Kavita Joshi

Hello My Friend,

Who am I? Good question. Sorry to say but I am not sure I have the right answer yet as I am on the path of self discovery myself. Other than that I can definitely tell you what I do – Software Engineer in a large IT firm. I am friendly but also an assertive person who loves adventure and jumping is something that gives me thrill – whether it is sky diving or bungee jumping. I have the travel bug in me and time to time I love staying under water  – scuba diving, when I can. India is where I came into existence but my heart is purely global as I do believe that where you are born and brought up does contribute to who you are but I also believe that who you are inside creates a world around you. So I am in the process of creating the surroundings the way I am inside.

Why I am here – To join this online family where people believe in sharing

I am on my journey of life and want to share my thoughts and experience with you. I hope to take you through the same roller coaster I am going through at the moment. And believe me its head spinning thrill and heart dwelling deep at times. So rather than just writing about it, lets start exploring.

Lets create the dreams and turn them into reality.

If you are interested to know the adventurous side of me then visit my other post : https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/what-keeps-me-alive-want-to-know-lets-have-a-look/

Here are some videos to watch if you have less time as these videos will give you a quick view of my pictures in my blog here.

My life –  Part 1

Awesome adventure  – Part 2

Travelling around –  Part 3 and Part 4

My dear friend (http://teenfaith777.wordpress.com/) has created three awesome videos from the pics of my life and places that I have visited. Check these out and let me know what you think.

Talking through experience,



Here is a contact form for anyone who wish to reach me. I will reply to your email so send the message with your email address in it. I ask not to send spam mails or forwarded emails as I do not have extra time to read such emails and looking at my schedule I would appreciate if you use this contact for useful and required emails only.

522 comments on “Kavita Joshi

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    • Your most welcome Harrie…you have a very awesome blog so couldn’t stop to look at it…and will keep an eye on it in near future as well 🙂 Keep blogging

    • Thanks a lot dear….I really appreciate you writing here and I would love to browse your blog more as I love the pics you have there dear..awesome photographer you are…

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  3. Thanks for the follow, Kavita. Really appreciate it! You certainly are enjoying your life at the moment, sky diving and all. Wish I had such courage. I’m a wimp when it comes to heights. Perhas I can join you in your adventures thru your blog.

  4. I must say you are one heck of a girl! A real dudess! Must say; many of us just plan and plan and they never come off. Seeing you enjoy life is worth appreciation.#Respect.

    Cheers! ( :

    • Thanks Ronak…check out one item from my list is completed…yippi…and I love to hear from you my dear blogger friend..I am enjoying this journey with you and others here and the fun is more when shared with awesome people 🙂 Would love to know more about you and share my journey with you 🙂

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  9. Its beautiful to be motivated to do things to do.Your travelings are proofs of that.l appreciate the time you put to post your trips.Thank you for liking my post (Ariel the Kidnapper) My regards.jalal

    • Thanks a lot Jalal…I still have to write the last post in Sri Lanka series and I will do that soon as I am so busy these days with all the things I have got myself into ..So I was just stepping back in last few days and articulate the current things that are happening around 🙂

    • Thanks a lot dear…As these awards show the appreciation of the fellow bloggers hence I respectfully accept it…although I might take some time to post about it on my blog ..

      I am honored that you thought about nominating me and very glad 🙂

      Have a wonderful day ahead dear 🙂

  10. What a fantastic blog you have here, both of them … I just checed the other one ..
    I think that you live your life that the rest of us also should do … to the fullest !
    // Maria

  11. Kavita thanks for following my blog. You are # 100 on my list of followers. It has been an amazing year so far with my blog. Looking forward to see how you do with your self discovery. Heads up, it takes a life time to do that as time changes everything around you and so you with it.

    • Thanks Gregory…yes it is always fun underwater..I myself havn’t been there since February …I might just go for a night dive but it’s so cold here…a bright sunny day dive might be a good idea 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by dear and writing a sweet comment 🙂

  12. “So I am in the process of creating the surroundings the way I am inside.”
    Must say, that’s a pretty nice inspiring line! Felt great while going through your blog.
    And yeah, also thanks for dropping by my baby-blog: “The Nomadic Soliloquist”.
    Cheers! 🙂

    • Thank a lot Tanumoy….very nice to hear back from you and I am honored that you are enjoying my blog as it means my aim to write is successful my dear friend…keep blogging as you have a very nice blog 🙂

