Bucket-List 2013 Week 4 – WordPress 10th Anniversary (Blogger’s Event)

Hello My Dear Friends,

I am back with some good news about this week as I have got some update for my bucket list with the start of the week.

Here is also a link for my bucket list for 2013 if you haven’t had a look. My Promise to live life – My BucketList 2013

A little bit different and also another post about the fears I have in my life with a reflection of other reader’s experiences along with it. My Fears

Item Number #19 – Attend blogger’s event

I got there after almost dancing in the rain. It was a tough day as I had too much load and things to finish up so I lost track of time and it was almost 6 PM when I realized that the place for the WordPress event on it’s 10th Anniversary is a bit further away then I had imagined. All I could do was to practice for my marathon now. It was a good idea that I put my runners on, I might have looked quiet funny with my dress and then runner on top of that but it was better than trying to drag my high heel sandals in the rain. Finally I got there and was running 5 minutes late which didn’t cause any furry in the midst of the session which was quiet a relief. I was asked to talk about my blogging experience by Will Brown, the organizer of the event. It was a great opportunity but I didn’t get much time to prepare for the same as I was busy working on my bucket list the whole weekend. But I got there with my website (https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com) and explained my experience with WordPress and how I have been able to manage this website as a blogger and what features I really use more often.

It was just an amazing experience I had today as after talking about the website and explaining its feature. After the session many people came to me to talk about it and appreciated the blog and website and we discussed about how long I have been using WordPress and what they want to do with WordPress (either business or personal usage). Then some of us headed to the bar to continue the exchange of ideas. It was 10:30 PM and I had to head back to home but I felt so content with these few hours and this also ticked off one of the items on my bucket list.


Will Brown and Kristen Symonds – Organizers of WordPress Meetups


Will Brown is presenting various latest plugins and useful concepts that can be used while developing a website on WordPress


Me explaining the various WordPress features that I use for blogging purpose and about my blogging journey


Will, me and Kristen – Love these guys and thanks to them for organizing such a fantastic event 🙂



Bucket-List 2013 Week 1 – Belgian Beer and a Girl with a hood

Hello My Lovely Bloggers,

A big hug to all from me. I had an amazing few days since I have started this bucket-list for this year. And I am back to share it with you to spread this joy around. You know I have 50 items of all sorts of things on my bucket list for 2013. Here is also a link for the same if you haven’t had a look.

My Promise to live life – My BucketList 2013

A little bit different and also another post about the fears I have in my life with a reflection of other reader’s experiences along with it.

My Fears

One items already finished earlier this week:

One item crossed off the list with an awesome day

Friday night with bunch of girls with party dress and then a getting changed into totally different look with boots and a hood for a beer and some good music alone. I can’t believe its just Saturday night now and I still have a full day left whereas I feel like I have lived almost a whole life in last few days. As you know I have big time fear to go into a bar/pub by myself. Not any more…lol….makes me happy to say that finally…as I have been on this mission now and feeling that its going away. It might still take a while to get an expert in it..lol..but it will happen and I am certain about that.

Item Number #30 – Try at least 10 different cuisines – Belgian Cuisine and Belgian Beer

I was supposed to meet this group of people from new meetup group I just joined in a Belgian beer cafe and I was happy to try this new  place called ‘Heritage bar and restaurant’. It was a shame as no one turned up and in other situations I would have been completely. But not today not this year my dear friend. It will be very hard for life to disappoint me now that I have got a taste of happiness. So here I was seeing opportunity to go to this bar by myself as part of overcoming one of my fear https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/what-are-my-fears-people-say-i-dont-have-any-but-lets-look-at-it/  (item #50). So I went in and asked at the reception if any one from the group has arrived. Answer was no. I went in and checked for the best Belgian beer and as I am a sweet tooth so thought that something sweet will be nice. Finally I got myself ‘Kriek’. Kriek lambic is a style of Belgian beer, made by fermenting lambic with sour Morello cherries. The name is derived from theDutch word for this type of cherry (kriek).

I just loved it as I had Bavarian beer before but never Belgian so only today I came to know that it’s known one of the best in the world. And I loved it as well. With a nice book I had a good hour by myself. Then I realised that I can try the food and that will make towards item #30 on my bucket list as well. So I ordered ‘White Rabbit Pie braised in dark beer served atop creamy mash potato and Dutch carrots‘ for mains. I know I am not vegetarian anymore that’s what I just told my flatmate as well. But I think this year for me is all about knowing and experiencing new things and it is one of them. Food was good as well and meanwhile there was a guy sitting in the bar for quiet some time in very casual clothes and a backpack that gave me clue for him being a traveler. And you know what since I have started travelling, I have got a sweet spot for travelers in my heart and whenever possible I try to make sure that they feel home even for an hour or so talking to them at times. And also I am always curious to know about their experience. I am not too bold to go to every traveler and start talking but I don’t miss an opportunity either. So here I was having dinner and this guy was also trying to order dinner for himself. It was a moment when I realized that both sides there is an amount of willingness to share the company for dinner than sitting alone. So I introduced myself and came to know this very nice guy, Boris, is from Russia who was travelling here and New Zealand for two weeks. Conversation started with some facts and direction soon went towards philosophy and why people travel kind of topics. It was just an amazing time during I had really. Such a mind opening time when this person was questioning many things that I never even bothered to think. It is awesome to talk to people from different culture and countries. As you get to see a whole different perspective at times of world and life and so much more. So I accompanied this fellow traveler, feeling myself a traveler as well, to the train station and till this time it felt like we are friends from a long time. This is the best feeling with travelling and travelers at times I think when it doesn’t take long to get along as both people are so friendly and open to talk to others. I bid good bye to Boris and promised if I ever come to Russia then I will visit him. What best can be there than to have a local to show you around.

