Fuji – It made me cry and it made me laugh is all I would say before I write the details in the coming post

8. Kariya – Met one of the best couch surfing host here who helped me after another host of mine changed the plans at the last moment

9. Nagoya – Sightseeing and fly out from here

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