Travel Myths



  • It is very expensive
  • I do not have a job so I can not travel as of now
  • I have a family and travel is for single people
  • I have pets and I can not leave them to travel
  • I have a good job so I can not travel
  • I may get killed or abducted
  • I am a responsible person so I can not leave everything and go travelling
  • I am not crazy to go travelling myself people will think I am mad
  • Not now but someday I might get a chance to travel
  • It’s not safe to travel alone
  • How can I travel alone as my partner and friends are not interested in travelling
  • I am vegetarian so I can not travel as I might not find good food
  • My family might not like it
  • I do not know many languages, how will I survive in foreign land
  • I do not have to run away from anything so why travel
  • Break in my career would not look good so I can not travel
  • I have a mortgage for house/car/education so its not possible for me to travel
  • I watch all the places in TV and travel show so why travel
  • I am not sure where to go as world is so big
  • Its not a good time to travel in this economy
  • I am too young to travel alone
  • I am too old to travel alone
  • No one travels alone from my culture, what would other people say
  • I am not retired yet as then I can go travel when I would have more time

We have so many excuses/myths not to travel even when we dream to go to beautiful places to experience wonderful new cultures, food and interaction with different people. So what can you do? Open a notepad and start writing why would you want to travel and I am damn sure that the reason to travel will outnumber the reason why you are not able to travel. Life is short and if you like travelling then nothing should stop you other than procrastination. So stop making excuses and book your next destination as even when you can’t leave your job and go away for long time, but you can always plan short trips with family, friends or your own wonderful company.

I had never travelled alone in my country as my parents would not let me go even to the next town alone. And my brother would always tag along wherever I went. Not that I didn’t like his company but I never really got the confidence that I can make it alone. But here I am after many years, travelling solo almost everywhere for last 2.5 years after my first solo adventure to Fiji. So if I, a single Indian girl, can do it then so can you. Just need to take a step at a time and then you will see that a whole new world of opportunities is waiting for you.

Happy and safe travels!

Tag, You’re It! – Blog Award


Lyn has again surprised me with this new award. Thanks a lot Lyn for being so generous. I am so inspired by you dear. I am following the rules of the award here.

1. Post a picture of the award on your blog – Done
2. Tag back to the person who tagged you to let them know you’ve accepted the award – Done
3. Share 11 facts about yourself – Done
4. Answer the 11 questions you’ve been asked – Done
5. Tag the same amount of people as there are letters in your name – Done
6. Ask 11 questions of the people you’ve tagged – Done
7. Contact the people you’ve tagged to let them know they’ve been tagged – Done
Okay, here we go…

Eleven random facts about me:

Here is my post with lot more than eleven facts about

1. You are going to a remote place–no TV, no cell phone, no electronics. And you can only bring along one book. Which book do you choose?
A: Not sure really may be something motivational or may be Ken Follet as they are long and can read longer

2. You have a plate full of French fries and a plate full of apples before you. Which plate do you go for?
A: The apples. Healthy choice 🙂

3. What is your favorite season of the year?
A: Summer

4. What is your favorite sports team (or player) in any sport?
A: I like racing games like F1 and Michael Schumacher is my favorite

5. Which do you prefer? Rocky or Rambo?
A: Rocky

6. What is your favorite old movie (“old” here being defined as any movie prior to 1990)?
A: I had to check internet for dates of Speed is the movie that I really loved watching

7. What celebrity are you the most tired of?
A: None really

8. There is a romance movie on one channel, and a sci-fi movie on the other. Which do you watch?
A: Romantic

9. What is the most outrageous dare you ever accepted? Did you follow through and do it?
A: Opening 15 coke bottles with my teeth and that too with no bottle opener

10. Do you believe there is life “out there,” in outer space?
A: Yes I do

11. Which decade from the 20th century do you think had the worst fashion sense?
A: Wrong person for this question really… 😉

Oops I actually answered the questions asked for Lyn…and here are some more questions that Lyn has asked me…anyways I will answer these as well 🙂

Questions for my Nominees:
1. What was the last thing that made you laugh till you almost cried?
It was after a session that my friends made fun of the speaker’s strategy… not a very good thing to laugh upon but my friends were so funny about it that I couldn’t stop laughing really

2. What are you wearing at this minute?
Hmmm….m into my night gown as going to sleep soon

3. Favourite song?
Price tag as this is very motivating and I like to hear it to cheer myself up and smile

4. The last concert you went to?
None really

5. Hot dog or hamburger?

6. Your favourite movie?
Cold Mountain

7. Do you have a quote you live by?
Make someone smile every day if you can

8. Your earliest memory?
Faint memory of my birthdays

9. Chocolate or vanilla

10. Pepsi Max or Coke Zero
Pepsi Max

11. Your favorite memory of last summer?
Scuba Diving in Sydney

    And the nominees are (based on my name having 3 letters):

1. Mujiono –
I love the music and his creativity on his blog. A very talented blogger 🙂

2. Maggie –
Lovely blogger with so much to share here with us 🙂

3. Ren –
Lovely and very talented blogger

Michael is the author of The Eye-Dancers and write very nice stories

Malcolm’s Corner is the personal blogging site of Malcolm Greenhill, President of Sterling Futures, a fee-based financial advisory firm in San Francisco, California.

An amazing blogger with a lot to share with the world

Congratulations all…you can choose to answer any of the above questions or just post this on your blog or smile when you get this …any thing will suffice my dear friend 🙂