USA for 3.5 Months and then rest of the world

Hello My Fellow Bloggers,

I have been on a life changing path via my traveling life now. I decided to leave my regular life style and take a break from work and old life to see the world this year. Yes, its been a great year with some of the most crucial decisions and very low moments and very amazing changes in my life. Few months ago I was struggling to keep up with all the challenges life had thrown upon me and now I am traveling in USA for over 2 weeks and another 3 months to go having the most amazing time of my life.

Meeting my old friends after almost 3 years or more, kayaking, cold water diving, hiking volcanic mountains, hiking in Yosemite and some famous national parks, dancing swing style, ride share on the road on two night drives across states in USA are some of the most awesome things I have done so far and lot more to come. I have decided to get back to my blogging and keep in touch with all of you now again after a hectic and busy life last year and some this year.IMG_7419 IMG_7407 IMG_7492 IMG_7497


Kavita Joshi


12 comments on “USA for 3.5 Months and then rest of the world

  1. Hello Kavita, it’s nice seeing you after a long time. You are looking good and it’s great to know you’re having a grand time.Best wishes to you my friend. πŸ™‚

  2. it’s been a month since you posted — but it appears you’re in the mountains a bunch! basically, my favorite place (“the mountains”) — usually !

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