So I am one more step closer to my bucket-list. Oh you are waiting for the interesting news from yesterday – Girl with a hood? OK, right I need to share that. Now before I start let me tell you that I used to read a lot of comic books when I was a kid and always believed in super heroes who save the world in the night. I know sounds funny right but that was me when I was growing up really 😉 So here is the story:

Time: 11:30 PM

Phone ringing… ‘Hey Beijie, Do you want to join for a drink? I am at the train station just got back after meeting friends for drink’

‘No, I am going to bed as feeling tired dear so you have fun and I will talk to you tomorrow.”

“Alright, I am just walking home as well.”

Dressed in a party dress and a white fur coat. Listening to music and walking a bit slower because of the high heels. Walking home in the hope to get rid of the sandals as soon as possible. Still willing to go for another drink after 3 vodka and one wine….got home cold and quickly got changed with so much energy…may be the clothes were not comfortable… now dressed in jacket with a hood and boots…another image of darkness, trying to get lost in the night and walk to get few drinks. Getting over the fear of loneliness and daring to go alone to a bar. Sitting in front of the heater re-thinking the whole plan of going out again. It was an adventure if I do and also can turn into something really stupid after few drinks I already had. But no matter what I was thrilled with this idea of going to a cool bar I had just searched for -‘Kelly’s on King’. So finally I thought I can at least just go for a walk. So I got my phone with music on and got the hood on and left home. Here I was all on my own feeling like some super hero out and about. Got near the bar where I wanted to go but then I went to ATM to get some money and headed back to the bar. It was one of the coolest bars with Karaoke on the move. I enjoyed a beer with awesome ambiance. It was a good thing to listen to my heart really. I came home and slept like a baby as I had to meet a friend this morning for breakfast. So this was the story. Let me know what do you think 😉 I know it’s getting too much of the bar fear thing…I am also thinking in the same like and I think I should better start work upon my half Marathon goal before putting on more weight with these drinks now. Bye for now, I will be back with further updates..promise for year 2013 😉

Keep smiling and stay happy my dear friend!

What are my fears? People say I don’t have any…but let’s look at it


I just got a very good idea from the comment section of my last post : https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/my-promise-to-myself-for-5-years-to-live-life-fully-first-installment-is-here-already-bucket-list-2013/ from my amazing family of bloggers. specially when chandanimane mentioned it specifically after Jill London gave me a compliment by calling me fearless. I might have to think hard to name some good one but little ones can take more space here…lol…friends like them make you think harder about not only what you can do but also what you can’t and why and then turn these failures into success. Thanks to you my friends.

I know I can do sky diving but if I have to meet friends in a bar for instance then it’s hard for me to go there by myself and wait. I rather wait outside on the street somewhere till they actually turn up. There is a recent incidence regarding it where I was told the bar I was supposed to go and from location I knew the place well. I arrived a little early and my friends were a bit late so that made a gap of 30 minutes. I didn’t have any clue what to do now. I walked up and down the street few times and finally went to a shop for window shopping. I wanted to just go inside the bar at my own. But I couldn’t for some reason. May be because I have never done it before. But there is always a first for every thing. I thought about it in the shop and decided to go in no matter what. I saw the watch and still there were 10 minutes left. So I told myself – man up, its not a war zone you are entering girl. Then I finally walked in and I was so amazed at myself that I couldn’t even tell the bartender what I really wanted and was beating the bush for few minutes. But then I was able to finally get vodka with cranberry juice that too 2 PM in the afternoon. Very unusual of me…I know it was not a big deal, but to be honest sometimes I feel I can do things which people are scared of but at the same time I avoid doing simple things that takes not much effort.

So when we talk about fears, every one has some. I am thinking right now to come up with some as I am writing. I like trying new food at times but that’s another fear I am trying hard to overcome as I think I get used to of one good taste and I don’t like to experiment too much after that and can stick to one dish like pad Thai for a year. Insane right but I have done it… 🙂