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    • Thanks John…this is so nice to hear from you really…Its an honor to meet you as well…you have a heart of gold I must say being such a friend and solider I salute you 🙂

  14. Is this where I go Kavita? Nice sailing with you and June and Justin. You need more but I can’t see you squeezing it in. Such a wild bucket list you have – but where is sailing in your list of adventures? As to your vege food interest – try a Turkish Imam Biyaldi, it means ‘the priest fainted’ for good reason if you care to find out. And some art trivia – I did live close to Salv Dali and worked in a bar where he signwrote the décor, I did serve him a few drinks but he gave me no art lessons – in Spain of course. Am prepping for sailing up the coast, Regards, your skipper Dave.

    • Hey Dave,

      So nice to see your comment here. Its the 39th Item on my bucket list Dave on my bucketlist…u are right that it is really a big list but I will sure try to do more sailing and I think a coastal one would be more benificial where I can do it for few days and get the hack of it…thank you so much for teaching us to sail as I had a wonderful weekend learning it..and I would love to learn more about it for sure..it is a tiring activity though as I slept 12 hours straight yesterday ..lol …

      Hope your are having a nice Monday and I will keep you updated with my bucket list 🙂 And hope I can do some sailing with u in future soon,,,

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  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I got the chance to see your place here. It’s really nice. And I like your passion for life and living. Keep flying – off cliffs and in airplanes to fresh new vistas just for the joy of it!

    Yeah… the software will happen anyway. I know, I’m of your tribe! 🙂

    • hey dear..so nice to hear back from you here my friend…yes its motivating when u say these things and such words as urs actually helps me to fight when wind is not in my favor really …u are in the same clan then definitely u will understand my position and why I had to make a bucket list to make sure I can live fully while sitting behind the desk most of the time 🙂

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  18. I really like your philosphy. You seem to realize life is not easy, yet it’s meant to be lived to the fullest. Your words are an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others : )

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  20. glad you are sharing your journey of life with us, and welcome! i look forward to reading more of your words and thanks for reading and following mine as well )

    • Thanks a lot dear…. I am glad that you like what you are reading on my blog and would love to hear more of ur thoughts on my latest post about money and happiness as I am thinking about this issue a lot these days 🙂 Have a wonderful day dear

  21. thanks for the follow. I’m so pleased to have found your blog – its inspiring to be able to share your journey with you. I look forward to watching as more bucket list activity unfolds

    • Thanks dear…great to hear back from you…I am glad that you liked what I am writing here…I will share some more interesting things from coming weekend soon as part of my bucketlist dear..thanks once again and I will keep an eye on your very interesting blog 🙂

  22. Love your outlook on life. If more people had the same, the world would be a much nicer place. On a side note, actually starting to write and publish my work was part of my bucket list. Check!

    • thanks dear…I do have my ups and down but I try to be postive with things in life as I have been in position when I was negative and really that doesn’t help so I do not like to repeat mistakes…I am thinking about so many things in life these days..money and happiness is one of them (my latest post)….

      great that u have ticked that off…what else is there in ur bucket list ?? 😉

      • Writing a novel is on my bucket list. For the rest mostly travel destinations. Also, just enjoying life to the fullest doing little things: I enjoy such as spending time with my family, which is the most important part of my life. Also, enjoying being healthy. Most people take this for granted, but this can be ripped from underneath you without warning, no matter how young you are and can turn your life on its head changing your perspective, as I experience first hand.

        This is my main blog, but working on setting up a website (only started last week) on how to become a better writer and keep people posted on how I progress pursuing my writing career.

        • wow…many points u have mentioned and I totally agree that we do tend to take our health for granted usually…I have got some back issues due to my job sitting behind the desk all the time..and I now realise how important it is…

          wow…I would love to know more about the novel u planning to write..what website are u setting up ?? also do mention ur blog as well as the new website on ‘http://en.gravatar.com/rtrvandelaar#pic-0’ your gravatar page as many people check their as well…

          I would read the new website content as I have been writing without really focusing abt actual skill of writing but I do want to publish atleast one article somewhere so I might have to brush this skill a little bit more…

          Family is very important and I am glad that u are giving right things more priority in life..especially when u have two so beautiful kids and a very sweet and talented wife…

          looks like u had some experience with health in ur young age…hope u are completely fine now…

  23. Love your work, you are obviously very worldly. You have too much to digest on your blog for one look though, so I will have to revisit it to see it all. Beautiful job.

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