Bucket-List 2013 – Sing Karaoke

Hello My Dear Friends,

I am back with some good news about this week as I have got some update for my bucket list  from last week.

Here is also a link for my bucket list for 2013 if you haven’t had a look. My Promise to live life – My BucketList 2013

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 Item Number #18:  Sing Karaoke

 It was a Friday evening and I had booked for Karaoke for five people with some food included. But unfortunately as it was very close to Christmas hence I couldn’t get many people to join but only one of my very good friend. She was a true friend I must say as she knew we both are terrible at singing but it was on my bucket list of this year to do karaoke and she agreed to do it irrespective of anyone else joining. It was fun to have our own booth and we sang, shouted, talked, ate and posed for pictures that was so much fun I must say. It was like having your own space to do whatever you like and we definitely went a little bit crazy in there. And yes there was no alcohol involved surprisingly as we both are not big fan of drinking at this time. We sang few numbers from Jenifer Lopez and some other female. And yes we sang ‘Beautiful’ from Akon too considering how much I am listening to him these days 🙂 It was fun after all and although it is not my favourite thing to do on Earth but with a bunch of other people I would not mind doing it again. And with that another item on my bucket list is complete. Yay…Not every item on my bucket list is done but I am really proud to say that after starting on this journey from June 2013 and with almost 7 months I have come a long way overcoming a lot of my fears and enjoying every bit of it. And I wish to have another wonderful year with you all like this in my life 🙂