  1. Fear of loneliness – I hate being by myself on the weekend…I have been working on this as of now
  2. Fear of boredom – I can’t stay alone and I figured it out because I get bored…although I have started working on this already from last weekend..Guys you know what I simply just can’t sit and do nothing…I am not one of those chick who can go to beach and just stay there for hours doing nothing although I wish sometime…either I have to keep swimming or just do something…Although it’s OK sometimes to be able to just relax and I am just learning to do this …after all I am in Australia so I need to be able to do that…..lol  I am just joking 😉
  3. Fear of being ignored – I think I like to be recognized and being seen and as I was a single child for long time before my brother came to the world and that makes it 7 years. Going to neighborhood was not really appreciated and I was good at studies so was always a teacher’s pet. Not anymore OK so please don’t think of making fun of me….lol
  4. Fear of rejection – I have written a complete post – Treatment of rejection – https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/treatment-for-rejection/, about it and you know what after all that analysis I have done I am overcoming this to quiet an extent.
  5. Loosing my freedom – If you know me friends then you would know my way of living. I have a post to show more about my life here – https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/what-keeps-me-alive-want-to-know-lets-have-a-look/. So now you can guess that it’s hard for me to lose this freedom and to this extent that I feel scared of being too close to people at times when they start to think that they have a say in my life and take my decision on my behalf or force their views on me. I don’t mind taking advice but I just don’t follow anyone blindly to be honest.
  6. Fear of unknown – I am a very planned person so it’s hard for me to stay in a situation where I don’t know what’s coming. Although I guess I have started to adapt on this area. Example: Hawaii trip was a big example where I had no plan and I had the most fun of my life. Here are few post (some with only pictures for quick look and others with some funny stories to tell about my trip there). Although I am still planning a lot of things as you can say but also learning to lose myself into things to enjoy it the same time https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/hawaii-day-1-started-with-a-stranger-and-ended-up-with-bunch-of-friends/                                                                        https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/lanikai-beach-kailua-oahu-hawaii/        https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/hawaii-here-i-come-here-begins-the-adventure/ https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/sunset-at-sunset-beach-with-amazing-creatures-hawaii/
  7. Fear of sickness – I think no one likes it and as we remember how bad it feels when we are sick so I am afraid of getting sick and try everything not to be sick
  8. Fear of missing an early morning flight – Oh dear…here it comes…I am so not a morning person to be frank here and I have also missed a morning 6 AM flight to Brisbane not that I slept in but as planned I was about to take the train to the airport but there were some issues with train track and I missed my flight by 5 minutes. This is not the reason of my fear though, I always panic to catch a flight early in the morning to such an extent that I have slept in the airport to catch few flights, or I should say not actually sleep but more over just snoozed. And I am not sure what to do about it really. Some times I just can’t sleep all night if there is something planned for early in the morning.
  9. Fear of dark and alone places in foreign places with guys in jacket with hood around – I have been in these situations few times and believe me it didn’t feel good. Although I get my extra senses quiet alert and I start thinking of all the possible ways to survive but it’s just the fear that makes me a bit uncomfortable.
  10. Fear of financial crisis – I do not like to be in short of money ever and I make sure I always plan my things and accordingly and I think this is my strength in a way I am so good at managing my money and budget really. But also I would not know how to live if I have no money. One of the reason I postponed to quit job and just go travel for as long as I want. Although I did quit and left my old job to do it but when I got another one then I couldn’t say no to it. Although there are some more reasons as well why I am back in Australia, but still I avoid being in financial crisis by all means.
  11. Fear  of public speaking – Oh yes, this is big on my list just like every one. If I have to give presentation I can do that but normally I am more like a one to one person really. So I become more quiet when in a group of new people. One of those shy ones…lol
  12. Fear of insects crawling on me – Ew..that’s not something I have ever been comfortable but would like to understand these creatures and over come my fear of the same one day.
  13. Fear to cook non vegetarian – I used to be vegetarian so I think I still can’t cook non-veg. I just started chicken on a flight where they just messed up with my meal and I had two choices – stay hungry or eat chicken, so there you go – I did it…I ate chicken so I am not vegetarian anymore but still prefer to eat vegetarian food only.
  14. Harrowing Heights – I don’t know how will I stand on the edge of a platform on top of a very high building
  15. Fear of blood – I usually lose my nerve a little when I see blood specially some one else’s
  16. Fear of violence – I can’t stand people starting to shout each other and then starting a fight
  17. Fear of confined space – Like a place where I can only crawl one way
  18. Fear of interviews – I just lose my nerve thinking of an interview no matter how good I am at things still I can feel butterfly in my stomach before any interview

Now I have talked about the fears so balance it out I would like to mention few things I have no fear as well. It’s for me to soothe myself and to tell myself that you are not just a scary baby my dear….lol

No fear for:

  1. Death
  2. Pain
  3. New adventure
  4. Heights
  5. Meeting strangers
  6. Visiting new places
  7. Doing some thing new
  8. Talking my mind
  9. Accepting advice and act upon it
  10. Accepting my faults
  11. Change
  12. Moving to a new country
  13. Doing what I like
  14. Achieving what I want
  15. Rejecting my own ideas
  16. Fear of commitment
  17. Fear of failure
  18. Initiate a conversation to strangers – I do it usually only when I am travelling though so its subjective really

Wow that worked out well….18 for 18 ..awesome …now I have a lot of work to do on my fears..as at least one of these will be in my bucket list item ’49 – Overcome one fear’ from my list at https://talkingexperience.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/my-promise-to-myself-for-5-years-to-live-life-fully-first-installment-is-here-already-bucket-list-2013/.

Friends, here I am opening up more of who I am because of the warmth and awesome responses that you have given so far and this gives me that extra strength to be able to do that. Telling your weakness is not easy but it makes you stronger when you do. It makes you in-conquerable.

So I would love you to

  • Share some of your fears here or
  • Tell me how can I overcome mine or
  • Tell your experience of overcoming some of your fears or
  • Just anything really that you would like to tell us …may be just your thoughts about this post 🙂

My promise to myself for 5 years to live life fully: First installment is here already – Bucket List 2013


Hi All,

No I didn’t hide myself after talking about my bucket-list. I am ready with few things as of now 😉

I have an outline of 5 years plan to complete as many things in my wish list as possible – My promise to myself for 5 years to live life fully. And you know what I will be so used to of doing it that I would never stop after that. So sushh..its a smart plan right 😉

First I want to make a quick year plan that I have thought from now to end of this year – as many things as I can try to do this year.

A lot of things in my wishlist require intense travelling and I want to get few other things done before I go for few years travelling. So why not explore Australia. I had two thoughts one for 5 years plan and another one for this year to get myself started as soon as possible.

Here is a table that I made at a very high level as it would need few iteration before reaching to a final list and more items in each category with more accurate tasks. All I am trying to do is balance it in a way that I am taking care of my complete well-being. Do tell me your idea about my planning and if there is something you like here or don’t like. I am open to all your thoughts here.


  • Travel
  • Peace
  • Achievements
  • Adventure
  • Knowledge
  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Yoga
  • Pursue hobbies
  • Create new hobbies
  • Doing new things


  • Exercise
  • Dancing
  • Food
  • Rest
  • Nourishment
  • Healing


  • Travel
  • Learn new culture
  • See new places
  • Self Awareness
  • Learn about various religions


  • Making friends
  • Meeting new people
  • Volunteer
  • Making contact and change something in their life
  • Blogging
  • Government


  • Get P driver licence
  • Continue with blogging
  • Make a plan to write a book
  • Learn new skills

Now here is my list for this year. I have this rough draft and as I would like to keep around 50 items so I might need to cross some of these and add few new. Although I will try to come up with the final list in few weeks time.

