New Beginning

Its a new beginning and I am happy that you my friend is a part of this. We are healthy and alive and there was no disaster in 2012 as per few predictions, although it gave many people a reason to celebrate and get drunk as well. 2013 sets new milestones once again and every day is going to be a new beginning.

Come and think about all the people who lost their life to keep us safe, all the poor who haven’t got enough to eat and sleep, people who have lost their loved ones, people who are feeling unhappy. Lets wish that the universe bring joy in everyone’s life and make our life more meaningful this year. I know it starts to sound like a prayer now. But all I want to do is to be grateful for what I have got and start this new year and every new day as a new beginning. That way we will only have one day to think about and it will eventually add up to a week, month and year of many new beginnings. And then we can look back at the end of the year and see where we have come and how much we still got to know myself. Can we do this?  One day at a time, just like one bite at a time and its easy to digest food. Same is the case with life, one thing at a time and we can get through anything really.

May you have a peaceful and happy beginning!


10 comments on “New Beginning

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. Every day we get a choice to begin anew or travel the familiar path. Thanks for reminding me to embrace the new beginning! (I feel like I could use one right now 🙂

      • Hi dear..great to hear that we think alike and ready to start afresh..thanks for the comment…and true we have a choice to either be sad or smile everyday…I simply try to laugh at the bad things that happens to me and think thst time will pass as it always does…n it makes me feel fortunate when I see the good time 🙂

  1. HI from the wintery state of MInnesota in the US. Thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate your honesty and your message. There is a saying from Mahatma Ghandi that goes like this : ” My life is my message.”
    You have shown that here. Please visit me again. As I will to you.

  2. Beautiful new beginning .Hope all your days be lovely .God bless us all.jalal

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