Sunshine Award


Thank you very much  Arianna Elise ( for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.It is great to have someone recognize your blog like this. It is very inspiring and motivating as its the second time I have got nominated for this award. Arianna Elise. brought sunshine in my WordPress life.For that and your support i want to thank you, my friend !

Arianna Elise is a well traveled and very inspiring blogger and you would love to explore her blog I am sure. I am going to follow the rules of the award now.

To accept the award, the rules are:
-Link back to the person who nominated you : Thank you again Cristi !! Also I would recommend to check out her awesome blog (

-Post the award image to your page – Done

– Answer the questions.  This is designed to help people get to know you better. – here they are

1. Favorite color: well, I have a few! Blue, purple, red and depends what the color is for – dress, purse, house etc

2. Favorite animal: Dogs, Rhinos

3. Favorite number: 3

4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink: Fresh Coconut Juice

5. Favorite Alcoholic drink: Vodka all time fav

6. Favorite facebook or twitter: Facebook, I don’t have a twitter

7. My Passions: Travel, adventure, photography, blogging and a lot more

8. Giving or receiving gifts: both makes me smile

9. Favorite city: So far Melbourne, Singapore, many in Nepal, Ella in Sri Lanka

10. Favorite TV show: Tom & Jerry, Big Bang Theory

-Nominate 10 other blogs and let them know they are nominated : Although I would love to mention a lot more may be few hundred but as per the rules here are some of the blogs that are very interesting and lovely to read.


Congrats and thank you for your support all as without you this would not have been possible!!