  1. Start learning Spanish
  2. Go on a short road trip
  3. Run a half-marathon
  4. Visit at least 7 cities of Australia in next 7 months
  5. Attend a concert
  6. Try caving – Jenolan Caves in Sydney
  7. Learn dancing – Preferably street dancing or salsa
  8. Try stand up paddling
  9. Read at least 1 famous book
  10. Try couch surfing in Australia
  11. Plan for New Year and Christmas in Miami and Los Angeles
  12. Cruise – Weekend may be at least
  13. Try at least 10 different cuisines
  14. Get P driver licence
  15. Get more active with blogging – redesign the site
  16. Make a plan to write a book
  17. Learn about a country in Europe – culture, food etc
  18. Sing Karaoke
  19. Attend blogger’s event
  20. Do at least few things living a high life
  21. Eat in one of the best restaurant each month
  22. Swim with Crocodile
  23. Swim with White Sharks
  24. Learn to ski
  25. Visit atleast one historical town in Australia
  26. Learn martial arts
  27. Get my weight back to 47 KG
  28. Learn to say “Hello” in at least 20 language
  29. Go Handgliding/ Microlight Flight
  30. Practice Indoor Rock Climbing
  31. Canyoning
  32. Dive and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  33. Go on a multiple day hikes
  34. Volunteer
  35. Jetpack Ride
  36. Visit Twin Falls at Kakadu National Park
  37. Swim at a fake beach: Brisbane
  38. Visit one of these – Cradle Mountain / Wineglass Bay /Bay of Fires in Launceston, Tasmania
  39. Learn to sail in the world’s best harbor: Darling Harbour
  40. Enjoy tacos and margaritas with a new friend: Sydney
  41. Go for Hot Air Balooning
  42. Watch an open air cinema
  43. Complete Advanced Scuba diving course
  44. Participate in making a short film
  45. Write 50 Poems
  46. Have a schooner at Australia’s oldest pub: Fortune of War pub, Sydney
  47.  Climb the coathanger, Sydney Harbour bridge
  48. Send one article to get published
  49. Overcome one fear
  50. Do one thing new each week

Do write something even if some thing funny or serious as that way I would know where my list took your mind 😉

Death – Deadline, Bucket-list – Collection of many milestones…Which way do you prefer living?

All I wanted to write was a list of things to have my own bucket-list, just like many other people out there. But it got me into very deep thought about the way we live our life and why we choose just one list and why there is a hurry to accomplish as many things as possible. Then I thought of giving it an analogy to understand it clearly myself. And as I am thinking the words are finding their own way to you in a form of post. I am still in process of thinking through this whole idea of bucket-list as I have been planning stuff in my life and try to do them as per the plan as the time goes by. But recently while travelling, I heard people talking about their bucket-list a lot. And to be honest I was not into it till few days ago. I think I will still mull over the idea of creating a bucket-list. The issue is not with choosing the things I want to do or would like to do   and not with commitment either, the main thing now looks like to me is that sit back and check what life is really about.

Yes, it does seem like a never ending topic if I do that but we all got to do that some time in our life. Specially when you are on this train ride with death as destination, you need to be very careful to choose what all stops you want to visit and experience. As the time for this ride is limited and stops are unlimited. So one way to do it is choose one path to get from starting point to end. Or try to cover as many areas as possible.

We all are different and have different choices and priorities. We all have our own way to see things and experience life. So most of us will choose accordingly. And doing that we will cross each others path on various stops. Some time we will travel together with some people and make friends and then the next moment we might have to go separate ways because we want to see different stops now. We can try to change our way to spend more times with the people we like and get along well. But the truth is this is a journey so no matter how tight you hold on, it is going to end one day anyways. And that time you would like to be happy with the journey you made. So many people around make different choices and then regret that. But it’s never wrong or right, its all about the different stops we choose and different paths we choose in life.

I think of a bucket-list as a way to collect a lot of things into prioritized manner in one list and set the milestone of our journey that way. As each milestone have some impact on our life, hence experiencing each of them will change the way we look at our life. Its like I feel a changed person every time I travel and see a new place. As the more I see, hear and feel, the more different perspective I have.

I am overwhelmed with so many thoughts in my brain at this moment.

Why do we want to make any list to live life? A question that occurred to me when I heard people talking about bucket-list. But then as always I tried to answer myself – because life is short and there are limitless things to do in the world, so it is important to make a list and pin then down to countable numbers to be able to do as much as possible.

How I am going to make one as there is so much I would like to do? I answer myself again.

My brain – “You need to understand that the list has to contain things that make you happy. And you feel alive again”.

Inner Voice – “Then why don’t I just go travelling as that makes me happy.”

Brain – “Life has got so much more to offer and you don’t have so much money to keep travelling for rest of your life anyways.”

Heart – “Stop talking you two as it hurts to think that you put money as limitations in-front of living the dream of your life.”

Brain – “Alright settle down my dear heart, we will not talk about that OK  But we need to understand that there are so many experiences in the world, and so many feeling to be felt. And in today’s life we all are so busy managing this daily life and keep this human healthy that we can’t focus on what makes us truly happy. Am I right?”

Inner Voice – ” I agree on this”.

Heart – “I need to feel alive again”.

Inner Voice – “I need to be heard again”.

Brain – “Then I need to start working again”. 

Lol, that last statement was just for fun. But yes we need to define various areas in our whole being. Even before starting to think about the various fields outside (sports, music etc), it is very important to keep in mind that we need balance in life. And too much exercise and no food for your brain would not give you the true happiness. Here I am not talking about the bucket-list of hundred odd things and get ready to execute them. Here I am talking about giving equal importance to your mind,body and soul. As then only you will be able to decide the things that you would like to do to make them all satisfied and content. And what if we die in the next moment or few days, weeks or months. We might feel as if we missed something. So better take a holistic approach and make sure we achieve a little bit in all areas as we move forward.  Now I think I will not be able to jot down my list in hurry as I feel this topic require lot more than I thought. The deeper I go I feel this might be the most important thing of my life. And if I hurry it then I might be set upon a totally different journey than I would want in real. Hmmm…sometimes I feel its easy not to think much and do things…see that’s exactly how we live these days – don’t want to think and procrastinate everything. And do the minimal that require no new learning each day as its easy to perform the task that we are familiar with. Any ways few more things I need to discuss before setting up a list.

