Sunshine Award

Thank you very much Cristi ( for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.It is great to have someone recognize your blog like this. It is very inspiring and motivating. Cristi brought sunshine in my WordPress life.For that and your support i want to thank you, my friend !

To accept the award, the rules are:
-Link back to the person who nominated you : Thank you again Cristi !! Also I would recommend to check out her awesome blog (

-Post the award image to your page – Done

-Tell seven facts about yourself  – here they are
As of April, 2013:
I like think that my life is like an open book where people need enough courage to open it and read
1. I love to live every moment of life and from last two years I am trying my level best to make every week count in my life (not writing day as sometime I am so busy that when I realise my day is gone). For example going for Scuba diving, meeting friends on regular basis, writing the posts in this blog (, are travelling around the world, and learning new skills.
2. I am a personal trainer by qualification as I did my Cert III and Cert IV in 2011-2012. I still do need to get into the industry though (once I have some spare time from my current job as Software Engineer as it is pretty demanding).
3. I love dancing, but hard to dance in public unless until I am drunk enough to ignore the audience…lol
4. I can cook but not my favourite pastime, although in 2013 my resolution is to get into fitness so might start cooking more from this year on.
5. I have been travelling since last three years and have travelling in 8 countries and taken thousands of pictures.
6. I am a movie buff and have watched thousands of movies (mainly Hollywood) and want to expand this to the other language and culture as well now
7. I love travelling as you can see from my posts and I am a crazy and adventurous person in nutshell.

-Nominate 5-10 other blogs and let them know they are nominated :

Congrats and thank you for your support all as without you this would not have been possible!!