Journey from being a shy computer nerd to a traveller and an adventurous soul – What do you think? Would you like to know more about me and how I got this travel bug?


405879_10150527281197471_1383247051_nHello my beautiful and handsome friends out there Hope you have a beautiful morning this Saturday as it’s nice and sunny here in Sydney and I am feeling very happy by the fact that I have amazing friends like you guys who are always by my side and fill my life with love and happiness. Thinkng of you and feeling blessed.

Also I have a thought as I was wondering what do you think of me writing a book about how I changed my life and how did I become a traveller and adventurous sydney sider from a shy and workoholic IT nerd. And some more things about my travels and adventures…All of you who know me well enough or have ever met me, I would love to hear from you on this and also how do you feel about supporting me for this if I go ahead

22 comments on “Journey from being a shy computer nerd to a traveller and an adventurous soul – What do you think? Would you like to know more about me and how I got this travel bug?

  1. YOU HAVE ALREADY STARTED writing that, and other, book(s) !
    i’ve noticed (previously) that you’ve mentioned and described aspects of “the transformation” — so, again, you’re off to a good start. i don’t think it’s a stretch for you to get $$$ published $$$ a bona-fide publisher $$$ also.

    • True dear I think you are right to say that as this blog has a lot of things about me already and my present life …all I have to do is consolidate more of it 🙂 Thanks dear…you are always an inspiration and motivation for me

  2. Hey kavita, its been a long time since i saw you here. Actually I’ve not been here that much; just from time to time!
    You’ve been on a huge journey in your life already. I can imagine there must be more to do and see. I’m trying to do the same. More time in India soon.
    I think you could write a good book about the things you’ve seen; you’re physical travels and spiritual travels too. They often are intertwined. For me definitely..
    Nice to see your beautiful smile after so long 🙂

    • True its been a spiritual, Physical and some other journeys that I have made in last few years…sometimes I feel my life happens very fast and its like I have lived 50 years in last 20 years almost….love the way it unveals sometimes though…and teaches you how to proceed from there…

      Love to know that you are going to India…hope you have a wonderful travels there as I am missing India for a while now and not sure when I would be going back at the moment but sometimes next year hopefully…So you have been busy? What have you been upto dear?

  3. Love this shot, and especially Lord Ganesha looking over your shoulder. Kind of an important sign when considering whether one should write a book about removing one’s obstacles, don’t you think? 🙂

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