What all things should be there in the list and in what order?  We need to note down some broader field in that case (example: sports,music, health, lifestyle,travel etc). And then once we are done with it then we can choose different items in each area. And then comes the priority of these things in the list. That we should ideally decide on few factors – how much we would love to do it, how much resources it require, how much time needed for its preparation (time,cost,feeling). As for example: running 5 KM marathon can’t be done overnight as it requires training, whereas going on a dinner cruise can be done on any weeknight or week-end night. Then there would be some really long terms things like be an expert in some subject or learning a new language or culture as you have a sea of knowledge to grasp in such cases, so its a part of ongoing learning. Wow this post is getting into shape now. I am thinking to make a very small and handy chart that might help while making your bucket-list if you ever feel like. Not that it require thorough process but just in case you like to think the reason behind things like me then it might be useful as I have done some thinking already. Why don’t I think more on this and get back to you in the next post. You never know as we might think of something big. Please share your thoughts as I might be thinking just in one direction and you might help me in looking at this in a different light altogether.

Wish you a smile, at least few moments of joy and love in your day!

Movies Watched – 734 movies in 1453 days

Here is a list of all the movies I have watched since ‎26 ‎January ‎2009. I might have missed few in case I watched them in cinema and forgot to list them here. Serial number, movie name and rating is the way I have maintained the list. Also there was one more list of movies watched before this. I will publish them later.

S.No. Movies Seen Rating
1 Good Luck Chuck 8
2 The Mighty Celt 7
3 Tip Toes 6
4 I’ll Be Home for Christmas 7
5 Rat 6
6 My Life Without Me 8
7 The Other Half 7
8 Gods And Monsters 6
9 Aliens Vs Monsters 8
10 Cold Mountain 9
11 Juno 8
12 X-Men Origins – Wolverine 8
13 Underworld Evolution 8
14 Twilight 10
15 Jumper 7
16 Transporter 7
17 Deja Vu 7
18 Transformer 2 8
19 Princess Diarey 8
20 Made of Honour 8
21 Terminator 4 8
22 Ice Age 3 8
23 The Recruit 8
24 Taken 7
25 Marle & Me 7
26 Luck by Chance 5
27 Eagle Eye 8
28 Step up to the Streets 9
29 Wedding Crasher 8
30 Catch Me If You Can 8
31 Deal 8
32 Ice Age 2 8
33 Forbidden Kingdom 9
34 Gone Baby Gone 7
35 Haddipa 7
36 Wanted 6
37 99 7
38 Bolt 8
39 P.S. I Love You 8
40 Hackers 3 Antitrust 9
41 Thick As Thieves 7
42 Love Actually 8
43 Hancock 9
44 Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar 8
45 Kamine 8
46 Love aj kal 8
47 Ugly Truth 7
48 Sum of All fears 8
49 Night at the Museum 2 9
50 G.I. Joe The Rise Of Cobra 9
51 Billu Barber 6
52 Tujhmain Rab Dikhta Hai 6
53 District 13 8
54 you dont mess with the zohan 7
55 The Hulk 8
56 Lucky You 8
57 Kambhakht Isque 7
58 Street Fighter-Legend of Chun Li 8
59 The Game Plan 8
60 Race To Witch Mountain 8
61 Push 7
62 12 Rounds 9
63 Death Race 8
64 Meet the fockers 7
65 Nine Months 7
66 Devil Wears Parada 7
67 Waitress 7
68 Mean Girls 7
69 Imagine me and you 6
70 Someone Like You 7
71 Blue 6
72 No Smoking 6
73 Closer 7
74 Pacifier 8
75 21 8
76 Man About Town 7
77 Little Manhatten 8
78 Must Love Dogs 8
79 The Devil’s Advocate 8
80 Just My Luck 8
81 Sword Fish 9
82 Little Miss Sunshine 8
83 Not Another Teen Movie 8
84 Lemony Snickets 9
86 27 Dresses 8
85 The Taking of Pelham 8
87 All The Best 7
88 Boys And Girls 7
89 The Proposal 8
90 The Bachelor 7
91 Knocked Up 8
92 Great Expectation 7
93 2012 The World Ends 9
94 The Day After Tomorrow 9
95 Transformers.Revenge.Of.The.Fallen 9
96 The Last Kiss 8
97 Indiana.Jones.And.
The.Kingdom.Of.The.Crystal.Skull 8
98 Casanova 8
99 Proof 7
100 FantasticFour-RiseOfTheSilverSurfer8
101 Bombay Boys 5
102 Reign over me 8
103 Short Kut 4
104 Righteous Kill 7
105 Killing Me Softly 6
106 Rendition 8
107 Hot Rod 8
108 Smoking Aces 5
109 LOTR-The Fellowship of the Ring 9
110 LOTR-The Two Towers 9
112 LOTR-Return of the King 9
114 Love Khichadi 7
115 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days 8
116 harold and kumar 6
117 Twilight New Moon 6
118 I love you beth cooper 8
119 The.Seeker-The.Dark.Is.Rising 8
120 Time Machine 8
121 7 Seconds 8
122 Surrogates 8
123 500 Days Of Summer 7
124 Carriers 7
125 Beautiful Mind 9
126 Jennifers Body 7
127 Butterfly Effect 2 7
128 Butterfly Effect 3 7
129 Into the blue 7
130 Varsity Blues 7
131 Out of 7
132 Scent of a Woman 9
133 Shop Girl 6
134 To baat pakki 6
135 Percy Jackson& The Lightning Thief 8
136 Sankat City 6
137 Dragonball Evolution 8
138 kartik Calling Kartik 7
139 Click 6
140 Ishkiya 6
141 Dirty Work 7
142 Private School 6
143 Veer 7
144 Against the ropes 8
145 LOaded 7
146 College 7
147 Day Breakers 8
147 You Got Served 7
148 Big 8
149 Hitch 8
150 Falling in Love 8
151 Legion 6
152 Clash of the Titans 7
152 Fight Club (Indian) 7
153 All the right moves 8
154 Ninza Assasin 7
155 Pandorum 8
156 Sherlock Holmes 7
157 Punisher War Zone 7
158 Jail 8
159 Shakespeare In Love 8
160 Days of Thunder 7
161 I Think I Love My Wife 7
162 Message In A Bottle 9
163 Man of Honour 9
164 Undisputed 2 9
165 Walk the Line 9
166 Inglourious Basterds 8
167 Time Traveller’s Wife 7
168 Hitman 7
169 Fired Up 8
170 Kill Kill Faster Faster 5
171 50 First Dates 8
172 American Pie -The Naked Mile 8
173 American Pie – Beta House 8
174 Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 8
175 Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times 8
176 He is just not that into you 8
177 Bride Wars 8
178 Air Buddies 8
179 HowToLoseFriendsAlienatePeople 8
180 Bedtime Stories 8
181 Barbie.and.the.Three Musketeers 8
182 Kites 7
183 Mad Max 8
184 How to train the Dragon 9
185 Zombieland 7
186 Passengers 7
187 The.Curious.Caseof.Benjamin.Button 8
188 Ben 10 Alien Swarm 2009 7
189 Yes Man 7
190 New in Town 8
191 Beauty and the Beast 7
192 Snowhite and Seven Dwarf 6
192 The Namesake 8
193 Duplicity 7
194 Seducing Mr. Perfect 9
195 Mama Mia 7
196 Astro Boy 7
197 Cast Away 9
198 Star Trek 8
199 Prince of Persia 9
200 Gladiator 9
201 Starsky & Hutch 7
202 Hunt for Golum 5
203 Brave Heart 9
204 Grease 6
205 7 Pounds 7
206 Rajneeti 6
207 Ravan 8
208 Coraline 6
209 Raising Arizona 7
210 The last kinf od Scotland 6
211 Tooth Fairy 7
212 Psycho 4
213 Damage 7
214 Princess and the Frog 7
215 Alice in Wonderland 7
216 Last Chance Harvey 7
217 Enemy at the Gates 8
218 Doomsday 7
219 Back Up Plan 8
220 Whole nine yard 7
221 Planet 51 7
222 Ink Heart 8
223 Shrek Forever After 8
224 Kingdom of Heaven 8
225 Blindness 9.5
226 Love Happens 7
227 Grosse Point Blank 7
228 The Lodger 6
229 Sex And the City 2 7
230 Say Anything Special 7
231 Keeping the Faith 7
232 Lakeview Terrace 7
233 John Tucker Must Die 7
234 Batman Begins 8
235 Sweet Home Alabama 6
236 Magic in the Lake 6
237 Chance pe Dance 5
238 Incredible Hulk 8
239 Valentine Day 8
240 Confession of Teenage Drama Queen 7
241 Dear John 9.5
242 American Vergin 8
243 Signs 9
244 Franky & Johny 8
245 Manorama – Six feet Under 7
246 Invention of Lying 8
247 Sex Drive 7
248 Crossing Over 8
249 Everybody is fine 7
250 The Crazies 6
251 Mr. & Mrs. Smith 8
252 American Pie 4 – Band Camp 7
253 American Pie 3 – The Wedding 7
254 Resident Evil 3 8
255 Resident Evil 8
256 Resident Evil 2 8
257 Tokyo Drift 9
258 LSD 6
259 The Spy Next Door 8
260 The Twilight Saga Eclipse 8
261 Die Another Day – James Bond 8
262 My Sister’s Keeper 9.5
263 A Good Year 8
264 she is Out of my League 8
265 The Lake House 8
266 Independence Day 9
267 The Blind Side 9
268 August Rush 9
269 Forgetting Sarah Marshall 8
270 Fast & Furious 4 8
271 When A Man Loves A Woman 8
272 Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 7
273 Dinner for Schmucks 7
274 Young People Fucking 5
275 Harry Porter 1-Philosopher’s Stone 8
276 Mr. Bean Spiderman 7
277 Harry Porter 2-Chamber Of Secrets 8
278 Harry Porter 3-Prisoner Of Azkaban 8
279 Harry Porter 4-Goblet Of Fire 8
280 Harry Porter 5-Order OfThe Phoenix 8
281 Ultravilot 7
282 Deep Rising 7
283 A Good Company 8
284 True Blood 3 7
285 Soul Plane 6
286 The Balckhole 8
287 Foolproof 7
288 Peaceful Warrior 7
289 monster Arc 7
290 Shall We Dance 8
291 Jerry Maguire 8
292 10 Things I Hate About You 7
293 Salt 7
294 Bicentennial Man 8
295 Leap Year 7
296 Toy Story 7
297 Toy Story 2 7
298 Kunfu Hustle 8
299 Flight Plan 8
300 ChroniclesOfNarnia-Prince.Caspian 8
301 Freaky Friday 7
302 Hackers 7
303 Blood Monkey 5
304 Jungle Book 7
305 The Police Story 8
306 Swimfan 6
307 Big Stan 8
308 Maid in Manhattan 8
309 Charlie’s Angeles: Full Throtle 8
310 Hard Ball 8
311 Resident Evil Afterlife 2010 8
312 Big Daddy 7
313 The Last House On the Left 7
314 Grown Ups 8
315 The Last Airbender 9
316 Eyes Wide Shut 6
317 Broken Embraces 6
318 Step Up 3D 8
319 Just Wright 8
320 Proof of Life 8
321 Golmal 3 7
322 Break Up Artist 8
323 Guzarish 8
324 Action Replay 7
325 Crook 8
326 The Scorpian King: Rise of a Woman 7
327 Wedding Daze 7
328 Counselling Adults 6
329 Snow 2: Brain Freeze 7
330 Memoiers of a Geisha 6
331 Four Christmas 8
332 In-Laws 7
333 The Social Network 7
334 Accidental Husband 8
335 Unstoppable 9
336 Accidental Husband 8
337 Indecent Proposal 8
338 Kinky Boots 8
339 Princess Diaries 2: Engagemenet 7
340 American Girl:Chrissa Stands Strong6
341 Bolywood Hero 5
342 The Trueman Show 8
343 Confession of a Shopoholic 8
344 Demolition Man 8
345 Break Ke Baad 6
346 Whip IT 7
347 Shooter 9
348 Pearl Harbour 8
349 Serious Moonlight 8
350 G. I. Jane 8
351 Anjana Anjani 6
352 The Gift 6
353 A Few Good Man 9
354 Little Fockers 8
355 127 Hours 9
356 Dil to Bacha hai ji 6
357 Patiyala House 5
358 The Switch 7
359 Greenberg 5
360 The Tourist 8
361 No Strings Attached 7
362 Hall Pass 6
363 Life as we know it 8
364 Killers 8
365 Due Date 8
366 Frozen 9
367 Mother and Child 7
368 The Knight’s Tale 7
369 Ondine 7
370 Alvin n the Chipmunks 8
371 Million Dollar Baby 9
372 Raise your Voice 8
373 Sanctum 10
374 Labour Pains 8
375 Over her dead body 7
376 How she move 9
377 Point Break 8
378 Blue Seduction 6
379 Green Hornet 7
380 The Yellow Handkerchief 8
381 The Last Song 9
382 Date Night 8
383 Furry Vengeance 8
384 The Prestige 9.5
385 Eurotrip 7
386 Vicky Cristina Barcelona 6
387 Shrek The Third 8
388 Eight Below 8
389 Life is Beautiful 7
390 Dragon Wars 7
391 pirates of the caribbean 4 7
392 Fast & Furious 5 6
393 40 Years Old Virgin 8
394 Elektra 7
395 Phone Booth 8
396 Hangover – 2 8
397 X-Men First Class 8
398 Evan Almighty 8
399 Transformer 3- Dark of the moon 9
400 Bridesmaids 7
401 Legend of the Fall 8
402 Untraceable 7
403 Flight Of The Phoenix 7
404 Happy Tears 5
405 The Runaways 6
406 City Island 7
407 Unbreakable 7
408 Fight Club 9
409 The Rock 8
410 The Island 8
411 Bad Teacher 6
412 HarryPotter & DeathlyHallows-2 8
413 Senna 7
414 The rise of the planet of Apes 7
415 Cyborg 2 4
416 Trapped 7
417 Win Win 7
418 You will meet a tall dark stranger 6
419 After the sunset 8
420 Fighting 7
421 Piranha 7
422 Beginners 9
423 Remember the Titans 10
424 13 Assassins 8
425 The Shawshank Redemption 8
426 Fatal Attraction 5
427 Jane Eyre 7
428 One Day 7
429 District 9 7
430 Tekken 6
431 Sleepless In Seattle 6
432 Submarine 7
433 Inside Man 6
434 Fast Track-No Limits 7
435 Page One:Inside the New York Times 6
436 The Guard 7
437 Inside Man 6
438 Broken Arrow 7
439 The Smurfs 7
440 Limitless 7
441 Shoot the Hero 7
442 Echelon Conspiracy 8
443 Sisterhood Traveling Pants 7
444 Yogi Bear 7
445 contagion 7
446 What’s Your Number 7
447 Three Musketeers 7
448 I Don’t Know How She Does It 7
449 Crazy, Stupid, Love 7
450 Friends with Benefits 7
451 Kung Fu Panda 2 10
452 Midnight in Paris 7
453 A Little Bit Of Heaven 9
454 Miss Congeniality 2 8
455 Enchanted 8
456 Splash 8
457 Chalet Girl 7
458 Drive Angry 7
459 Falling Up 7
460 Bookies 6
461 Greta 8
462 Your Highness 7
463 Super 8 8
464 Chloe 7
465 I am Number 4 8
466 Just Go With It 8
467 julie and julia 8
468 Water for Elephants 9
469 Its Complicated 8
470 Horrible Bosses 8
471 Love And Other Drugs 7
472 Motherhood 7
473 Mean Girls 2 7
474 Hop 7
475 Thor 7
476 The Box 5
477 From Paris with Love 7
478 Jumping the Broom 7
479 Something Borrowed 7
480 The Dilemma 7
481 Grease 6
482 The Sorcerers Apprentice 8
483 S.W.A.T Firefight 7
484 Penthouse 6
485 All About Steve 8
486 Kick Ass 8
487 Rabbit Hole 7
488 The Polar Express 7
489 Its c of a funny story 7
490 Peter and the Wolf 8
491 Cop Out 8
492 Deception 7
493 Hot Tub Time Machine 7
494 All Good Things 6
495 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 7
496 Kiss The Bride 8
497 Heartbreak Kid 8
498 Obsessed 7
499 The Replacements 9.5
500 Legend Of The Guardians – The Owls 9.5
501 Dance Flick 7
502 Law Abiding Citzen 9
503 Gifted Hands 8
504 The Company Men 7
505 Remember Me 8
506 Big Fish 7
507 Fireflies in the Garden 7
508 Soul Surfer 9.5
509 Burn After Reading 5
510 Takers 6
511 The Next Three Days 9
512 Newcastle 6
513 Season of the Witch 8
514 Weathre Girl 8
515 The Countess 7
516 Married Life 7
517 The Lincoln Lawyer 7
518 Mother’s Day 7
519 The New Daughter 7
520 Master And Commander 7
521 No Reservations 8
522 Wicket Park 8
523 Bridget_Jones_Diary_Edge_of_Reason 7
524 Secretary 6
525 Big Mama’s House 2 8
526 Into the wild 9
527 Blue Valentine 7
528 Men in Black II 7
529 The Other Boleyn Girl 8
530 The Losers 7
531 Brothers 8
532 Defiance 9.5
533 Never Surrender 6
534 The Princess Bride 7
535 Revolutionary Road 8
536 There’s Something About Marry 7
537 The Departed 8.5
538 United93 8
539 Stranger Than Fiction 7
540 Ocean’s 12 8
541 Ocean’s 13 8
542 Ocean’s 11 8
543 Layer Cake 6
544 Up in the air 7
545 Any Given Sunday 8
546 Addams Family Values 7
547 21 Jump Street 8
548 Perfect Opposite 7
549 Megamind 8
550 Seven Years in Tibet 8
551 Cool Runnings 8
552 An Education 7
553 Hereafter 6
554 Take me Home Tonight 6
555 The.Resident 6
556 Eat Pray Love 8
557 Fried Green Tomatoes 7
558 16 Wishes 6
559 Jersey Girl 5
560 In Time 7
561 Where The Wild Things Are 6
562 Letters To Juliet 8
563 The Secret Life of Bees 9
564 The Vows 8
565 Haywire 6
566 The Others 7
567 The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn-I 8
568 Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu 5
569 House Full 2 7
570 Tower Heist 8
571 Fifth Element 7
572 Match Point 7
573 The Change-Up 7
574 Jack & Jill 7
575 Spanglish 8
576 Wait For Forever 7
577 Executive Decision 8
588 Death Sentence 8
589 100 Girls 7
590 Real Steel 8
591 Soccer Mom 7
592 The Rebound 8
593 When in Rome 7
594 Atonement 7
595 The Avengers 7
596 Battleship 7
597 50/50 6
598 Boys Don’t Cry 7
599 Pyaar Ka Punchnama 8.5
600 Johhny English Reborn 7
601 Trespass 7
602 Hysteria 8
603 This means war 7.5
604 Delhi Belly 9
605 30 Minutes or Less 7
606 A Few Best Man 8
607 Me Again 8
608 What 2 Expect When ur Expecting 7
609 At Home By Myself… With You 6
610 Jeff, Who Lives At Home 5
611 The Sitter 8
612 Love comes softly 9
613 The Boy She Met Online 6
614 Lying To Be Perfect 8
615 Wedding Planner 7
616 Area 51 8
617 The Marine 2 8
618 Stepmom 8
619 Mona Lisa Smile 8
620 Sliding Doors 8
621 Mr. Deeds 8
622 Prime 6
623 Waterboy 7
624 Mr. Nobody 6
625 Man On A Ledge 7
626 Wanderlust 6
627 Contraband 6
628 The Man Who Sued God 8
629 Gone in 60 Seconds 8
630 Jet Li The Legend 8
631 Jet Li The Legend 2 8
632 A Thousand Words 7
633 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 8
634 Jet Li Martial Arts of Shaolin 7
635 How do you know 9
636 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 6
637 Vicky Donor 8.5
638 Mere Brother Ki Dulhan 8
639 Triangle 7
640 Mr Popper’s Penguins 8
641 Desi Boyz 7
642 Chronicle 8
643 Teri Meri Kahani 7
644 Journey 2 The Mysterious Island 7
645 True Lies 9
646 Fracture 7
647 Arthur 7
648 I Want You Girl 7
649 Red Riding Hood 6
650 Hideaways 6
651 The Forger 4.5
652 Tamara Drewe 6
653 Dam 999 8
654 Chaurahen 6
655 Mr Bhatti on Chutti 6
656 Johnny Gaddar 8.5
657 Hannibal 7.5
658 Maximum 6
659 Cocktail 7
660 The Informant 7
661 The Idea of March 8
662 The Talented Mr. Ripley 7
663 Project X 8
664 One for the money 6
665 Ted 8
666 Snowwhite and the Hunstman 7
667 The Pregnancy Project 7
668 Gone 6
669 Drive 7
670 A Simple Plan 6
671 No One Killed Jessica 7
672 Sharabi 9
673 LOL 7
674 Jindagi Na Milegi Dobara 8
675 A Mighty Heart 8.5
676 The Hunger Game 7
677 Collateral 6
678 Any Questions For Ben? 6
679 Step Up Revolution 8
680 Inception (2010) 8.5
681 The Last Station 8
682 Lucky Number Slevin 7.5
683 The Ghost Writer 7
684 25th Hour 7.5
685 Perfume 8 (but makes you sick watching it)
686 The Terminal 8
687 Casino Jack 7
688 Battle in Seattle 7
689 Unknown 8
690 Notes on a scandal 6
691 Memento 8
692 Players 7
693 Secretariat 9
694 L A Confidential 8
695 Get Him to the Greek (2010) 7
696 State of Play 8
697 Ghost Town 7
698 BadLieutenantPortofCallNewOrleans 7
699 Intolerable Cruelty 7
700 Rowdy Rathore 7.5
701 21 Grams 7
702 The Last Exorcism 7
703 Under the Tuscan Sun 8.5
704 Taken 2 7
705 I Spit on your Grave 7.5
706 The Other End of the Line 7.5
707 Bodyguard 7.5
708 Accepted 8
709 Vanila Sky 7
710 The Dirty Picture 8
711 Under the Tuscan Sun 8
712 Premium Rush 7
713 Fire with Fire 5
714 The Bourne Legacy 2012 7.5
715 Agent Vinod 6
716 Special Forces 8
717 Blood Money 6.5
718 Tere Mere Phere 7
719 The Ninth Gate 5
720 Tropic Thunder 6
721 Hum Tum 7
722 Do Not Disturb 6
723 Ek Diwana Tha 7.5
724 Monsoon Wedding 7.5
725 Yaar Anmulle 8
726 Ru Ba Ru 7
727 Speedy Singh 7.5
728 Jack and Miri Makes a Porno 7
729 Children of Men 7.5
730 My Best Friends Girl 7.5
731 The Man from Earth 6
732 Khiladi 786 7
734 We Bought a Zoo 9